File Hosting Sites(5+)

What's a file host, PornDude?A file hosting service or cyberlocker is an internet hosting service designed to host user files. You can upload your adult collection, which then can be accessed by anybody else if you share the link to the content with them.Put simply, these sites here on my porn list are what I consider to be the best around for sharing files and uploading content so that you can give it out to other people to watch. So many companies nowadays are trying to get themselves in the file hosting business, so it makes sense for us to review the best destinations and give you premium information on what locations do the job for the sharing of adult content on the web. Hey, you may have your porno collection backed up on an external hard disk, but imagine if there's a fire or a thief is stealing your "precious", when you're not at home. It may look like suicide may be the only option at that moment, but not if you have been a smart boy and made an online backup in the cloud.Why are file host websites useful for me?When you want to keep your porn collection safe or share some choice items with other people online, what can you do? Many people turn to file hosts, but a lot of them out there which purport to be trustworthy are rife with viruses and might not be that secure. I’ve done some research to help you all out, and the locations listed here are my top choices for file hosting sites.They allow you to upload a small amount for free, so you get to try them out before making a commitment to upload your whole collection. After that, these websites offer different rates based on the gigabyte size of your total upload, for the most part. The other cool thing is that while they are awesome for storing and sharing porn, you can also use them for other files. Heck, these sites are even safe and useful for professional purposes. Just don’t get your files confused because that could get embarrassing.Can I spread copyrighted porn?Keep in mind that it’s not good to repurpose porno for widespread distribution, so I’m giving you my top file host sites with the idea that you’re going to use it for good and not for evil. Don’t let me down, guys! I’ve done some research of the tons of websites out there for this purpose, and these are the ones, which I have found to be the most trustworthy, secure, a good deal and very useful.PornDude, this sounds like the perfect place to hide my porn for my wife!Hey, I get it. You don't want her to find out about your "chicks with dicks" fetish!Anyways, when you need a place to store files, any of these destinations are a great option. The cloud is where it is at these days anyways because you can free up that room you’ve had dedicated to the hard drives that make up your porno collection!

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