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I don’t think a lot of the younger perverts realize how good they have it. Before the Internet, it was damn near impossible to get porn from Japan. Even if you had a buddy out in Tokyo, you had to worry about different incompatible video formats and shit like that. Today, you can just load up a site like 1Pondo.1Pondo.tv is a premium Japanese porn site featuring some of the hottest AV actresses in the business getting nasty on camera. The site’s in Japanese, but they take USD, so you weeaboos and neckbeards can take advantage of your browser’s built-in translation. Prepare yourself for some truly international pornography. I suggest a big tub of lube, a couple of lines of crushed Cialis, and one of those silicone schoolgirl twats.Finally, a Cure for Yellow FeverI don’t know about you, but I think I was born with a raging case of yellow fever. Every time I look at Asian girls, I feel the blood start running to my cock. By the time Chrome had translated the page into English, I already had a stiffy fighting against my jeans. I’m not alone, as the site gets over 14,000 visitors a day.The whole landing page is covered in girls like Rina Shiarakawa, Yuki Natsuki, and Riri Shirai in various states of undress. 1Pondo doesn’t have the twats-out, cocks-up hardcore look of a lot of premium Western sites. It’s a little more subtle than that. Instead of giant cocks spearing dripping pussies, I see classy shots of fully dressed office ladies, schoolgirls in plaid skirts, housewives in lingerie, and just a couple of honeys with their tits out.Some of you JAV fans are probably already wondering, “Well, do they have uncensored genitals on the site?” Yeah, that was my immediate question, too. Anybody familiar with Japanese Adult Video knows they usually obscure some of the best parts on the screen. 1Pondo’s thumbnails aren’t exactly revealing their stance on censorship.I did what any self-respecting pervert and fan of Japanese poon would do: I looked at the preview videos in search of private parts. I started with a simply titled trailer called The Finest Actress Who Can Fire Three In A Row Amina Kiuchi.It’s a sexy montage, but it seems spliced in an obvious way to hide the censorship. The scenes always cut before we catch a glimpse of actual penetration or unobscured vag. I saw the same camera trickery in the preview for Tokimeki – Delusion In The Uniform Age as the sexy schoolgirl stripped down and got her hidden pussy licked and sticked.I looked for Uncensored on the Categories page, but didn’t find it listed. It seems likely all the SM, Cosplay, Anal, and Molester movies in their catalog have pixels where the penises should be. The movies filed under Squirting probably show blasts of fluid from flesh-colored blocks instead of the sweet, sweet Asian cooter I’m looking for. I looked at a preview for one, and they blurred out the girl’s bare ass. Damn it!The Complicated World of JAV PricingCensorship sucks, yeah, but it comes with the territory. Most of you had your fingers crossed for uncensored action on 1Pondo, but I’m sure you expected the worst. Uncensored Asian American chicks are a dime a dozen, but it’s harder to find dicks, cunts, and penetrated buttholes in JAV.I bet you regular JAV viewers are also holding your breath, waiting for me to reveal the price. Apologies, otaku pervs, and general masturbators; 1Pondo ain’t cheap by any measure.Your typical porno site in 2020 runs about $30 a month, but at 1Pondo it’s a whopping $65. Yes, that’s USD, and yes, it does get a little cheaper if you buy a longer subscription. How much cheaper? Not much.Even the six-month membership breaks down to over fifty bones a month, which is a pretty fucking penny. You’d better start saving your allowance or cut down on the new outfits for your body pillow waifu.Some of you are probably scheming out your subscription to get the most bang for your buck. You might want to refine your plans if you were going to sign up for a month and save everything to your hard drive. Monthly members are limited to 4 downloads a day, and even the big-spenders only get 6.The 3- and 6-month memberships do come with “single item purchase” discounts of 5% and 10%, respectively. Cool, because you haven’t spent enough with the membership, right?The membership benefits get a little more complicated with the inclusion of VIP and Super VIP Video. Monthly members don’t get access to either until their subscription renews the first time. Three-month members start off with access to VIP and get Super VIP after the first renewal. Six-month members get everything right from the jump.And hey, why not make it even more complicated? Renewal perks for higher-tier memberships include “free” live chat points. There’s also a whole section of Member Services where you can upgrade your plan to get more downloads and faster download speeds. I hope you have a tech job, because you ain’t buying into the full 1Pondo stash on pizza delivery money.Find the Uncensored Asian Porno1Pondo’s front page looks the same when you log in, only now you have access to the videos. Well, you’ll have access to most of them, for sure. The VIP and Super VIP scenes nestled among the New Videos are only for the upgraded subscriptions or recurring members.The site does update multiple times a week, sometimes multiple days in a row. Given the high price of the site, it seems only fair.The thumbnails ain’t terribly explicit, and category tags aren’t listed out front. I know the Categories list has all kinds of kinky shit like Raw Fuck, Gonzo, Mouth Firing, and Urination, but I want to watch one of the newest flicks at 1Pondo. Going largely on title, I think I might like Special 7 – Best Hospitality Without Blowing Anal Tinker Blow. (I’m hoping the “Without” part of the title is a translation error; the open, pretty mouths and protruding tongues in the thumbnail suggest it is.)The video player is pretty basic, without any special features beyond the standard resolution controls. I’ve automatically got an HD stream, and playback is smooth. I skip ahead a few minutes from the FBI warning the movie opens with.There are a few seconds of buffering, and then the video started up again. I found myself in the middle of an asshole-licking scene. Some hot Japanese chick tossed a dude’s salad while stroking his dick.To my astonishment, that cock she was jerking was completely uncensored. Fuck yes! I jumped ahead to the midpoint of this hour-long flick and saw more unedited porno.It turns out that movie’s all blowjobs and male-ass eating. I switched over to one called Uncontrollable Erotic Too Woman, and sure enough, the hot Asian babe is getting her uncensored pussy eaten. The only editing I see concerns her pubic hair, edited bald with a razor sometime before the shoot. She giggles as the dude laps at that hairless taco.Next, I pointed my browser at a flick called Welcome to Luxury Soap Riri Shiragi Rino Sakuragi. I skipped ahead from the FBI warning and found two fully naked Japanese beauties helping bathe a really happy dude. They’re all soaped up, rubbing their boobies and cunts all over him. He’ll probably end up really clean, smelling like flowers and a little bit like fish.I’m pretty goddamn happy to find all this uncensored porno. I spent some time perusing the collection at 1Pondo, and it looks like most of their movies are uncensored.I was starting to think the preview page was really misleading, and that there wasn’t any censorship at all in the member’s area. Then I tried to watch a movie called Extreme Shooting Manami Ueno. Manami takes on a ton of dicks at the same time, but the only thing extreme about this video is how much of the screen is blurred out at any given moment. As a fan of really hardcore American porn, I can barely watch this shit. Give me full visual penetration or give me death!1Pondo.tv’s price is going to turn off most casual fans of Asian porn. True weeaboos looking for uncensored JAV will be rewarded, though, as the site adds hours of the stuff to their collection every week. Their preview videos should give you a pretty good idea of whether or not you’ll think it’s worth it.

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