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This next site is called AVnight, but if you want my opinion, you can enjoy this shit at any time of the day. I just woke up and haven’t even snorted my morning Viagra, but my morning wood is going strong and I’m ready to get a nice fap in before breakfast. What’s on the menu? A whole fucking lot of Japanese Adult Video!AVnight.me has been registered since 2017, which ain’t exactly a long time in Internet years. Still, it’s enough time to build up one hell of a collection of hot Asian girls getting their holes pounded in every configuration imaginable. According to the login blurb, they’ve got over 30,000 premium Asian movies to jack off to. I consider myself a prolific masturbator, but even I’m not sure I have enough supply in my lube room to get through the whole stash. Well, it’s worth a shot.Top AV Idols in Uncensored JAVThe coronavirus has been getting a ton of press lately for exploding out of China and infecting the whole world. I’ve got to say, though, I caught my case of yellow fever from Japan, and I got it through the Internet. That’s arguably even more contagious than COVID-19, but fortunately, the cure is also widely available through the net. AVnight is a pretty good example of the phenomena, because you can both catch and treat a vicious case of yellow fever from the site.The sliding previews at the top of the landing page are triggering my infection. Symptoms include an increasingly hard boner as I gawk at the naked Japanese beauties getting fucked, their boobies bouncing as the studs hammer away. They’ve got this hottie with a gorgeous face and bigger jugs than you expect from any Asian genre, and she’s starring in a flick called The Mystery of Love. It’s not really a mystery why I love this chick, though, as it relates directly to her hotness and my basic human need to pump women full of my sperm.Scrolling down the screen, I see the typical JAV set of full HD DVD rips thumbnailed with their covers. Hovering your mouse over one initiates the industry-standard moving preview, giving us peeks of all kinds of JAV perversion. There are girls getting their cunts massaged with magic wands, stepsisters playing with their own boobs before getting creampied, lesbians licking titties and pussy, and a gaggle of schoolgirls dominating some horny, scared guy in a pair of tighty whiteys. There’s a beautiful mix of teen harlots, killer MILFs, and every age in between.I was a little annoyed to see some of moving-preview dicks and cunts blurred out with the typical censorship pixels you see in most Japanese Adult Video. It’s an unavoidable pitfall of the genre, as Japan’s got some really weird, antiquated, and very unclear laws about what’s allowed in pornography. Thankfully, AVnight.me also has an extensive collection of uncensored JAV.How Much for This Giant Stash of Asian Sex?AVnight is a premium site, but they have kind of a weird setup. They’ve got a handful of free videos out front, but you can’t watch any of them without a free basic account. The site won’t even let you see the premium membership rates without a free account, so I guess I’m going to have to sign up. It’s an easy process, at least, taking just a few seconds.Once you’ve entered your basic info, you can click the Pay Now button to see the rates. Yikes. I guess I can’t say I’m that surprised, as this is a JAV site, but they’re charging more than a typical paysite. It’s 40 bones a month instead of the 30 most Western sites are asking, but JAV usually tends to come at a premium. Longer memberships break down to better rates, with the yearly coming out at around $20 a month.Once I got signed up and logged in, I started looking at the upload dates on the videos to see how often they add new Asian smut to AVnight. The latest videos were added three days from now, according to the stamp. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a JAV site from the goddamn future! It might be a bug or it might be the administrators just getting a little ahead of themselves, but either way, the end result is the same: AVnight.me adds a handful of fresh, full-length movies every week. It looks like they do batch uploads, adding a few videos every few days.Sorting Through the Mountain of SmutAVnight has a hell of a deep collection. I expected the Uncensored section to be a tiny fraction of their site, as it is on a lot of JAV competitors, but the section has nearly 22,000 unedited, fully explicit scenes as of this writing. I do wish there was an Uncensored box to check off when you’re digging through the Categories, though, because there’s all kinds of perversion to get you off here.The Categories dropdown provides quick links to some of their hottest, most popular fuck flicks. They’re broken down by Standard or HD, though it’s worth noting that a lot of Japanese flicks are still coming out at a lower resolution than modern Western films. It’s weird as fuck for such a technologically advanced country, and I think it ties in directly with their continued appreciation for the outdated porn DVD format. AVnight’s collection has a fucking ton of DVD rips.Once you choose HD or standard, the filters let you dig deep by occupation, body type, identity, clothes or brand. They’ve even got around 500 movies in their Cartoon section for the hentai perverts out there. I was disappointed not to find a Tags page, because they’re usually a lot of fun on JAV sites. They do use tags, as their movies are tagged with such beautiful genres as Squirting, Massage Parlor, Big Boobs, Amateur and Creampie.AVnight.me also has a huge collection of VR JAV movies. The list has over 2,000 full-length virtual reality Asian movies. No bullshit, that’s one of the biggest VR collections I’ve seen online. That’s why it’s so fucking frustrating that the site doesn’t allow downloads. A lot of premium sites are doing away with downloads, and we’re all learning to deal with that. The problem with VR movies is that the pixels are right against your eyeballs, which means you want the absolute highest resolution possible. Streaming just doesn’t live up to that yet.Come Get Your Japanese Sluts in BulkI’m all about that uncensored porno, so I decided to conduct my fap test on a newer, unedited flick starring Rin Yuna as a nurse who’s not wearing nearly enough PPE to keep a corona infection at bay. The video player on AVnight is weird and clunky, but at least the movie starts streaming quickly and smoothly. A dude taking a grainy video approaches Rin on the street and chats her up.I don’t speak Japanese, so I’m not sure what was said. I skipped ahead a few minutes and found Rina stripping down in a hotel room, and then fingering herself for the camera. I jumped ahead another twenty minutes and found a dude working her cunt with a magic wand until she starts convulsing from the orgasms. The nurse has a stethoscope around her neck, and I wonder how hard and fast her heart is beating. I can feel my own pounding pulse in my raging boner.Video quality is alright, but it ain’t the HD most premium porn fans are used to. The site is full of long-ass scenes, though, and this one is no exception. Over the course of two hours, Rina sucks cock, rides cowgirl and takes it from behind. I assume she’s treating the dude’s yellow fever as she treats mine. I’m not sure it’s better or worse now, because even as my forearm grows tired and my dick gets a little chafed, I still want more.Thankfully, there’s plenty more uncensored JAV to shake my dick at around here. AVnight.me has some quirks, like most paysites specializing in Japanese Adult Video, but certainly, nothing that puts me off from the collection. It’s a massive stash with good organization and a ton of new content every week. If you love Japanese women, sex and dirty movies, you’re going to really appreciate this site.

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