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Are you looking for some AzzPorn? I’m talking about sexy girls with the biggest, juiciest azzes getting smashed from every angle. I’m talking about big-azz sluts sucking dick and PAWGs getting hammered from behind. I’m talking about a porn site dedicated to smut featuring at least one thick, luscious azz on one talented and depraved whore who’s just absolutely going to fucking town.I sometimes like to talk some shit about porn site names, but is clearly on to something. Honestly, I can’t believe nobody took it years or decades earlier. The domain wasn’t even registered until halfway through 2020, so I feel like motherfuckers have been missing opportunities since the dawn of the Internet. Nevertheless, they’re here now, and pretty fucking popular already: after less than a month online, they’re already getting 5,000 visitors a day.Feast Your Eyes on Juicy Big BootyIn case you rode the short bus and still haven’t figured it out from the name, AzzPorn is a download-only porn site full of women with big, juicy, beautiful asses. If you prefer your bitches with more junk in their trunk, you’re in for a treat. These girls are thicc as hell and horny to boot. As soon as I loaded the site, I saw big booties bouncing on dick or bent over for some doggystyle.I keep thinking about how might be the perfect site for fans of badonkadonk who happen to be cranking it at work. Instead of working on spreadsheets, you can watch fatties spread cheeks and it won’t even trip that stupid anti-porn filter they have at the office. No, boss, I’m not fapping to ass, I’m researching azz!As Sir Mix-a-lot once famously said, “I want to fuck every huge-assed lady I see, and I simply cannot tell you otherwise!” I’m pretty sure that’s the quote, and I agree wholeheartedly. One of the things I like about this site immediately is the sheer diversity of bottom-heavy babes on display. They’ve got all kinds of juicy-booty bitches shaking their moneymakers.Take, for example, the newest entrant to the AzzPorn archives, Cali Carter, a blonde pornstar with a bit more booty than most of her contemporaries. She was directly preceded by exotic beauty Tokyo Lynn, whose thick ass matches her thick porn body. Next on the list is Ryan Smiles, who perfectly embodies the Phat-Ass White Girl archetype with a beautifully big butt that looks like it was made for a much fatter woman. Further down the screen are legit BBWs who may just kill you if they sat on your face, but you’d die a happy man.Big Names, Big Studios, Big AssesThere’s a good chance you’ve already deduced this from the names, Sherlock, but AzzPorn has a ton of big-name pornstars fucking in movies from big-name studios. Polly Pons is getting gangbanged in a Legal Porno scene uploaded earlier today, and yesterday Lana Rhoades was getting pounded in a Team Skeet Extra. I don’t have to dig too deep to find Jada Doll in an RK Prime flick, Jillian Janson taking it for Teens Like It Big and a Club Seventeen movie with Krystal Kush.Of course, not all of these hoes have big names to match their big asses. That’s just one of the major tragedies both for juicy-bummed pornstars and their legions of horny fans. The big ass has certainly gotten more popular over recent years, but too often, these owners of enormous peaches are overlooked by the bigger porn outfits or simply sidelined. The more meat they’ve got on ‘em, the deeper we get into fetish territory, with the BBWs typically relegated to niche sites or OnlyFans subscriptions.As an ass fan, I really appreciate how has top-tier big-booty pornstars like Abella Danger, Ella Knox and Gia Derza alongside mononymed thicc amateurs with generic handles like Adelyn and Amanda. I also love how there’s practically a non-stop parade of these fat-bottomed girls—the site updates with dozens of new movies every day.One of the biggest problems with newer sites is that they don’t have the collection sizes to rival older, more established sites. AzzPorn may not have the millions of videos of a major site like Pornhub, but they ain’t doing bad at all for a website that’s been around under a month. With those crazy numbers of updates, they’ve managed to amass over 500 big-butt porn films so far. By the time you read this, there will be a lot more.A Veritable Maze of Big Butt’s got a very simple blog format, with each entry being another flick. Each movie has a title, a grid of automagically generated thumbnails, and a download link. That’s it. If I have one immediate complaint about the site, it’s that this format doesn’t make the site particularly easy to search. Without tags to denote all the deviant sexual acts, positions and pornstars, AzzPorn’s search function can only sift through the titles.The lack of organization is evident as soon as you try running a search. I typed “Asian” into the box and only got two movies, one of which featured a white girl banging an Asian dude. “Anal” turned up 16, which is better, but I have a feeling there’s more rectal penetration than the search bar is letting on. I know there are definitely more blowjobs than the zero that come up when I search for them. They just ain’t tagged, so I can’t find them easily.Of course, AzzPorn is still a new site. We may simply be witnessing some growing pains. A lot of effort has gone into building such a big collection of big ass movies in such a small amount of time, so maybe they’ve just overlooked the organization a bit. Hopefully, it improves with time.How to Download AzzPorn MoviesMy other complaint is that the movies are hosted on file locker services. That means you can’t stream them and have to wait for a download before you can jack off. These sites also come with their own sets of problems.Most file lockers are ostensibly free, but anybody who’s downloaded files from them know free users get a crippled service. At best, your downloads are throttled, so they take hours, plus long waiting periods between downloads. At worst, you’ll be barred from downloading “premium only” files if you haven’t paid for an account.I’ve got to tell you; I had a hell of a time finding a link that would let me download the movie without buying a premium account. It kind of defeats the purpose of a free porno site if you have to pay for it, huh? It’s ultimately a lot cheaper to get one file locker membership than to sign up for all the paysites with material on AzzPorn, but cheaper doesn’t do much good if you’ve already blown your stimulus check on OnlyFans twerking movies.Even if you’re cool with piracy and even spent years in prison for downloading a car, it’s kind of an odd exchange to pay for something that may well be stolen already. I guess it’s not unlike buying a bootleg DVD of some shit that’s still in the theater, though a lot of your friends are going to just search the piracy tubes instead. DVDs are mainly for the elderly these days, anyway.Overall, is a mixed bag. The focus on pornos starring girls with extravagant, magnificent butts will appeal to any pervert who likes his girls thick where they sit. It’s a fucking killer collection of big names, mid-tier hoes and amateurs alike, all with big-ass asses to show off while they fuck. The full-length features from paysites will doubly appeal to the cheapskates in the audience.On the other hand, those file locker issues are going to be a dealbreaker for a lot of you perverts. Free porn sites typically come with some kind of tradeoff, usually spam, but in this case, users can’t even see much without whipping out their credit cards, which kind of cancels out the whole “free” thing. If they fixed that, it’d be a goldmine for lovers of bottom-heavy beauties. As it stands, your mileage may vary a lot.

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