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Oh shit, BestGore! A site that became famous for showing the real-life murder committed by Luka Magnotta aka "1 lunatic 1 ice pick"! If you’re one of the few select internet users with nerves of steel who can easily watch beheading gore videos and other content which includes uncut, bloody gore, then Best Gore is right up your alley. Now I know that I’m mostly known as ‘The Porn Dude’ and you’d wonder why I’d be reviewing a site like this, but little do most porn-lovers know that there actually IS pornography on The porno on here is not your typical stuff since most of the chicks featured on it are either dead or dying and are usually the victims of severe beatings, gunshots, burnings or some other form of violence or torture.But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some sick twisted horndogs out there who’d love nothing more than to jack off to this type of shit. That’s right – this one’s for all you masochistic, demented wankers out there who get off on dead chicks, self-harm and horrifying sexual accidents either because you’re victims of a horrible childhood trauma or are just the spawn of Satan living among us normal people here on Earth.The Most Extreme Fetish Content on The Internet Can be Found HereThere are a lot of sites that specialize in obscure fetishes and alternate pornography which delves into the deepest, most fucked up kinks that people can have, but the stuff on here is guaranteed to be as extreme as it gets. If you’re one of the rare, special people who prefer to watch questionable pornography which includes sexy time with needles, blood-bath sex, shit-eating fuck-fests and self-mutilation of genital organs then you can definitely call Bestgore your home.There’s no shortage of fucked up fetish videos on this site, and you can view it all for free by signing up for an account. If you’re sexually frustrated because you can’t find a girl who will let you piss in her mouth or impale her clit with needles you can get the next best thing here. In addition, this site is sprawling with members who are into all of that stuff, and they actively talk about it on the forums so you can definitely share your feelings and comments with fellow degenerates on here should you decide to create an account for yourself.Sexual Disasters Are a Big Thing HereAs far as pornographic categories go on this page, this one takes the cake for the most dedicated selection of sex-related videos on here. Sexual disasters might not sound like a good thing to fap to for most normal porn fans, but this site isn’t exactly made for normal people. I was intrigued by a lot of the videos in this section and saw that many basement-dwelling serial masturbators would love some of the videos on here. There is a whole heap of vids dedicated to surgeries involving extracting dildos and other objects out of people’s anuses and vaginas, which is sure to please some of you sick fuckers.There’s also a wide selection of other fucked up shit, like for example videos of police extracting sacks of drugs from women’s vaginas, toothbrushes being removed from men’s dicks, and even self-castration by retards trying to change their sex – if you feel sick or queasy by now then you’re definitely not cut out for this kind of shit. If you’re not sickened yet, then you might just be the right candidate for becoming a member of this mentally-scarring site.Dead Chicks GaloreDead chicks need love too! Most people will barf at the mere sight of a dead body, and personally, I’m not a fan of women who don’t have a pulse but I know that there are legions of you dead chick-loving demons out there who can’t go too long without jacking off to a deceased body. If you identify yourself in that aforementioned category then Bestgore, owed by Mark Marek, is one of the few legitimate websites on the internet that can get the job done for you.You don’t have to browse the depths of the dark web to find dead women to masturbate to when you’ve got Bestgore on your side – you can get all your necrophilia in just one website, and if it’s not enough to sate your fucked up appetite you can always ask around on the forums for some exclusive stuff. I’m sure that the fine, upstanding members of this site will come to your aid when you need it most, so all you necrophiliacs out there can come out of the cracks and get on the dead-woman hype-train that is Bestgore.It Features a Wide Selection of Self-HarmThere are people who get off on dead girls, and then there are the other kinds of demented porn-addicts who are aroused by self-harm. This site has its fair share of dead girl image sets, but one thing that it has an abundance of is self-harm videos. There are a TON of self-harm videos all over this place, you don’t even have to try to find them – most of the retards in the videos are usually hurting themselves in the name of attention, but I don’t think people who get off on self-harm vids really give a shit what the reason behind the self-inflicted mutilation is. There is all manner of self-harm vids and images on here involving different kinds of tools and weapons including hammers, blades, torches and so on. If you’re someone who loves getting off on people slashing themselves with blades and battering their faces with hammers to prove some autistic point, then you’re just the kind of sub-human this site is attributed to.There’s a Whole Category for Extreme Body ModificationsIt’s almost impossible to find a dedicated collection of extreme body modification videos online, but you can bet your nutsack that Bestgore has a whole heap of them. This site has a whole treasury of fucked up extreme body modification videos that would make even the toughest person barf. There’s all manner of E.B.M vids on this site, including dudes sewing their foreskins shut by using sewing machines, girls slicing their tongue in half in order to look more goth and people cutting off their earlobes and eating them so they can get in touch with their inner Van Gogh.I’m pretty sure that there are a ton of lonely people out there who have jacked off to the point of no return and are in need of extremely brutal videos to get aroused, and they’d fit right in with the fine community here are Bestgore where they can enjoy a seemingly endless selection of videos like the aforementioned ones.Not The Best Categorization of VideosThe aforementioned video sections (Extreme body modifications, self-harm & sexual disasters) might all contain a varied collection of gore-porn but I have to say that the people running this site did a shitty job at categorizing most of the videos on them. For example, there are a lot of videos which are clearly self-harm but are posted on the E.B.M. section, and there’s also plenty of vids involving sexual disasters which are posted to the E.B.M.section.I get that it can get hard to categorize these videos because a lot of them fit two or even all three of these categories, but it sucks having to browse back and forth in order to find the vid you’re looking for. It would’ve been much more convenient to just upload videos that fit two or all three of these categories on each separate category instead of uploading them incorrectly on just one.It’s Home to a Very Responsive CommunityMost websites that I review have a less-than-stellar community of members who usually just try to find the source of a certain XXX scene or find out the name of an actress they wanna see more of – these guys are the worst because all they do is take and never give. Now despite Bestgore being a website with a community of members who love to see people getting hurt, it actually has a very responsive and dynamic forum section. While some of the members on here are nothing more than leeches, a good number of them have done their research and actually know their shit when it comes to gore-porn.A lot of people who frequent this site are pretty damn enthusiastic when it comes to gore and gore-porn, and they have a deep, archive-like knowledge of the mentally-scarring videos and images that end up being submitted here. So if you can’t find an image set of a certain dead girl, or need to find a specific video featuring a woman shooting up her clitoris with heroin, then you can be pretty damn sure that there’s someone on this website who can do the hard work for you.

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