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Club Dom! Like female domination aka femdom videos? They say variety is the spice of life, so today I’m going to look at something completely different. I’m usually pointing you perverts in the direction of women being banged up the ass so you can drain your balls into a tissue or old gym sock. ClubDom, the hardcore fetish site I’m going to be looking at today, is more likely to show you videos of dudes getting pegged up the pooper by mean mistresses who would rather step on your nuts than help you empty them. Do you want to get off? Well, I hope the bitch is willing to take you out of chastity has an archive of female domination porno that stretches back to 2001, and that longevity alone tells you a lot about the quality of the site. Their tagline is, “Unbelievably Erotic, yet Shockingly Cruel!” For nearly 2 decades, they’ve had a steady stream of submissive little bitch boys tuning in to see men worshiping ass, forced to dress like women, and zapped with a cattle prod as they crawl around on all fours wearing nothing but a leather gimp mask.This Is Going to Hurt and You’ll Love itHoly fucking shit. What the hell have I gotten myself into? I typed the URL into the box and was greeted by a big preview from one of their newest movies, Kendra Double StrapOn Fucking. There are some big tits and plenty of flesh on display, but it doesn’t look anything like the previews I normally see on adult sites.A couple of stunning babes wearing shiny PVC outfits with high, scary-looking boots have some dudes at their mercy in a dungeon lined with all kinds of medieval torture instruments. One guy has his arms strapped to a harness hanging from the ceiling, the other is on his knees with his hands behind his back. Both gentlemen wear nothing but leather masks. One has a dildo mounted to his mouth.I hit the Play button for a 40-second preview. It’s a montage of whipping, name-calling, and Dick Face banging the little blonde chick with the fake wiener strapped over his face. I know it’s a short preview, but I get the feeling she didn’t get him off after she got hers.Men being used is definitely the theme here. The other previews for new ClubDom videos show guys locked in cages, kicked in the nuts until they crumple to the ground moaning in a fetal position, and getting raped in the mouth and butthole with strap-on dildos.Men: 0, Women: EverythingIf you browse my Premium Fetish Sites list, you know that most of them specialize in BDSM scenes of women being tied up and abused. If you poke around on the bigger sites, you’ll find a few CBT videos of hot chicks torturing cocks and balls, some cruel cuckolding, and a handful of movies where dudes get spanked until their butt cheeks glow a bright red.The maledom content on most fetish sites outweighs the femdom by a large margin. That ain’t the case with ClubDom. Their nearly 3000 videos and hundreds of photosets all focus on gorgeous sluts treating men like garbage beneath their feet. Literally — they’ve got entire sections dedicated to pathetic wimps being walked on with boots and heels and forced to worship the feet that trampled them.The full Categories page is worth a look if you’re curious what type of domination, humiliation and savage brutality you’re going to see from these dominatrix whores and mistresses. They’re probably not what you’re used to. Instead of POV Blowjobs, ClubDom has a Femdom POV category. Instead of Handjobs, you’ll find painful Milking. There’s no Big Dick area, but they do have Small Penis Humiliation. Their Face Sitting, Dildo Play and Schoolgirl sections are nothing like the ones you’ll find on vanilla sex sites.Offer Up Your Wallet and Your BallsIf financial domination is one of your kinks, I’ve got some bad news: ClubDom actually has some pretty reasonable prices. You’ll have to hire a local to take all your money while telling you how pathetic and worthless you are. ClubDom offers individual clip sales or a monthly all-you-can-spank membership.The Video On Demand prices are fairly reasonable as far as fetish movies go. There doesn’t seem to be a standard rate per minute for clips of Caning, Ballbusting, Castration or Tease and Denial, but the HD is slightly more expensive than SD. You can rent many of the clips for just a couple bucks if you don’t need to save the file. Your wife may make your life harder if she finds out you’re into Face Slapping, Pussy Worship and Punching/Boxing. Then again, maybe that’s exactly what you want.The à la carte menu might be the right option if you’re only into one specific female domination fetish on ClubDom. There’s no reason to pay for Pony Play and Paddling if the only thing that makes your penis hard is Glove Fetish clips. Paying a few bucks per clip will really add up if you’re kinkier than a pubic hair and can get off to all kinds of femdom sexual abuse. If that’s you, the unlimited membership may be your speed.A month of streaming and downloading Bondage, Electroshock and Human Ashtray scenes will run you about 40 USD. That’s more than a typical vanilla paysite, but not bad at all for a hardcore fetish site that updates five days a week with exclusive content. You’ve got to pay hookers more to stick a metal sounding rod into your urethra than to let you penetrate pussy, and porn works the same way. Specialties cost extra.I’ve Got the Weirdest Fucking Boner Right NowI watched an upload from last week, Caning the Bitch and Making Him Cry. The male “talent” in the video is already strapped to a wooden harness with his ass in the air, getting beaten as the video opens. He’s flanked by two beautiful bitches who keep slamming their canes into his already red butt. It doesn’t seem to matter how much he screams in pain. They just keep brutalizing him, laughing and taunting him.I’m not even sure this guy likes it. He’s whimpering and trying to put his ass down away from the swinging bamboo sticks, which prompts the taller bitch to grab his nutsack and put him in his place. Say thank you, bitch!I’ll be honest with you, I have the weirdest fucking boner right now. These girls look so fucking hot as they beat the living hell out of this poor, pathetic slave. I’m not really sure I want my ass lit up with swollen, crimson lash marks, or get reduced to tears in front of a couple hotties, but I want to be near these ladies. The sexy smile on the shorter girl’s face as she wails away is just the icing on top of that perfect body. What a fucking beautiful bitch!The one glaring issue I found with this movie is that it’s not in HD. It makes me wonder if their five updates a week are recycled somehow, because what porn studio is still shooting movies in SD only? Shit, the VR studios are making group sex pornography in glorious 6k. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to watch a guy get his nuts crush by two chicks in bikinis in regular old 1080p.I did find some HD movies of paddling, smoking, and forced strap-on sucking, but they max out at 720p. That’s kind of lame for a paysite in 2019, and something they couldn’t get away with if this weren’t fetish content. The relatively lo-res clips do seem era-appropriate for that crusty old header graphic. Maybe outdated layouts are another fetish I wasn’t aware of. Just imagine some sexy slut wearing PVC laughing as she does a half-ass job designing it, knowing it will make you suffer, you little worm.ClubDom’s faults are easily outweighed by its selling points, at least if you’re the kind of the beta cuck who wants a trio of jaw-dropping knockouts to tie you from the ceiling and take turns beating you and fucking your butthole while verbally and emotionally tormenting you. There aren’t many paysites peddling these particular flavors of femdom pornography with such consistently hot, cruel starlets and depraved scenarios. Get on your knees, slave, and bow before down your new altar of female domination.

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