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Want some Czech porn or sex from Czech AV? I’m a sucker for a good deal. That’s how I ended up with a pallet of synthetic pussies and a 55-gallon drum of lube in my garage. I’ve been called a sexually depraved hoarder when it comes to my collection of used panties, purchased in bulk from a Chinese underwear farm, but nobody disputes my eye for value when it comes to porno website networks. For example, if I tell you Czech AV includes a bunch of sites for the price of one, you’re going to believe me.The landing page over at says it all. It’s basically just a list of the 33 different porn sites you get access to with your membership. The focus here is on Czech girls, amateurs especially. I hope you have some sick days saved and the boner pills stockpiled, because this is going to be a lot of Euro-smut to get through.Holy Fuck, That’s A Ton of Czech PornWhat are you into? If it includes Czech girls, it’s probably on at least one of the sites included with your membership to the Czech Authentic Videos network.CzechStreets is all about public sex, so it’s right up my alley. CzechWifeSwap, CzechCouples, and CzechMegaSwingers are what they sound like. CzechPawnshop features much better bargains than any weak-ass reality show. CzechHarem, CzechHomeOrgy, and CzechGangBang cater to fans of group sex, while CzechLesbians and CzechTwins focus on the girl-on-girl action.Kinkier fetishes are catered to as well. Visit the CzechDungeon to slap some bitches around or get wet at CzechToilets. More hidden cameras can be found at CzechPool and CzechSolarium, so voyeurs can spy on naked sluts without fear of arrest. There’s also CzechSharking if you like seeing well-endowed women exposed in public.Real Czech Amateurs? Really?CzechAmateurs is on the list, but you may have noticed Amateur is the overall theme here. You’re not going to find a lot of big-name recognizable pornstars on CzechAV. You are going to find a style of Amateur porn that might be a bit different than what you’re used to.Most amateur sites tend to fall into two categories. On one end you’ve got amateur sites where amateurs share their own content, warts and all, sexy or not. Revenge porn, loosely speaking, is amateur.The other style of amateur porn isn’t really amateur. I’m talking about the big studios who slap the words “amateur” and “reality” on the product and then expect you to believe you’re watching a first-time gangbang. Please.Most of CzechAV’s offerings seem to land squarely in the middle. I imagine it’s related to the economy of the Czech Republic and the high population of beautiful, slutty women, but CzechAV seems to have endless talent on hand. They’re porno gorgeous, but unlike most sites where girls get boned in taxis, I believe these chicks also have day jobs.It’s always a guess just how amateur the girls on any site are. In my opinion, the girls on CzechAV aren’t amateur in the sense that they just grabbed the camera when they were horny, nor are they pornstars with a fake “amateur” label. These beautiful Euro chicks are amateur in the sense that fucking on camera isn’t what they normally do, and that’s why it’s so fucking hot.Cheaper Than a Mail-Order BrideAccess to the full network of 33 sites costs a cool thirty bucks a month, with cheaper options if you sign up for longer periods. Thirty bucks is what almost every other pornography paysite on the web is charging. If you’re primarily a value shopper, CzechAV is your Costco of Czech fuck movies.I was prepared to be overwhelmed as soon as I logged in. They’re offering a wide menu, so it would be a mess if poorly organized. The layout is manageable, though. The movies aren’t even split up by site initially, though there’s easy access to individual CzechAV sites via the dropdown menu in the corner.A selection of big screengrabs from new and popular films scroll across the screen. There’s an 18-year-old whore taking anal in a parking lot, a teenage cello virtuoso performing nude, and a sexy video submission from a young couple. A few young hotties got filmed by some voyeur at the tanning bed, and some trannies fucked each other in a car. The Wife Swap preview promises a group fight, and a girl throws up in one of the CzechToilets.I guess that’s just another day in the life of CzechAV. Scrolling down the screen reveals the same scenes and a few more. A dude pulls down a babe’s skirt on a busy street, a MILF gets brutally gangbanged on a bus, and The Czech Harem has 20 models servicing one very lucky, very happy guy. I’m a filthy motherfucker, though, so I gravitated toward one called The Cheapest Fuck Ever part 3.Hot Nasty Filth in Super Crisp HD VideoThe preview images for The Cheapest Fuck Ever part 3 feature sluts getting fucked on the floor of a dirty room divided by hanging sheets and lit by candles and exposed bulbs. It’s grubby and grimy, but plays in HD video. There’s no quality control option, but the resolution looks good. (This was not standard across the network. Other vids let me adjust from 540p up to 1080p.)This is apparently the titular Czech Dungeon. Some cash is handed off and a man steps into one of the makeshift booths, privacy by damned. “Move it, you whore,” he tells the whore laying on the floor, subtitled because neither you nor I speak Czech. “You don’t want to?”“I don’t want to,” she groans. There is some discussion over whether some sense should be slapped into her, and then another limp slut is dragged into the room. They force her head onto a cock and then onto a bottle of liquor, various fluids dripping on the first chick who is, by all appearances, passed the fuck out. Fortunately, consciousness is no impediment to a good time at the Czech Dungeon.The whole scene feels rough, raw, and sexy as hell. It’s gritty and real, putting American rough sex to shame. Even if you’re not into the hard stuff, CzechAV delivers that believable reality vibe time and time again. When you watch a girl banged in the back of a van, you believe they actually found her nearby and not on craigslist.When I first saw sites like CzechBangBus listed as part of the CzechAV network, I assumed they were half-assed copies. They’re copies, sure, but they bring to it that amateur Czech porn feel that is this network’s bread and butter. If you like that flavor, you’re going to enjoy their variations of the classics.A Porno Goldmine for Fans of Czech GirlsOkay, thirty bucks for more than thirty porn sites, there’s got to be a catch, right? That depends. There are some drawbacks to the site, but if you’ve read this far I bet they won’t be deal-breakers.First of all, don’t even think of signing up for CzechAV if you’re not into Euro chicks. There’s no real range here. I saw a few thicker MILFs on CzechParties, but for the most part, all of these chicks have the same body type. These girls don’t eat McDonald’s all fucking day like Americans. There’s no range of ethnicities at all on CzechAV. Don’t come crying to me because you signed up for 33 sites and couldn’t find a single big-bootied Latin mama or Ebony BBW.The other issue is that even though there are 33 sites, you’re probably not going to like all of them. The security/spycam voyeur sites aren’t going to be everybody’s bag, especially CzechToilets. Read my full write-up on that one; it’s basically a parade of girls peeing, with a rare hump or vomit session thrown in from time to time. I’m not judging anybody, but most people genuinely prefer blowjob videos.That said, you’re getting a ton of fucking porn. Even if you hate most of it, you’ll still have a bunch of sites full of Czech sluts getting fucked. The CzechAV network represents a solid value for fans of Euro sluts and amateurs. They bring a raw, real feel that you’ll find hard to match in other amateur productions.

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