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Oh yeah! Czech Casting porn! I've seen this casting site before but I never went deeper into the nuts and bolts of it until now. As soon as I entered the site, there they were, 1901 models all standing with their clothes on. As I hovered with my mouse over them, all of a sudden the clothes were gone and they were butt naked, staring at the camera with a smile on their faces, all 1901 of them. If you've never seen this site I strongly suggest that you check it out since when you have access to you will fall in love with the casting process just like I did too.The sites name CzechCasting already lets you know what the videos are all about and you can't tell me that you haven't seen these videos floating around the web. The point of it all is that they find all these seemingly naive girls who come in for a casting that's supposed to be about photos. Some of them already know what the deal is and they eventually end up having sex with the casting director and the dude who is holding the camera the whole time. CzechCasting is pretty simple to navigate since they have three sections and all of them are pretty easy to understand what they deliver to the table.The Videos is the place where you get all the videos. Naturally. The Models is the place where you get to see all the models and the 360-degree photos which is I must say probably the coolest thing that I've seen this whole month. In this section, the models who passed through the director's hands have been put through the 360-degree camera that takes pics all around the radius of the model. So, once you click on the picture you get an animation of the girl where the camera goes around the girl in all angles. A very cool thing to see and it fits in so damn perfectly with the whole concept that the site is going for. At times I really did have an impression that this was a real casting site and that all of the models were real models who wanted a job but got ripped off by the bastard of the director. It's show business, you know how those things go.Each of the models has multiple pictures where she is holding her ID number, and there are pictures from all the regular angles, front, back, and side shots where you get to see all the features that the girl has. Now that you can rate the girl fully you can choose the video and see how they behave and what happens when the director drops the bomb on them, bomb being that they have to have sex in order for them to get the job.The videos are excellent. They come in 2160p but if you are going to stream it on the site I suggest the 1080p one since it does take a lot to buffer up the video and I even left the video alone so that the loading finishes but it didn't, so yeah, go with the lower qualities. You can download the videos so don't worry much about it. Each of the videos has a description of what's going on in the video, video previews, photos and the 360-degree photos. This is where you get the feeling that you are actually a director deciding if the girl is worth being cast for the project or whatever.The acting in the videos is pretty raw. I don't even think that the girls are actually acting since they all seem like they are giving answers that are true to them. I have no idea what the angle is behind the whole shooting process nor do I want to break the 4th wall but the whole thing works and you can get the feeling of anxiety, nervousness, arousal and all of the feelings that are taking place during the video, so this is why I consider CzechCasting to be one of the better productions out there. That raw feeling is what's going to keep you coming back for more.I didn't even mention that the layout of the whole site is pretty simple and boring but it kind of gives off that clean vibe, that this is a casting and that silence and concentration is required. So looking from that angle, the simple and boring look is pretty much what this site needs. The videos are amazingly done, the quality is top notch and to those who are getting off on the fact that the girls are getting "taken advantage off" then, this is a place that you absolutely must become a member off. I liked the content and there is nothing more that I'd add to it.

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