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Looking for hidden toilet cams at CzechToilets? Well, I was out to lunch the other day and filled my cup with Mountain Dew from the fountain. It made me think about girls sitting on the toilet, letting a stream of bright yellow fluid flow from their fleshy piss-dispensers. I went to the local spy shop and bought some voyeur cameras, but then I got cold feet about installing them. I loaded up instead.Sure, the premium pee site costs a few bucks a month, but it saves you the trouble of having to monitor your fast-food toilet cam during peak hours. I’m hoping Czech Toilets can also save me from getting arrested at Starbucks again.Hidden Cameras in a Real Public ToiletThe Adults Only screen that hits you before you can even look at the site is different from most sites. Instead of just warning you that the movies are too impossibly sexy for underage visitors, CzechToilets is like, “Hey, guys, look out! We’ve got hidden cameras in a real public toilet!”That’s paraphrasing a bit, but you get the gist of it. They’ve got three hidden cameras, including one in the bowl, and these Czech amateurs have no idea. It’s kinky as hell. The box also says they’ve got 4K HD, mobile friendliness, and regular updates, just like every other premium site.I’m a grown-up and I’m ready for anything that involves exposed twats in public, so I let myself in. They weren’t lying. CzechToilets is exactly what it sounds like, and exactly what they’ve described.Most sex sites have a bunch of thumbnails of girls flicking their clits, trying to fit giant cocks down their throats, and getting banged in the ass. The screencaps here are overhead images of girls wiping their pissy cooters, front shots of babes sitting down for a refreshing wee, and close-ups of golden waterfalls erupting from young cunt, filmed from right inside the toilet bowl.I hit the play button for the featured movie preview at the very top. Big block letters across the screen tell me this is the FIRST REAL HIDDEN CAMERA IN TOILET! NO SCRIPT, NO FAKES! THIS IS REALITY! I’m on the Internet, where all-caps yelling equals truth, so I get pretty excited immediately. Real voyeur cams are a rare treat, indeed.The trailer starts with a ripe blonde Euro slut stepping into the stall. It’s clean and has a nice wooden door. She’s clearly not pissing at a McDonald’s or a highway rest area, where I usually leave my cams. We know even the toilet rim is clean, because this video is shot from inside the bowl.She turns around, pulls her pants down, and sits her fine ass right over the camera. You get a full, perfect view of everything. A second later, she turns on her faucet and starts pouring yellow.The one-minute montage that follows is more of the same. A parade of girls comes in, and each one takes a piss. There’s a little variety, of course. One girl has a tampon and it looks like another somehow managed to get pee all over the floor.A couple things stand out to me. Where are the ugly girls? It’s like this toilet is somewhere in the Czech Republic where they only have hotties.Also, don’t these girls poop? I mean, I was pretty relieved I didn’t have to watch a close up of shit coming out of a beautiful young woman’s butthole, but I heard that real girls don’t just pee. They also poop.Well, either they’re screening the toilet users before posting videos, or CzechToilets is actually shot on another damn planet. I don’t really care, and neither do you.The newest movie on the list is Czech Toilets 220, so it seems like it must be a pretty big archive of urinary voyeur flicks. Let’s take a deeper look, shall we?Fuck Yes! Bonus Czech Porno!Membership is about $30 for a non-recurring membership. That’s the standard porn paysite price across the Internet for a non-fetish site, so it’s a good deal for videos of girls peeing.Admittedly, this site’s specific niche is pretty fucking deep. Yeah, they’ve got a mountain of pee movies, but they’re all kind of the same thing. I guess that’s a generic complaint about any porn site that doesn’t do it for you. If in-toilet shots of girls taking a leak do it for you, then this site will, too.Most perverts, even ones who love pee, probably aren’t going to sign up for a site with such a narrow range of movies. Other pee sites feature clips of girls peeing on themselves, each other, and into Solo cups for easy guzzling. This one just has girls respectfully using the same toilet, one after another.I’ve got good news, though, if you need a little more variety before you’ll shell out cash. Membership includes access to all 34 sites in the Czech Authentic Videos network.The sites in the network are devoted to real swingers and Czech amateur sluts. There’s wife-swapping, freaky doctors and sleazy pawnshop operators, Euro harems and teens fucked in the street for money. You’ll have plenty of completely depraved video sluts to choose from after you finish beating off to girls squirting piss.Pink Panties on Petite PissersI checked out the newest movie, Czech Toilets 220. A blonde girl in camo pants comes in, sits down, and pees. We get a close-up of the flowing piss, then she wipes her pussy. After she pulls up her pants, she hunches over, face above the toilet.I wondered what the fuck this bitch was doing, and then she started throwing up. She’s super casual about it, too, not like your disgusting ass when you’ve had to much booze.That’s much grosser than I expected, but still better than poop. I checked out 199, which featured a fine young babe in all black with pink panties. There’s a mirror positioned on the door so you can watch the girl’s face from between her legs as you’re watching her piss pour out of her cunt. It’s a really clever voyeur setup.Number 179 comes in with a pair of pink panties balled up in a fist. She takes off her pants, exposing some killer legs, and swaps underwear. Then we get to watch her pee.The Hottest Hidden Toilet Cam ClipsCzechToilets serves up their most popular content at the top of the page, above the newest movies. It’s a pretty convenient way of finding the best stuff.The very top clip is an older one, number 93. It’s much longer than most at over 12 minutes. It’s also got more people on-screen than any of the clips I’ve watched so far. Instead of a a solo chick taking a whiz, it’s a couple getting it on.They come in, he undoes his Gucci belt, whips out a semi-hard dick and starts fingering her cunt. The angle the toilet-cam had of this slut in her tiny skirt made my balls ache to see more. As if listening to my thoughts, she pulls it up to give her dude access to that lovely pussy.I tend to be skeptical about how real any hidden cam or voyeur site actually is. It’s just too easy to fake. I’m guessing it’s more lawful to fake, too. CzechToilets has a very realistic feel to it, though. I can’t say it’s actual voyeur cam material and none of the girls ever know about it, but if not, it’s a damn fine simulation.There’s more variety to the material than I expected at first, but it’s still pretty limited. There’s only so much action that can take place inside of a tiny public restroom stall. And yeah, the majority of the videos seem to be the same thing: girl comes in, girl pees, girl wipes, girl leaves.I don’t like urination clips nearly enough to pay full-price for just the CzechToilets clips. The access to the full Czech Authentic Videos network really rounds out the membership and makes it a good value, though. It’s certainly worth a look if you’re an aspiring creeper of public restrooms.

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