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Do you know how they always tell you it’s a major security risk to use the same password for different things? Every time there’s a major breach, experts weigh in on how you’re all going to have your identities stolen and bank accounts emptied if you keep typing your birthday into every password box. Well, D2Pass wants you to use the same login and password on dozens of sites, and they’re all full of Japanese porno.It sounds backwards to me, but I’m a Porn Dude, not a security expert. D2Pass.com gets around 10 thousand visits a day, and that’s not counting the millions of users who just head directly to their destination for premium JAV movies, schoolgirl gangbangs, and AV idol footjob flicks. I guess there must be some perks to the system besides keeping your mental demands low, and I’m determined to figure out what they are.Seriously, WTF is D2Pass?I have to admit; I had no idea what the fuck D2Pass was when I first checked out the link. Part of that was just the language barrier. The “English” version of the site is more like Engrish, so you’ll have to read slowly if you want to understand everything. There’s still a lot of Japanese in the banners, but at least the photos themselves speak the universal language of naked, gorgeous flesh.D2Pass is a “common authentication Account/ID network service,” which they try to explain in easier language. I think they make it sound more complicated than it actually is. The funniest fucking part is that after rambling in overly technical language for a whole paragraph, they say, “there is no complicated procedure at all.” Gee, thanks!There’s a link provided where you can supposedly learn more, but the page isn’t even translated from Japanese, so you have to use your browser’s translation. The guide is full of all kinds of jargon you don’t typically encounter as a casual Internet porn viewer. When was the last time you had to worry about campaign information, point services, or collective management of account registration processing information? That shit is typically tucked away in the background, so it isn’t your problem.The lowdown is actually pretty simple. D2Pass gives you one username and password that you can use to log in to various porn sites. That’s the long and short of it.Your D2Pass is free and doesn’t instantly earn you an actual subscription to any of the sites on their list, like 1Pondo, Caribbeancom, or 3D-Eros. It’s strictly an authentication system, like your own personal identification card, that only works for a bunch of Japanese porn sites. Or, you know, like using the same password for a bunch of websites.Dozens of Sites, One PasswordThere’s a Movie Sites dropdown that gives you the full list of sites that support D2Pass. There are more than 60 right now, many of which I’ve reviewed here on ThePornDude. They’ve got all kinds of Japanese smut here, broken into categories like Streaming, Pay-Per-View, AV, MILF, Amateur, and Fetish. There are some Gay/Lesbian sites and Non-Asian ones, too, to round things out.The dropdown list of supported sites is more than just a hub of places to spend your money, though they will help you do that. In fact, you can sign up for subscriptions to the different sites directly from D2Pass. When the site has multiple subscription options (monthly, yearly, etc.) they’re all listed right here. You’ll notice a D2 point value beside each price, a perk I’ll touch on shortly.There are some basic details given about each site. They don’t editorialize like I do, or give anywhere near as much info as my reviews. However, you do get some basic factoids about what you’re paying for, like genres, file sizes, and bitrates. You get a lot of broken Engrish, but that’s to be expected. “Nothing like what you see with man and woman!”One of the things I really do love about D2Pass is that users can write site reviews beneath any of the paysite listings. User reviews are arguably one of the best ways to window shop before pulling out your credit card, and that applies whether you’re trying to buy a new laptop, order lunch, or use your Macbook to watch Asian girls to eat semen for breakfast.I did run into a tech issue with Chrome translating the reviews somewhat inconsistently. Sometimes, most of the page would be in English, but all the reviews would still be in Japanese. While this problem ostensibly happened on my end, I mention it because English speakers are likely to run into similar issues no matter what browser they’re dealing with. Still, that auto-magic translation is a million times better than it was a decade ago, and only getting better.Some Perks of D2Pass and D2PointsIf tech-security experts are always telling you to switch up your passwords, why is D2Pass telling you to do the opposite? The cynic in me says it’s mainly to get you to sign up for more premium porno because they make it more convenient. There are other reasons, though, too.Okay, first of all, you should know they offer highly secured transactions, fraud protection and keep your data locked up somewhere safe. That’s kind of what everybody promises, but there you have it. If you want to get really technical, you can read in-depth about their 128-bit SSL and centralized account management in the site’s documentation. This ain’t really the place for that kind of nerd talk; I mainly talk butthole-stretching, girlcum, and teen cherry-popping.One of the major selling points of D2Pass is its D2Point system. I first noticed the points listed beside the prices in the different paysite listings. By signing up for sites through this central hub of Japanese perversion, you accumulate points that can be traded for exclusive porno movies later. You can also earn a point a day just by visiting D2Pass.com.D2Points work on a tier system, and there’s a cumulative, snowballing effect. I’m only a bronze member now, so I earn the lowest points based on my purchases. Siler and Gold users earn an extra 30%, and the big-spending Eternal users get a whopping 50% bonus. Holy shit.D2Pass members can also get discounts that aren’t always available if you’re signing up for sites individually. Just for signing up for a free D2 Pass, you get a $5 discount coupon.Premium Services and All-You-Can-Watch PlansD2Pass does offer some paid perks if you’d like to spend some money directly on the site. The D2Pass Premium Service is like a book of coupons you can use on the different paysites in the network. It’s 6 USD a month or 60 a year, but the benefits are potentially worth a lot more.D2Pass Premium members earn up to 3 times as many D2Points on their purchases, meaning quicker access to more free Japanese porn. There are also discounts on live chats and PPV flicks, and you can try Hey Videos for free for a few days. You also get higher download limits on the video sites you’re enrolled in, which will outrage the fucking shit out of you but also make it easier to build an offline JAV library.They’ve also got a couple of affordable all-you-can-watch porno plans featuring content from a handful of their sites. They don’t currently have a plan that lets you watch everything on every site, but let’s keep our dirty little fingers crossed, huh?The all-you-can-watch options might feel limited, but the lowest tier starts at just twenty bucks. If you’ve browsed my list of premium Asian sites, you know how expensive Japanese Adult Video can get. Twenty bones ain’t shit.I’m not convinced using the same credentials for every JAV site is a great idea by itself. While it might make it easier for your bong-addled brain to remember your passwords, the other benefits of D2Pass are what really make the service worthwhile. Users can earn points toward free Japanese porno later, as well as cash in on discounts for paysites and PPVs. The streaming JAV memberships available to watch right on D2Pass.com are some of the most affordable on the web.

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