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Tired of seeing the same old shit in every porn site? Well, that’s totally understandable. Actually makes that two of us. I’m a fap master myself, and at times, I just want to see new faces and not the same recycled professional fuckers in every video I whip my cock out to bust a nut. The high production values notwithstanding, professional porn can seem a little plastic, rough, forced, unnatural, and undesirable, which is precisely where amateur porn comes into play. In any case, sometimes everyone needs a break from pornstars with fake boobs and asses and who moan like their lives depend on it. I’m the biggest fan of girls who keep it real, which is why I’m introducing another site with plenty of amateur fuck flicks aka Dupose.com. The full review follows.What to expectDupose.com is an amateur porn site with a bit of a twist. There is a good chunk of amateur porn featuring your everyday kind of whores sucking cocks and having their wet muffs spread by random fucking dudes, girls having lesbian sex in the shower, random freaks having sex in public places and more of that shit you love involving what could as well be your buddy’s wife begging her neighbor for a cock in homemade fuck tapes.However, Dupose offers more than that. As a matter of fact, such videos seem to be an afterthought. The site’s primary focus is to bring you leaked nudes, nasty videos (including masturbation videos) and leaked fuck flicks involving the second-tier celebrities. That’s right; none of the shit you find here features the Kim Kardashians and Halle Berrys of this world. Instead, you get to see how Snapchat girls, Youtubers, Twitch streamers, and such girls look beneath their skirts. These are not girls who are necessarily known worldwide, but with hundreds of thousands of followers, their nudes are selling like hotcakes. In any case, these sluts look hot and are unafraid to get nasty, which works well for my cock.Basic site design and navigationThere is nothing extraordinary about Dupose.com’s design. In fact, I find it pretty ordinary, which is what I expected of a largely amateur site. At least someone was smart enough to make the background black, which is perfectly suitable for my nightly fap sessions. Fuck it, this should be made the default background color for all porn sites. I’ve never really understood the rationale behind having a white background to a porn site. Do such fucks want me to lose my goddamn eyesight? And who the fuck has time to browse porn during the day anyway?Away from that, moving around the site should also be pretty straightforward. The top menu has, among others, a [useless] home tab, porn, ASMR, and a whole tab for the ultimate porn directory; theporndude.com. The Sex Chat tab redirects to some half-ass site that I had no intention of visiting. On the top right is a search engine for y’all porn connoisseurs who know where to look for your daily filth. Scroll down the homepage for a numbered browsing menu albeit with limited pagination. Ultimately though, getting in and around the site should not be a challenge.Tickle your expectations with natural breasts and pussiesDupose leaves you under no illusions as to the kind of content stacked in their perverted archive. They throw you in the deep end straight away with plenty of boobs, asses, solo masturbation, and cock sucking among some of the atrocities you will be beating meat to. Like mentioned, the bulk of the content features second-tier celebrities, and if you are familiar with names like Nikki Benz, Kendra Lowe, Gabriella Elyse, and Nova Patra among others, you will certainly enjoy jerking off to their sumptuous nudity.One thing I can commend the site for is their impressive update schedule. They start by presenting the latest updates, and around 5 new updates are posted to the site daily. Besides the date of upload, you can also see the number of views per post, and if the numbers are anything to go by, this place is teeming with horny freaks who can’t get enough of hairy armpits and amateur pussies. Everything here is natural with no fake boobs and chiseled abs or any of that shit.Click on whichever girl floats your boat and enjoy the display of seriously sexy flesh. I especially liked Kendra Lowe’s sexy nudes (she is a Canadian Youtuber with 231k subscribers). See these girls on the beach, in their bathrooms, or anywhere exposing their goodies for your fapping pleasure. I also had time to watch Rainey James fingering herself in the car before giving head to one lucky motherfucker. The content is randomly arranged, and one post will have nude leaks while another will have a masturbation video. Either way, there is plenty of fapworthy content for y’all horny suckers to bust a fat fucking nut.These hotties are not afraid to share their most delightful and intimate moments, and you ultimately get to enjoy the mouthwatering view of these Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube girls as they bare it all for you and fucking in private.Amateur porn videosThey are not too many, to be honest, but I was still pleased to find a solid collection of XXX vids with amateur sluts sucking and riding meat poles like their lives depend on it. There are teenagers fucking in the shower, a slutty bitch sucking two cocks in a public beach, college fuck parties, sultry Latina whores in steamy threesomes and such depravities. The videos stream pretty well, although apart from the full-screen option, the video player is pretty basic.That said, you will need to brace yourself for some pretty annoying ads. For starters, the redirects every time you attempt to play a video are absolute shambles. When you finally manage to play a video, a huge ad covering almost a quarter of the screen popups from nowhere. Even worse, the ad stubbornly refuses to go away and any attempt to click X results in the same awful redirects I talked about above. Damn, I understand the shit here is free and the site has to pay for their servers somehow, but that doesn’t have to be at the expense of user experience.Anyone down for ASMR porn?ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) porn combines the sound effects of ASMR with some sort of sexual activity (such as nudity, moaning, kissing, sex toy vibration, giving blowjob to a dildo and such). This niche is becoming increasingly popular with adherents claiming it brings a tingling sensation that can be felt on the skin, usually in the scalp, upper neck, and spine.I’m personally not down for this kind of shit, but if unlike me this kind of porn gives you head orgasms or whatever, just click on ASMR from the top menu and enjoy eroticism the best way you know. For me? I better stick to the wet sounds of a coochie being pounded by a real meat rod. Thank you very much.Reasons to love Dupose.comPlenty of amateur content; there is a respectable collection of amateur videos and snaps of amateur ladies showing off their goodies and getting nasty.Daily updates; the site constantly adds fresh content with multiple daily updates.Free; all the collection is available for free with users not even bothered with registration processes.Reasons to hate Dupose.comNo categories; the content is randomly arranged with no tags or categories insight.Loads of annoying ads; users can expect to be bombarded with plenty of distracting ads and redirects that will absolutely ruin the experience.No download option; the videos are only available for streaming, and porn curators will have to look elsewhere to add onto their stash.How the site can improveLike everything in life, nothing is perfect, and Dupose.com could do with some improvements. For starters, the site could do well to introduce some form of categorization to the content. As it stands, the content is randomly placed with little in the way of organization.A download option to the videos is also a no brainer since some of us want something to beat meat to in public toilets and wherever. While at it, can someone handle the ads menace at the first opportunity? They are way too fucking distractive.FinallyDupose.com is not the best amateur site, to be honest, but there is still plenty of fapworthy content featuring hot amateur sluts. There are hundreds of videos and snaps featuring Snapchat and YouTube ladies with multiple updates to keep the archive fresh. If you love getting off natural amateurs, don’t even think twice about it. Drop whatever the fuck you are doing and pay the site a visit.

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