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Ready for some leaked Ghana porn videos and sex tapes at Empress Leak aka Empressleaks? I don’t care what your interests with amateur ebony porn are, but since you are reading this, chances are you are looking for a site with some hot amateur ebony smut. So you love them big bootied chocolate sisters, huh? No need to be ashamed; we know how nasty some of these whores can get. The good news is, the site up for review today offers just that — not just fap inducing porn featuring amateur black whores, but also a platform for users to send and view leaked nudes and sex tapes with black sluts from Ghana and others parts of Africa. You know how it goes with leaked sex tapes so do brace yourself because EmpressLeak.biz will take you on an erotic ebony marathon.First impressionThe domain name actually gives it all away. The site is all about user-generated sex tapes and nudes. It looks like a perfect destination for voyeurs like you to jerk off to homemade videos. You will have your pick of masturbation scenes, sex tapes featuring married women and their lovers, lesbian scenes, and much more. People always pose naked for their boyfriends and significant others while sex tapes are being made every day and that’s where a site like EmpressLeak.biz comes into to play, ensuring you don’t miss out on the juice. If you get off to leaked sex tapes both from ordinary people and celebrities, you will definitely be pleased what this site is offering.Site design and navigationEmpress Leak’s interface is pretty straightforward and considering the content here is all about leaked tapes, a fancy design doesn’t matter that much. The site has gone for simplicity but is well arranged, and users will be able to pick out their preferred porn video with minimal fuss. That said, the homepage is filled with ads, and I’d not be totally honest if I said they won’t distract you, but this is to be expected of a free site, and if you are looking for an ad-free experience, premium sites might be a better bet.You can go directly to the scenes right from the homepage, or you can use the top navigation which allows you access to all leaks, world leaks, a tab to post any leaks that may be in your possession, and a link to the number one porn directory- The Porn Dude. If you have something specific in mind, you may use the search feature at the top right corner. The browsing menu uses a paging system although pagination is limited.Hundreds of leaksThings will click the moment you set eyes on the site. It is like finding an ancient family toy that you used to play with a long time ago. Start your journey right from the homepage where I can only assume the site brings you the latest scenes. There are over 60 videos on the homepage and 78 pages to browse which makes it over 4600 scenes to jerk off to. That’s not an overwhelming amount by any stretch of the imagination, but when they cover nothing but leaked sex tapes and nudes, it is a respectable collection.Empress Leak focuses on leaks featuring ebony babes from different regions of Africa including Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Ivory Coast among a whole lot of other places. Remember these are not professionally shot videos so don’t come expecting scenes in sparkling HD. Majority of the videos are taken using average cameras, and in some instances, the sluts don’t even know they are being recorded (or are pretty good at pretending). In any case, the grainy nature of many of the videos is what adds some authenticity to the scenes, so it’s not such a bad thing after all. Hard to find amateur videos shot at 1080p anyway.There are all manner of leaks here including a woman masturbating for her Facebook friend, a manager’s wife who finds a video of a receptionist masturbating on her husband’s phone, lesbian tapes, and crazy freaks using a hidden camera to record themselves fucking their girlfriends among many others. Videos are available for both streaming and download with the site recommending Google Chrome and Firefox browsers for the best experience.Videos stream pretty well. However, sometimes they redirect to outside sources depending on where you click. Needless to say, I found this inconvenient. Some of the videos are downright hardcore, like the one video featuring five Nigerian boys raping two girls they had invited for a Facebook party. Of course, they didn’t intend for the video to find its way on the internet but like you know, shit happens.This actually brings me to how the content collection works: Empress Leak doesn’t go around looking for leaked sex tapes or any of that shit. Instead, they encourage users to send them any indecent photos, nudes, or leaks via WhatsApp and Telegram using the provided number. The site urges you to share the link so your friends can see it. In doing so, you will not only be helping the site pay the hosting fees, but also enable them to keep bringing you the dirty things that people do behind closed doors. You want that, don’t you?World leaksApart from the African leaks, there is a solid collection of leaked nudes and sex tapes featuring Hollywood stars and other big names in the United States including the likes of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Abigail Spencer, and Jenifer Lawrence among others. Click on a celebrity to read their brief history including how the nudes were obtained. However, some of the links are misleading. For instance, there is a link purporting to show Rihanna’s hacked naked pictures but what you get is entirely different. Was that meant to be a fucking joke or something? Because it’s a really flat one.Warning for the ladiesThis one sounds ironical coming from a site that encourages people to send nudes and sex tapes, but Empress Leak has been classy enough to give ladies a warning: a lot of scammers are out there looking to use your nudes to blackmail you. The best thing to do? Don’t take nudes or allow yourself to be filmed having sex for whatever reasons. As you will find out from the content, the consequences can be really disastrous. That said, individuals whose leaks have been released can have them removed although that will come with a penalty. You can either heed the site’s warning or go ahead and record yourself and allow random freaks to jerk off at your expense. Either way, consider yourself warned.What I love about the siteIf you love the sound of leaked sex tapes and nudes featuring amateur ebony sluts, then Empress Leak may as well be your Mecca. There is a respectable collection of leaked sex tapes featuring sluts from all over Africa, and you will have a field day sampling them. I also loved that the site is free and users are not even required to register to enjoy the videos or even send them to the site. I also like that the site has included leaked content from leading Hollywood stars among other celebrities. If you told me before visiting the site that I’d come to prefer short videos to long-ass ones, I’d have laughed at your fucking face. Empress Leak (often misspelled as "expressleak", "express leaks", "ghleaks", "ghanaleak.com", "africanleaks", "naijaleak" and "empressleak.com") converted me, and I’m grateful for that.What I hate about the siteThe site needs to make some improvements if they intend to be up there with the best. For instance, the process of playing a video is pretty burdensome especially when you are directed to some pretty mediocre sites. In addition, there are too many ads that will make your stay here terrible. Some cover almost a third of the page, and they will be a constant menace. Also, why is the site not on a secure HTTPS platform?Suggestions I have for the siteThey could start by fixing the navigation. No one wants to be directed to outside sources with every click.ConclusionIf you are the kind that jerks off to leaked sex tapes featuring black babes, there is enough content here to float your boat as you have certainly established if you have read this review. There are hundreds of leaked sex tapes featuring sluts from many regions in Africa and a solid collection of nudes and leaked tapes featuring Hollywood stars. My advice? Visit the site and find out whether it’s worthy to be bookmarked.

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