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Escort Meetings! As a businessman or just a lad with loads of money to spend, you have probably thought about hiring a hot escort to accompany you on an important trip, right? You have probably already hired one, and I am here to suggest that you check out, which is another escort site with many gorgeous babes at your service.It works a bit differently than what you are used to, so just sit back, and enjoy reading all the goodies and some shit aspects of the site. There is not much I could say about the overall design, except that they could have done a better fucking job. First, I did not even think that this site was legit until I explored some more and read some trusted resources.The design is quite shitty, but overall it is simple and does its fucking job, so who am I to judge. Now, on top you have all the crap you will need to find the perfect escort for the evening, day or even a week. As I said this site works a bit differently from other websites, and now I will explain how.Usually, when you are searching for an escort chick to accompany you somewhere, you have to search for them in a certain area, aka the area where she will be needed, because most of them do not want to travel. Well, that shit is completely the opposite on Escort Meetings.Here, the bitches can’t wait to travel for you, which also means that the booking options are different. For example, on many escort sites, they offer an option to hire a chick for one night only, while here you can hire them for a longer period. Of course, this does not apply to all the bitches you can find here, but most of them are willing to travel!I think that it is such a good thing to have sluts from all over the globe available to everyone, especially because we all have our own different tastes when it comes to chicks. For example, if I was to hire an escort for the week, I’d definitely browse the Asian chicks, because those sluts are definitely the hottest, in my opinion.Just below the usual menu, on the homepage, you have all the countries that offer escorts listed, so if you are like me and you have a certain ethnicity you love, you should search for your preferred escort chick this way. One thing that made me quite fucking sad is that Japan and South Korea only offer one babe each… but on the other hand, Hong Kong offered 4 beautiful sluts!Besides listing the chicks by the country, you are also offered the advanced search options, that were a fucking pleasant surprise for once. Most shitty sites do not offer any forms of search, and here if you open the ‘Search’ tab you can look for babes by their nickname, nationality, services, availability, or advanced, where you can specify the hair length, color, and other particular shit.Honestly, all escort sites should offer these search options, because if you have a specific taste, just like me, they will surely be handy! Of course, you can also just list all of the escort chicks at once, and browse through until you find the slut that suits your taste just perfect.Once you find the chick you think would suit your taste, you should look at her profile and what she offers before hiring. Keep in mind that while most chicks are open to traveling, some of them are not. In addition, check her details, and the shit she wrote about herself. Every babe will have a list of services she offers, and those are quite fucking important if you ask me!Now, most chicks will offer the girlfriend experience, which usually involves making out, erotic massages and such, but there are also babes who will offer much more than that! Keep in mind that chicks here are all different and thus you should respect what they have to fucking offer since, at the end of the day, they are escorts and not whores.The only difference between the two terms would be that the escort chicks tend to be educated, and they know how to act in any given situation. I found plenty of sluts who were more than happy to offer sexual pleasures, role play, fetish-related shit, and much else. Basically, they would offer you the whore experience, which is sometimes exactly what you need after a long day at work, right?Of course, the sluts here will have their images listed on the left side, and some of them choose to hide their face, while most of them do not. Usually, the chicks I found were 30 years old or above, with a smaller portion of them being younger, and the thing that made me irritated was the fact that some of their images were in low fucking quality.My advice for all the newbies would be to view the top ten escorts on this site, who were voted by the members, because there must be a good reason why they are considered the best, right? After stating that, there is not much else I could tell you about this site, everything is already straightforward.All you need to do is create your own account, find the bitch that offers just what you are searching for, and hire her. One thing that I was really annoyed by on is the fact that they offer ‘Live Cams’ which is a tab that does not fucking work until you turn off Ad-block, and even if you do turn it off, it is not fucking worth it.Overall, if you are traveling, on any given occasion, and you want to be accompanied by a beautiful escort babe, then you should explore the chicks who are presented on These sluts are all beautiful (as much as I browsed), and most of them are willing to travel to your desired destination as well while offering plenty of dirty services!

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