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Ex Hentai...I thought this site was dead first, when I saw that sad panda image. Anyways, to those of you motherfuckers that enjoy jerking off to manga, hentai, and doujinshi. Have you heard of Exhentai.org? Well, this is where your fucked up hentai dreams come into reality. This site is full of delicious hentai doujins that are more than ripe for your fapping business. Here you are going to find some pretty extreme fetishes including scat, loli, bestiality to name but a few.AccessWhat happens when you try to access Exhentai.org? You will get fucking cockblocked by the Sad Panda who stubbornly refuses you entry. Not to worry though, there is a process which you can use to defeat the sad panda and claim your hentai rewards. A lot of it has to do with opening an account which you will have to wait for a week before it is approved. By the way, you only need to open the account once.If you follow this simple tutorial, you should be okay. Of course, there is a possibility you might still be blocked by the sad panda in which case there is little I can do to help. It’s potentially possible that Exhentai.org itself blocks you from browsing it because they haven’t acquired the copyright agreements to show their site in your country. But if you have access, then welcome to the sickest hentai site on the internet. Don’t even thank me; this is what I fucking do best. Remember Ex Hentai is the subsidiary of the more easily accessible e-hentai.org but has by far more x-rated content that the parent site couldn’t display for fear of falling out with their benefactors.The site is basically a place for doujins- the unofficial erotic Japanese comics anime series or movies. This is a suitable destination for masturbating on anime magical girls.StatisticsDespite restricting access to certain Firefox or Chrome extensions, the site is especially prevalent in Japan, Taiwan, China, South Korea, and the United States. Exhentai.org has been around for well over 8 years, with the site earning a popularity ranking of 832. No wonder it has an estimated value of over $2.9 million, which we all agree is far from pocket change. What they do, they do it right!Site design and navigationExhentai.org features a pretty basic design and doesn’t even make an attempt to be sophisticated. It features a black background and white fonts although there is a hint of a few other colors. Regarding visual appeal, it’s certainly not the best I’ve seen. Overall though, everything is where it is supposed to be and finding content will be easy.Navigation is not bad either. There are 25008 pages in total but luckily, pagination is not limited, and you can jump from one corner of the site to the other without breaking a sweat. The top menu allows you access to the categories, galleries, settings, and an advanced search feature that will definitely prove useful. There is also no single intrusive ad in sight, which is even better. Overall, you will find your experience smooth which is the most important thing.An endless sea of contentTwisted fucks like you who like fapping to doujins, mangas, and hentai will find a little erotic paradise at Exhentai.org. There is no telling the exact number, but it reads something like 625,198. That makes this site your favorite wank bank. Sadly, there are no videos of any mention here, not even gifs, with content mostly being pictures and comic strips. However, freaks who like getting off to cartoons fucking each other will have plenty of options to choose from.There are currently 25,009 pages at Exhentai.org each with loads of panels and plenty of sexual action. They might be more by the time you get to read this review. To give you a hint, I clicked on one called kanojo no yiitsu (loosely translated to hot dogging and ass cheeks fuck) which features an exciting story of a guy and his girlfriend and of course punctuated by loads of raw, hardcore fucking. It has 20 pages all of which can be downloaded instantly at a click of a button. The stories are pretty complex and will certainly make for good reading and definitely jerking off, which is what twisted perverts like you do when something is even remotely sexual.As is to be expected of this genre, the artistry is on another level as is the eroticism which will leave you clutching on to your thick meat giant. While many of the doujins are available in Japanese, there are English translations which will naturally come in handy. Enjoy these toon babes as they display some cartoon cunts in a bizarre fashion that does the whole hentai manga niche loads of justice. These artists must have some pretty dirty minds to even think of putting out these kinds of drawings, but genuinely, those who fap to cartoon porn will find a virtual porno haven right here.Usually, images are resampled to 1280 pixels of horizontal resolution for online viewing. This provides for some good viewing. That said, the settings link at the top navigation allows you to make some adjustments regarding the way you view images. For instance, you can manually restrict the maximum display of an image, although the site automatically scales down the images to fit your screen width. Still, it’s not a bad option to have.Still, under settings, you can choose which display you would like to use on the front page. Additionally, you can choose which categories to exclude by default from the front page or searches. Not too many sites give you such options. You can also choose and rename your favorite categories. Remember with the account; you can add doujins to a list of favorites and also leave your comment.Artistic styleI can’t continue with this review without reserving a mention for the artists, who I must agree have put some long hours into these panels. There are erotic manga panels in black and white while the latest ones are colored, which is even more brilliant. Never thought I would spend more than five minutes absorbing in all the artistic details. That may be longer than some of you have looked at real women in real life.Speaking of new content, there are fresh mangas almost after every two minutes which explains the massive amount of material in here. It seems like artists are trying to outdo each other, and the eroticism gets better and kinkier. I could count almost 30 new panels on the first page alone, all uploaded within minutes intervals.CategoriesIt would be a huge task to ask members to randomly sift through such a huge amount of content if there was no category option, but luckily that option has been availed by Exhentai.org. You can browse the panels by doujinshi, manga, artist CG, Asian porn, cosplay, western, among others. For convenience purposes, each category icon has been given its own unique color.What I love about the SiteThe huge amount of content will obviously get plenty of sick fucks excited. And judging by the amount of content, there are loads of them. You will also find some pretty weird shit here including sluts having their breasts sucked and their asses screwed by monsters, toon bitches sucking bleeding cocks, rape, and tentacle fucking among others. This will excite lovers of this strange stuff. The site design is kind of minimalistic, but it allows you to focus on the content, mainly because there are no ads to distract you.What I hate about the siteThere are no videos of any kind, not even gifs, and people who don’t like still images will have to seek their pleasures elsewhere. For a site that has been in the industry for that long, that is obviously a disappointment.Suggestions I have for the siteAdd a community/forums where artists and members can meet to discuss topics related to this niche. I’m hoping that’s something the site will be willing to look into.ConclusionWell, cartoon porn may not be my favorite niche, but I definitely know a good site when I see one. There is enough content here for lovers of this niche, and the one week it takes to open an account notwithstanding, Exhentai.org is precisely what I expected it to be; a fantastic doujin site worth each minute of your time. Visit the website and find out more.

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