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Want to read some naughty trans aka TG stories at Fiction Mania? If you’re here, then I imagine you don’t mind a fair bit of reading. After all, these reviews are pretty fucking in-depth if I do say so myself. No, I’m not here to just keep patting myself on the back. I’m talking about smut. Erotica. Fanfictions. Whatever the fuck you want to call written porn. I know, I know, some of you fucks out there need a full VR headset with a heated, auto lubed, ultra fuck master 1000 with the gyrating pussy add-on to get your chaffed, desensitized dick to spurt out its 10th pathetic dribble of cum out for the day.This site isn’t for you. This site is for the more reasonable chicks and dudes out there who can appreciate a good steamy story and use their damn imagination. And, in case you were too horny to read the short description I gave beneath the site title, I’ll give you cucks a fair warning. This is going to be a trans-themed erotica site. So, don’t go sending me shit about it in my email. If you don’t like stories about trans babes getting fucked, then don’t bother with this is a completely free to use, user-driven and run, trans fiction site with thousands upon thousands of steamy stories to get your dick hard or your pussy wet. And, as far as trans fiction sites go, this is definitely one of the most successful ones I’ve seen. They bring in right around 2 million trans story fanatics to the site on a monthly basis. And this site has been kicking it for a good while. I couldn’t find exactly when they launched, but they have stories dating as far back as 1999.Well Organized Site Despite HTML DesignIt’s an HTML site, so you’ll have to deal with all the quirks that come with that. I can’t give them too much shit since the entire site is run by volunteers. And, for what it is, It’s fairly well organized. A clean, simple header up top with tons of suboptions. Text boxes below for reviews and all that. I just can’t stand a white design on a site where you have to read shit for hours on end. You’ll have to opt for a dark reader if you’re like me and care about your eyes. I mean, I can’t watch any good porn if I fuck my eyes up. I need them to look at big bootied bitches.When you first pop over to the site you’ll get a full disclaimer about the content on the site. So, you have no fucking excuses now. I warned you. They warned you. What I noticed right up front though is that there aren’t any restrictions on the stories you can tell. Well, as long as they’re about trans sluts. You can go vanilla, extreme, or whatever else your fetish filled mind could come up with.Share Your Own Steamy Stories or Check Out and Review OthersOn the homepage you’ll see a random image with, usually, a trans-themed quote or something like that. Next to that, you can see that the site keeps track of exactly how many stories are on the site at any given time. Right now they have right around 33 thousand stories. Holy fuck. I was more impressed by that figure than those porn videos where the petite slut sees the hulking cock she’s about to get fucked with for the first time.Below that, you’ll see a list of random reviews. Any registered user can read stories and review them. This site is all about sharing hot stories and getting feedback on them. And this isn’t the kind of feedback you see on porn videos like “I would luv to touch her tight vagene.” The people on this site care about the content posted here. If you put up shitty writing or try and be a troll, then prepare for some backlash. And not the sexy kind of lashings either.From there, you’ll want to use the header to hop around. It has options for “Message Board, New Stories, Search, Info, and Title Images.” That last one lets users submit photos that have the possibility of popping up on the homepage with a quote. New stories, of course, lets you check out the newest stories. And I was surprised to see that multiple stories get uploaded here on a daily basis. There’s always some new, smutty stories to fap to. And the message board is simply a place to post questions or have discussions about the site or other trans topics.Excellent Search Options Make it Easy to Find Your Next Favorite Author Where this site really shines is the search menu. Fuck is it comprehensive. It’s one of the best search systems that I think I’ve seen on any porn site, let alone an erotica one. There are nearly 20 different pages that let you filter and search by a wide array of different options. Search by author, around 100 categories, reviewer, keyword, images, character age, random, file size, and many more. Absolutely insane. Talk about a solid user experience. More sites should take notice of this shit.But it’s time to talk about the stories. No matter what you’re searching for, you’ll get a list of links to stories in that category. The previews give you the title, format, author (along with the number of stories they have written), link to reviews, date published, rating, synopsis, categories, keywords, file size, and age range of characters. Phew, talk about a fuck ton of information. I fucking love it.Click on the title to get taken to a page where you can read the story. All of the stories have the same plain text format that you would expect from an HTML site. It’s readable as is, but some of you might be more comfortable zooming in. Or you can just lean forward while you jerk off, though your fat ass might shake the desk too much. From there you just scroll on through and read the story. No fancy controls or anything like that to fuck around with.Clunky, but Functional Mobile SiteI was prepared to talk a lot of shit about the mobile site, but it was surprisingly... okay. It wasn’t a home run by any means. It was like a dry handjob. It’s not pretty or particularly amazing, but it gets the job done. A nut is still a nut. They put some work into making this site work on mobile. All of the menus are cluttered up top instead of under specific dropdowns, but they are all readable. The only place you get tiny text is when you go to stories. Though zooming in and scrolling is made easy enough since there’s white space off to the side. That way you’re not having to scroll horizontally as well.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about is how organized they are. I hate going to sexy erotica sites that can’t even be bothered to include categories, tags, upload dates, or any of that essential shit. And those are sites that have paid web designers to make their site. This is a full HTML site that manages to blow those other sites out of the damn water when it comes to search functions and organization.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI’d love to see this site get a full, non HTML, design at some point. I know that shit costs some major dosh, but I think it could bring more traffic in. Other than that, I really don’t have any major complaints about the site. Sure, it can be a bit rough and clunky to use, but that’s more because of the format than the site itself. So, I give them a pass on that. Same with the white design. I can’t really help that when it comes to HTML.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, if you like hot stories of trans hotties getting fucked, cucked, and sucked, then you’ll love It’s packed full of fetish filled stories by amateur authors. Some are great. Some suck. That’s half the fun of these sites. Though you’ll definitely be able to find a story worth getting off to with the slew of handy search options. Whip that dick out or flick the bean to sexy stories over at

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