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Flip Fap! I know a lot of you fuckers are sad that social distancing has kept you from going out and gawking at all the hot young sluts in your area. I have a similar issue, but mine boils down to 3-strikes laws and my status as registered pervert. As you may know, Reddit has a bunch of subreddits dedicated to sexy, beautiful women, where you can gawk without leaving the house. I just found a site called FlipFap, and it simplifies browsing and fapping to Reddit’s lovely ladies.FlipFap.com is a brand new site, and they’re just starting to build up their userbase. Based on what I’m already seeing on the landing page, I think their numbers are about to explode. I’ve only been here a goddamn minute, and I’m impressed, so let’s take a deep dive and see how much masturbatory potential is inside.Reddit, Minus All the Goddamn TalkingYou know Reddit.com, right? Of course, you do. They get billions of visits a month, making them even more popular than your old friend ThePornDude. They ain’t quite as suave as me, though, and I can’t help giving them shit about all the fucking cretins who hang out there. You know the ones I’m talking about: the incels who are so angry about not getting laid that they’ve given up, and the weird anti-masturbators who think they’re immune to coronavirus if they let their balls fill up with a painful amount of cum.Not all the nerds over there are virgin weeaboos and wannabe school shooters, though. Some of them are some really helpful, talented motherfuckers. Take whoever designed FlipFap.com, for example. I’d love to buy that motherfucker a beer, hire him an escort, or give him some of Reddit gold they value over there. This is some fucking fine design!I didn’t even realize there was a Reddit connection when I first landed at FlipFap. It’s got a fairly simple social-media photo-sharing layout. Imagine Pinterest, but instead of photos of crafts, your mom wants to make and cringeworthy memes about fat acceptance, the whole thing is covered in sexy women.Without clicking anywhere, I immediately see a wide range of hot chicks in different states of undress, though they skew young. Yum! Maybe that has to do with Reddit’s young demographic, or perhaps it’s just the inherent beauty of youth, but I’m down either way. The top of the page before scrolling features a MILF showing off her huge rack, a dripping wet anime schoolgirl, a naked model with fake boobs leaning against some ancient architecture, and no fewer than 3 teens taking mirror selfies that show off all the goods.All Your Favorite NSFW SubredditsThe visual format makes it easy to forget we’re sort of browsing Reddit, even though it’s through a proxy. Each of the photos on FlipFap.com was posted to an adult subreddit, and then compiled over here by some perverted genius who programs with one free hand. The schoolgirl came from r/Hentai, the model from r/NSFW, and the teens from r/RealGirls, r/PetiteGoneWild, and r/GoneWild.If you’re a regular visitor here at ThePornDude.com, you already know how I feel about the NSFW subreddits. Hell, I’ve got a whole section of them here, with over 200 reviews so far. The site has a lot of bullshit, sure, but they’ve also got a pretty deep wealth of smut. FlipFap indexes and gives quick, easy access to the dirty pics on hundreds of subreddits.The all-in-one default view on the front page is a fucking goldmine for any masturbator. Still, you connoisseurs, fetishists, and those with a particular preference can easily limit your results to one sub via the dropdown menu at the top. Indulge your yellow fever to AsiansGoneWild, get a taste of twat from Pussy, or join the masturbatory bandwagon via JizzedToThis. Personally, I’ve got a thing for CollegeSluts, BigBoobsGW, and those thick-bootied hotties in the Latinas sub.It’s hard to overemphasize the wide range of beauty and depravity you’ll see here. If you’re a Redditor or experienced Internet pervert, you already know where I’m coming from. Reddit.com, and by extension FlipFap.com, has boards dedicated to every type of babe out there. Crank it to PaleGirls, RussianGirls, SuicideGirls, and VolleyBallGirls. Get kinky over in Bondage and ForcedOrgasms, or fap to famous bitches in Celebs. There are BigAsses if you like butts, and AnalPorn for those of you who prefer the butthole. Get a metallic but cute BJ over in BraceFace, or spank it to about a billion Cosplay sluts. Don’t act surprised that women dressed as anime characters are popular at the world’s biggest online nerd party.As impressed as I am already, I can’t help noticing something I would change here. Maybe it’s because I’m a greedy pervert, perhaps it’s because I’m an asshole, or it could just be that I review porn sites for a living, but I’d really like a customizable feed here. On Reddit.com, it’s easy to set up your own custom feed made of whatever subs you choose. I’d love to see a similar feature here, maybe with some checkboxes in that dropdown. Being able to browse one specific sub via FlipFap’s interface is great, but it’d be greater to see all your favorites.Fresh Smut Baked All Day LongOne of FlipFap.com’s enduring mysteries is how often the site is updated. Given the ludicrously high post volume on Reddit, I expected a fresh display of naked girls, hentai hotties, and looping porno GIFs every time I refreshed the page. It seems like that would happen even if they only had a couple of the more popular sex subs, let alone hundreds of them.The page usually looks the same when you refresh, though. Scrolling around, it’s hard to find pics fresher than a few hours old. The newest thing I could find said it was added an hour ago, and we all know there’s way more free smut streaming into Reddit than that.My guess? FlipFap grabs the content every hour or so instead of rebuilding the page every time a user wants it to. It’s less demanding on their system, which helps ensure we all get a bunch of free porn without delays due to server issues. It also means that FlipFap.com is updated all day long with fresh nudes and porno!Clicking a dirty thumbnail brings up a large version, natch, just like it does on every other site on the Internet. That’s what thumbnails are for, after all. There’s some basic information attached, like who posted it and how long ago they did so. There are quick links to the image itself, the subreddit, and the posting Redditor.Weirdly, there’s no link to the discussion thread for any of the pics. I realize that the threads for the NSFW subs are often just full of bullshit compared to the non-porn threads, but sometimes there’s helpful info in there. The most obvious examples are when people in the thread direct you to the original source or tell you who the models/pornstars are. The setup at FlipFap puts you another step away from that info, and I’m not really sure why. It seems like it’d be easy as hell to make the post title link to the original Reddit post.Hang Up Your Fedora and Hide Your Waifu PillowIn case you can’t tell, I really like this site. It’s hard to find serious fault with FlipFap. My only “complaints” aren’t really even complaints, but minor suggestions about how I’d change the setup. Given how new the site is, I would not be the least bit surprised to see it grow and evolve into the perfect Reddit porn viewer, even without input from a compulsive horndog like myself. As it stands right now, it’s pretty fucking close.FlipFap.com is an easy site to recommend to anybody who already likes jerking off to all the free porn showing up on Reddit’s NSFW boards. They take the same smut and compile it in a layout that’s a lot more conducive to masturbation than Reddit’s mostly-words approach. I’d take that recommendation one step further and say that almost any pervert should be able to get off to the site, whether you’ve ever seen Reddit or give a fuck at all.

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