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FreeAdultComix? Well, you can't hate something that's free, right? Since as far back as I remember, when it came to porn everyone relied on Playboy magazines and other nudie mags to get the job done – they were EVERYWHERE before the internet made consuming porn as easy as a few clicks. Even when VHS porn tapes came along, people still preferred nudie mags with all kinds of tits, ass, and bush in them because of how easy it was to pick one up and fap to it. And better yet, people who fap to pictures use much more of their imagination – they tend to imagine the women they’re choking their dick to move in their mind, which is pretty good for keeping a healthy brain because watching traditional porn videos too much isn’t really good for your brain and psyche.But, since you’ve decided to read this review you’re probably balls-deep into consuming pornography and don’t really give a shit about how it affects your mental health and social life, but the least you could do is cut back on the videos and start whacking your mole to some grade-A XXX comic books. contains a huge assortment of uncensored Japanese XXX movies – no, the fucking name says it all, why do I have to even explain it to you right? Let’s get to it!All Your Favorite Childhood Heroes are HereDid you like watching Harry Potter as a kid and imagine yourself as a wizard in Hogwarts learning spells and fighting dragons and destroying Horcruxes? Or maybe you liked Pokemon more and watched the Anime closely while playing the games trying to catch them all. Perhaps you caught that Teen Titans show on Cartoon Network in the early 2000s and now have a lifelong obsession with Raven because she’s the ultimate goth babe?It doesn’t really matter what you were into and unconsciously developed a sexual reaction to as a kid, because this has pretty much every franchise and every popular fictional character you can think of. There’s enough fictional characters that anime fans, cartoon geeks and video game nerds will recognize here to keep them fapping to a new one each day for years - you can bet every last level of testosterone in your nutsack that you’ll find a nicely-drawn comic on here that contains a hot fictional character you popped your first boner to as a kid.A Dedicated Furry CategoryAh yes, the furry category, porn’s outcast – I don’t think people who watch furry porn should be shunned for their ways but I’m pretty sure they’re bordering on bestiality and might need to be sent to a therapist sooner or later. If you have a small pet and know someone who is into furry porn then I suggest you keep it away from them while they’re over, because you never know when those overpowering sexual urges might strike. Anyhow, there’s a whole furry section here that’s full of humanoid animals fucking such as the four main characters in Madagascar, the whole cast of Zootopia and plenty of originally-made furry characters that like to get it on between one another. If you’re a fan of this stuff, there’s plenty of it for you here, if not then let’s move on…A Hentai Video Section? Wait What?It’s kind of misleading to include a whole video section for Hentai on a website that’s literally named ‘Free Adult Comix’, but guess what, these guys went ahead and included a ‘Hentai Video’ button in their navigation bar anyway. I was pretty intrigued to see just what kind of animated Japanese pornography these people store on their website in video format, but I was pretty disappointed to find out that the link, for whatever reason, does not work at all. It just leads you to a blank page that loads into nothing, that’s it. Maybe their servers are too full to take on more visitors at the time, or maybe their mainframe is just fucked – either way, there’s a Hentai video section on this predominantly XXX comic-based website, but how exactly you can access it and enjoy all that Hentai goodness remains a mystery.Indian XXX Comics?For some bizarre perplexing reason, there’s a whole section on here dedicated to strictly Indian XXX comics. Why the owners of the site have decided to include this is beyond me, but I’m guessing that they’re Indian or have strong ties to the country, so they’ve decided to dedicate a whole section of nasty fuck comics to them. All the Indian comics (from what I can tell based on thorough digging) are made by one author and illustrator, and they’re all called ‘Savita Bhabhi’ – There’s not much to them as they pretty much just focus on ‘reality’ scenes like schoolteachers fucking their students and rich dudes fucking their housekeepers and what not, except the majority of the characters are Indian. I’m guessing when you read these, you’ll have to put on an Indian accent (because they’re written in English) in order to be fully immersed into them.Fancy Some Interracial?If your ethnicity is African or Middle-Eastern, and you’ve always dreamed of fucking a nice thick white woman then you can get the next best thing right here on this website’s ‘Interracial’ section. I know there are a million videos on the internet dedicated to interracial porn, but you might just want to make the switch to comics after giving this website a try because the art really isn’t all that bad (I’ll get to that later on) and the scripts are passable. Most of the comics on here feature black dudes impaling white women with their dick, and white dudes penetrating black women. Other ethnicities besides those two are rarely featured, but hey you’ve got a whole Indian section so at least that ethnicity is covered. These comics are also mostly reality scenes, some include rape or prostitution, but all of them are pretty decent.The Best Artist on the SiteThis website does feature a few prominent XXX comic illustrators in its content, but one of the most iconic ones is without a doubt ‘Melkormancin’ – this dude makes beautifully-drawn fuck-comics using his own original characters and they’re highly anticipated by the site’s fans because unfinished versions of ongoing projects are always posted before the whole thing can be uploaded. After all, this dude probably has to juggle a main source of income alongside this erotic illustrating of his, so he’s definitely got his work cut out for him. Not that any of you would know what that feels like, but that’s beside the point – this is a truly gifted erotic comic artist and if you enjoy and can actually get off to this genre of porn then you’re welcome to give his content a try, you might just become a dedicated fan.Who Can Forget the MilfsIf you’ve been choking your meat to porno comics for a while now then you’re probably familiar with the ‘Milftoons’ production, which takes all the sexiest milfs from popular cartoons such as Dexter’s Mom, Chi Chi from Dragonball, the schoolteacher from Power Puff Girls and every other ripened fictional character and presents them in a very lewd fashion. In addition, there are plenty of originally-made characters created solely for a single comic or comic serial here which do the ‘reality’ genre of porno justice, because it almost always features some preteen kid getting his thing worked by a big voluptuous milf that for whatever reason decided it would be a good idea to fuck a minor. Milftoons are here, and there’s plenty of them, so if you’re a fan you can fap away to your cock’s contempt.Yellow Fever?Most of you are thinking that I’m implying Asian porno, but I actually mean the Simpsons. Yep, there’s a whole Simpsons section here on this site which is enterable through the front and center navigation bar. I personally don’t find Simpsons characters attractive at all, but if Marge or Lisa Simpson somehow stimulate your sexual desire then who am I to judge.Last But Not Least – 3D ComicsWho can forget the 3D stuff when it comes to cartoon/drawn pornography, I mean it’s pretty much become its own thing in recent years. There’s a whole section dedicated to 3D XXX short stories and it has all kinds of stuff, but it mostly focuses on the ‘boy fuck mom’ aspect of the milf category – if you’re someone who's always dreamed of ramming a milf while you were in your preteen years then you’ll certainly fit right in here.36 Categories to Fap ThroughThere are a total of 36 different categories on this website including the ones I just listed – they’re laid out on the left-hand side of the page, however, they’re extremely unorganized, with the only aspect of organization being alphabetical order. Here you can find every genre, kink, fetish, and theme the site’s content has, including individual artists, so there’s definitely a lot of stuff for you to choke your weasel too.

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