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You can always tell a site that is concerned about its users not just by them provisioning wonderful navigation features but also by the sort of content they feature. Porn X Bit is definitely one of the few sites that actually care about their users, and I'll tell you why. Starting with the small things that make people feel special, they acknowledge the users whether members or guests at the top left of the homepage, provide a wonderful user interface with all the essential sorting features, allow users to have their own channels and submit their own videos plus among other things provided guidelines on how to make money for them. I know it sounds too good to be true so perhaps you might want to explore the site with me to ascertain all this and who knows? Probably even discover more!, a free porn tube featuring exclusively HD quality full-length porn movies, has been around for less than one freaking year. According to Alexa's rankings, the site is popular with a ranking of position 265,132 in the world. Per day it is estimated to receive close to 6000 unique visitors and over 20,000 page views. Besides, the site is presently valued at $33,480.Site design and navigationAm entirely for dull backgrounds that go easy on your eyes especially if there are prospects of endless browsing through fantastic videos. The pink highlights also a bit playful together with the exquisite HD quality thumbnails serve to not only give you a naughty porn zone welcome but also at best brighten up the homepage. I was impressed.There is no shortage of sorting features on this bitch starting with the menu which links to the latest porn videos, categories, actors, full movies among other sections. There is also a search engine on the top right of the homepage for more specific and faster searches. In addition, pagination works pretty well although you will encounter a few up and downs when it comes to the links because as far as am concerned there are just too many redirect shit.Porn videosThere is a massive collection of exclusive HD quality porn videos as well as porn videos that are basically added every passing day. Among the sorting features available for them comprise of; released today, latest videos and latest movies. The site mainly depends on porn movies additions from its members and you can basically tell how hot a video or movie is by the number of views it has scored. I must admit thou, that these dumbasses have some pretty brilliant tastes.What’s even better is that they have their video player embedded, so there are no video redirects which is good enough however in as much as the streaming speeds are impressive there is no download option which is common with porn tubes. Members are allowed to interact and share comments on videos and am also sure that you will be absolutely delighted to find a list of other related videos especially if that particular niche got to you pretty good.Categories and scenesI was expecting to find lots of niches to choose from, but unfortunately, there are only a handful of them on this site. They include; Full movie, 0Day, anal, Asian, BBW, Big Ass, Blonde, Brunette, Casting, Ebony, Gangbang, HD Porn, Interracial, JAV, Latina, Lesbian, Massage, MILF, Orgy, POV, public sex, uniform, X art, threesome, redhead.With all the naughty girls whether Latina, brunettes, redheads, ebony beauties, Asian girls and what have you willingly parting their long beautiful legs to good looking or well-built shy, daring or rough guys who gracefully partake the honor of drilling their tight assholes and pussies there can be no shortage of action. It doesn’t even matter whether you love the sight of lesbian babes getting down on each other’s dripping wet pussies or BBW MILFs riding vibrant dicks like teens. The show is up to everyone's twisted tastes.ActorsYou can only imagine the number of porn actors featured in each and every goddamn porn scene but trust me, when I tell you that there are loads of them. I found the site reasonable enough to include an actor’s section from which you can access a particular actor’s videos from. However, if you are interested in finding out more about them, you might have to check elsewhere because these assholes literally decided to make a pass on that one.Interesting provisionsImagine the prospects of having your own channel on the site where you can share all your wonderful porn movies collection. The site allows you to submit your own videos with minimal fuss and as long as you place your video in the correct category and it is of stellar HD quality, I guess your ass will be good to go. The procedure is pretty much straightforward, but I recommend you go through the rules carefully and make sure you fill up all the blanks on the submit page including; duration, actors names, categories, tags, titles, descriptions, etc.Earning some money! You can earn money from sharing videos from their listed video hosts including; (pays up to $35 for ten thousand views), (pays up to $33 per 10k downloads/ streams), (pays up to $30 per 10k downloads/streams) and (pays $30 per 10k downloads/streams) all of which depend on what country the actions originate from. While only professional shot porn videos are allowed, you will have to definitely read the fucking rules to ensure this life hack works for your lazy ass too!External porn sites linksThese nasty folks have done their best to make sure that your journey in this world of porn is nothing less than bountiful. They have even gone ahead to include a couple of similar sites links including; pornvex, HDpornflix, and pornyhd. In addition, they have made sure that if you are looking to explore even more kinks and fetishes, premium or free sites among many others you have a guide to provide you with all the porn world at a single glance as well as take you anywhere at a click of every fucking button.MembershipJoining the pornxbit community may or may not be your ultimate goal on this site, so it’s precisely out of choice. However, am sure the prospect of making money will lure you to signing up. It’s easy thou and basically requires you to come up with a username of your choice and submit a valid email address, and within no time you will be a member. For those interested in sharing their porn collections with other dumbasses too it is the only way!What I love about the siteWhat better reasons would you have for loving a porn tube other than; a truckload of free and exclusive HD quality porn videos as well as full-length movies with delightful descriptions and titles, thrilling categories, lit and pretty much over the top nasty porn scenes among other things.Everyone must surely want to be a member of this site with all the wonderful sorting features available as well as a search engine that makes the navigation process pretty smooth. Also, the members not only get the chance to upload videos to their own channels provisioned for by this amazing site but they also get to learn how to earn from that. Awesome, right?What I hate about the siteThere are a few areas I felt that this site would best pay attention to; first there is just too much advertising and it’s fucking annoying particularly the redirects that tag along with every click, the categories list is also not satisfactory in terms of numbers and diversity plus they should try and include a photosets section for the videos at least to compensate for lack of the preview option as well as cater for erotic photos lovers.Suggestions I have for the siteThese folks should at least control the advertising or get rid of it, perhaps figure out alternative money making methods. They should also include more categories to cater for more diverse and complex tastes.ConclusionAre you the porn streaming kind of dude with an eye for quality or someone with a huge collection of HD quality porn videos looking for an avenue to share them as well as discover how to make money from that? Visit (previously known as ASAP!

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