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HentaiCafe! This sounds like my kind of bar! Just in case you haven’t come across the term hentai, it is animated pornography from Japan that involves drawings (sometimes videos) of women with extremely sexed-up bodies (big tits, small waists, overly wet cunts, etc.) and men with extremely long and thick cocks. Its stuff straight out of fantasy and if you’ve had an experience with tentacle porn, then you know what I’m talking about.So, are you a lover of Japanese animation with the sort of sexy and kinky stuff you don’t see in other types of porn? Then you are in luck because today because I’m reviewing Hentai Café, which as the name suggests, is home to some pretty kinky and colorful porn to suit your imaginative tastes.First impressionI can guarantee you that you won’t leave this site indifferent. Just sit and think of the perfect tits and ass drawn to perfection and some big-breasted bimbos performing all sorts of weird sexual acts and you will have a pretty good idea of what this site has in store for you. The top banner shows a big tittied toon whore rubbing her dripping wet pussy as thick pussy juices stream down her fingers. Below is an assortment of some raunchy hentai sex featuring some impossibly messy and wild orgasms. I can already tell there is a pretty solid library of some high-quality Japanese hentai/manga here. You can expect lots of kinks and fantasy and this site gets full marks in terms of the first impression.Site design and navigationHentai Cafe is equally appealing regarding the design which stands out not for the sophistication, but for simplicity. There is nothing on the main page to distract you from the content; just a variety of anime porn on a black background. You can pick out anything from a million miles, and the site generally looks very well maintained. There is also no single ad in sight with the site offering an immaculate experience. To be honest, you will struggle to find a cleaner and better-arranged site.There are zero complications when it comes to navigation as well. You can access tags, books, and artists from the main navigation. Besides that is the search option which doesn’t need any explanation. There are only a few links to click, and they all lead you to destinations where you can find some of the hottest hentai porn. Scroll down the homepage to access the browsing menu which reads to a maximum of 363 pages. Pagination may be limited, but that’s just about the only blemish in otherwise seamless navigation. The site is also fast when it comes to browsing.Erotic hentai booksFor purposes of clarity, there are no videos on Hentai.Cafe. Instead, you get an assortment of manga and comics telling all manner of naughty stories and featuring all sorts of naughty characters and kinks, sometimes bizarre scenes. Just click on Books from the top navigation and get the best of Hentai Café. The first thing you will notice in the case you are n dump ass is that the animation is done to perfection; the characters are very attractive, and some of the animations look frighteningly close to reality. This is pure artwork coupled with some very imaginative minds. Reading through random descriptions, the books feature some well thought out plots as well.The comics have some pretty colorful titles as well. They include Sugar Babies, Intimate Days, Monster Smash, Love Me Gently, You’ll Be Crazy about Me, and more. You can already tell from the covers that this is going to be one hell of a kinky ride. There are not too many books, but most of them have over 200 pages which means you will still have your mind occupied for some time. They feature everything from incest, male-female, hardcore fucking, bondage, fetish, squirting and much more. I was very impressed with the variety and artistry which is on another fucking level.The pages come in the form of high res images that can be easily downloaded although there are no zips. The books also don’t have a slideshow feature, but you can still manually flip through the pages with minimal fuss. Some of the pages come in black and white although the majority is fully colored. Even better, none of the content is censored, and you will have the full view of animated naughty bits just like you like them. Just click on whichever book you think will satisfy your sick tastes and click on ‘read online’ which is the only option available to access them. While the content features Japanese characters and artists, the conversations are in English just in case you are interested in following the dirty little talks.I was reading one of the books called ‘Every Girl Has Her Thorns’ which is a story about a guy and his next-door big tittied girl. She comes visiting asking him what kind of present a man would like for Christmas. The horny guy tricks her into removing her clothes and closes her eyes and then proceeds to wrap her big boobs like a present. The girl allows him to ‘test the present’ and before long, they are engaging in a steamy romp as her dripping wet pussy takes a huge throbbing cock from behind. The storylines will turn you into a little pervert, and you will be aroused every step of the way. Expect to use a lot of lube and tissue because it’s fucking messy at Hentai Café.TagsThe site avails no category as a browsing option, but the tags will do just about fine when it comes to narrowing down the content. You can choose from a list of tags that includes big breasts, big ass, anal, cheating, hairy, handjob, sex toys, lingerie, exhibitionism, rape, cosplay, schoolgirls, masturbation, and much more. I clicked on masturbation and was pleased with the selection of anime porn featuring toon whores rubbing one out before taking huge cocks.ArtistsBesides the tags, you can also view the content by artists. That option is also available from the homepage where you will find around 50 of the dirtiest minds in Japan if the content they put out is anything to go by. They include the likes of Yahiro Pochi, Okumotio Yuta, Higenamuchi, Azuma Tesshin, Bota Mochito among many more. Click on any artist and see the collection of work they have managed to put out for your fapping pleasure.What I love about this siteThere are a lot of reasons to love this site. The nature, amount, and diversity of content are chief among them. You will have solid options to choose from in terms of content which covers a variety of kinks. The content is available for free, and the site doesn’t even bother you with a registration process of any mention. The site navigation and design deserve a special mention, and more so the lack of ads which gives the site a sparkling clean interface. Unlike other hentai sites, Hentai Café offers you 100% uncensored content, and you will have the full view of what you came here to see, namely the genitals, the cumshots, and all the atrocities.What I hate about this siteTo be clear, there is nothing to dislike on this site, but there are a few issues the site needs to look into. The lack of a slideshow feature may be a worry for some while I was also disappointed that the site has availed any background information regarding the artists. Additionally, there are no interactive features on the hentai comics. It is also not clear whether the site is updating and if it does, they would do well to let visitors know.Suggestions I have for the siteAdding some background information regarding the artists is important, just like it would if they were porn stars. Also, where the fuck are those updates?ConclusionHentai Café is a really cool site. The navigation is really simple, and there is a solid collection of hentai comics to check out. Content is of high quality and is uncensored. The site is big and features the work of a group of professional artists and is certainly worth a look. The archive could be bigger, but there is enough content to please any lover of hentai comics.

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