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Do you know what’s weird about India? For one of the most populated countries in the world, they sure don’t put out a ton of porno. I guess it has a lot to do with cultural and societal attitudes toward sex; in a nutshell, Indians are prudes! Of course, there are exceptions to any rule, as can be seen at CallGin, aka, in case you haven’t guessed from the name, is an escort site full of Indian sluts ready to give you a whole lot more than a good plate of chicken tikka masala. The site gets a couple of hundred visitors a month, and I’m hoping a good chunk of them are desi prostitutes hyping their wares at low, low prices. Book yourself a cheap flight to Mumbai, and let’s see what we can see.A Buffet of Curry, Samosas, and Hot SlutsHow is it that you can get an all-you-can-eat buffet of Indian cuisine for five bucks in any major world city? It defies the basic laws of economics, and I don’t want to argue much because it always works out for me. I’m kind of hoping to find something similar with regards to the escort prices at CallGin, aka IEscorts.No prices are listed out front, but goddamn, the buffet certainly looks nice. There are gorgeous Indian chicks stretched across the front page of the site. The pics ain’t very explicit at all, maybe keeping in line with Indian sensibilities. Hire a hooker in Brazil, and you’ll be browsing a list of naked racks and bubble butts in bikinis. Here, it’s pretty girls in classy dresses, cute saris, and only slightly revealing lingerie.When you’re relying on clean pics to sell your services as a lady of the night, you kind of need to include your pretty face in the shot. I guess that’s not bad for a trade-off; lots of escort sites are full of girls with their heads chopped off or faces blurred out, but on IEscort, they’re a major selling point of the listings. If you click on a girl, it’s probably because she has a nice smell or a seductive fuck-me look in her eyes.Ages and locations are listed right below each thumbnail, along with a little blurb where the whores try to sell their services in one-sentence or less. A blonde, 24-year-old stunner from Chandigarh offers top-quality and superb escort services, and there’s a 21-year-old babe from Thane who’s claiming “perfect long legs and sexy curves.” Based on that thumbnail, I agree wholeheartedly.There are a ton of Mumbai sluts, Ranchi girls are Bhilai whores. You’ll find Ahmedabad prostitutes and Pimpri-Chinchwad call girls. Hit up Delhi on a business trip and stay for a big-boobed harlot who charges by the hour, or just smash yourself a Gurgaon co-ed because it feels good.Professional sluts have the option to list prices right out on the front page, though few do. Since prostitution occupies a legal gray area in every part of the world, the girls of any site typically learn to play by a certain set of rules when it comes to what they post and what they withhold. Maybe miss 1,500 incall didn’t get the memo, or perhaps she’s just trying to stand out from the crowd.As on any escort site, there’s a search bar at the top where you can type your location, plus how far you’re willing to travel in search of a little bit of paid strange tonight. There’s another search bar for keywords if you know what you’re looking for, though the keywords you want aren’t necessarily listed. More on that later.Independent Escorts and Big-Ass AgenciesListings are broken down by the day. I’m happy to say, CallGin, aka IEscorts is active as fuck. They get a couple of hundred listings added every day, which is exactly the kind of selection you want when you’re browsing for a paid fuck, erotic massage, or BDSM experience.It’s quickly apparent that a minority of the girls on the site posted their own hooker listings. The majority of them are from escort services, promising a bunch of pretty girls available for incalls and outcalls at affordable prices.I clicked a pretty Indian chick’s face and found a listing for “the best elite escorts in town at affordable rates.” They’ve got Indian girls, Russians, housewives, and “other foreigners” ready to take your dick, according to the blurb, and you can get your kicks in a hotel or in the comfort of your own home.Weirdly, the 4 photos for this escort service show the same girl. None of the pics are explicit, unless you count that exposed midriff. That’s no big deal to Westerners, but it’s pretty fucking scandalous in Amish country, India, and the middle ages. Other escort service listings are a little more transparent in their offerings, showing multiple girls in the lineup, so you know what you’re getting into.One of the great things about the listings on CallGin, aka IEscorts is that you don’t have to sign up or log in to read them. That includes any and all contact information, which is typically a phone number and maybe a WhatsApp link. That means you’re not going to leave much of a paper trail as you work out how much you’re going to pay to have a girl ride your dick or step on your face with a pair of Christian Louboutins you bought her just for that purpose.Location information, including a helpful Google map, is also provided. In the old days, banging a hooker meant potentially getting lost in the shady part of town and risking a mugging. These days, your phone will tell you to turn right, turn left, continue west, turn right, and then your prostitution destination will be on the left.As with any escort site, all they really ask is that you tell your paid lay where you found her. That way, she’ll keep advertising her services at CallGin, aka IEscorts, and everybody wins.How Much for the GFE, Russian, and OWOTC?One of the things I noticed about CallGin, aka IEscorts is that some girls will straight-up tell you what kind of kinky services they’re offering, while other times, you have to guess. The bigger escort services are more likely to be vague, listing things like Role Playing and Massage under the Services heading. Anybody up for Dungeons and Dragons while you get a neck rub?The independent sluts, on the other hand, try harder to get your attention. In addition to talking about their GFE and blowjob skills in the blurb, they’ll have spectacular, mouthwatering menus of perversion full of things like Cum on Body, Hard Sado, and OWOTC (Oral WithOut condom To Completion).One of the biggest quirks to CallGin, aka IEscorts is the “certified” listings. According to the digits underneath the header, the site has to-date deleted around 3,000 false photo ads. No explanation is given as to how they find those phonies and fakes among the real whores. Weirdly, they list their number of Certified listings as 0. Why list them at all if you’ve got nothing? I have to wonder if this is some kind of bug, or some new feature that hasn’t really been implemented yet.There’s also a Videos button that doesn’t get much attention from anyone, the whores, or the users on the site. According to the button, only two listings have even bothered to upload clips. That’s a damn shame, because a nice little movie of bouncing tits or jiggling booty can be a hell of a marketing tool. A picture speaks a thousand words, but a video can wipe out a million babies with one squirt.My biggest complaint about the site is that they don’t have user reviews of the escorts, doms, and masseuses. A lot of newer escort sites have these sections, which makes window shopping and pricing a new whore a hell of a lot easier.Despite the quirks, CallGin, aka IEscorts does have a nice-looking selection of babes-for-hire all across India. People think of the country as a bunch of prudes, but you can obviously get your dick wet tonight if you’ve got a few extra bucks to rub together. The site doesn’t require registration and is completely free to use, so it doesn’t hurt to see who they’ve got listed in your neck of the woods.

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