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Whoever thought that we’d be in need of another sex forum. I certainly never thought that would be the case since we’re literally swimming in them. The porn industry has had a whole lot of these sex forums so why add another one. Well, let’s just say that this forum wasn’t added recently and it’s exactly what we need to get rid of all those new-age porn forums from surfacing and becoming popular. This place’s name is and it’s probably one of the most visited porn forums on the planet.Great layout and organization made this place explode in popularityWhy is this place so damn popular? Well, I’m guessing it has to do with a couple of things. First of all, it’s really well organized, and all the forum sections are really well divided into their respective categories and they did the smart move of putting the gay section at the very bottom where it belongs. That didn’t stop the faggots from surfacing and absolutely flooding this section though, but oh well. I mean, it’s not that I have anything against them. It’s just that they’re so damn loud, I mean over 14000000 messages in just one section? That’s insane. They talk more than women do.But yeah, as you can see from just that one example alone, this place is jam-packed to the brim with threads and messages and all sorts of content that goes along with it. You can go to any section that you’re interested in and you’ll see a lot of activity wherever you go. I mean the XXX Movie Clips and Video Scenes part of the site has almost a million threads in it alone, so you know that we’re talking about some mad numbers here, nothing that you’d expect from your everyday porn forum.The insanely minimalistic design is both a blessing and a curseBut another reason why I think is all that popular is that it takes literally no resources to load this webpage up. It looks like it’s written in like 10 lines of code and that’s both a good thing and a bad thing. Obviously, I won’t wreck the site just cause it looks the way it looks, but I have to point out just how bland it really is. No logo, no nothing, just a bit of blue and white and you’re on your way. There are a few tabs and that’s it you’re going straight to the main wrapper of the website where all the forums are.It’s not that I hate it since I generally like minimalistic things, but this is just taking it way too far. It looks like a stock market website if it weren’t for the obvious forum titles and threads. I mean, it’s not like other sex forum sites are any better, but I really think that could stand out a little bit if they spiced things up. Since they’re so popular, they could really start a trend with these porn forum websites. You can rest assured that other porn forums would follow the footsteps of the most popular ones just like it was the case with porn tube sites and their design.You don’t have to battle an endless stream of ads on this siteObviously, things are a bit different here since you don’t really have to pay for the use of forums. I mean that is unless there are some sort of exclusive forums that I’m not aware of. But generally speaking, forums are always free. You can make an account on them and join the party immediately. Tube sites? Well, it depends on which one you check out, though a lot of them ask for subscriptions that can cost a lot. Many of them are free as well, but since they rely on ads more it’s a nightmare to deal with doesn’t have these issues and it works really well and it’s really snappy. No battling with ads, no fucking around with subscription payments, nothing. You can go straight to your desired forum and start chatting about whatever it is you’re interested in. Want to chat about fetishy stuff that other people find bizarre? There’s a forum for that, and you can even post fetish pics or even just check out fetish pics while you’re there. I mean just that one forum alone has a million messages, so you can imagine how many pictures are being posted there.Excuse me, you said HOW MANY threads and messages?Oh, and here we go, on the right-hand side we’ve got some statistics to see just how massive is. They’ve got over 1.3 million threads and almost 60 million messages. Woah, that’s hard to wrap your head around. And you can even see just how active the members are since there’s over 64 thousand of them. Not saying that that isn’t a lot, I’m just saying that it’s amazing how active these members are since they post so many threads and messages.The right-hand side of has many more features that you can check out as well. You can see which members are online right now, or you can check out the latest threads that were posted to the website. You can check either the latest posts or the latest profile posts, but the point is that you can stay in touch with what goes on with at all times. With so many tools at your disposal, it would really be a shame to stay disinformed while browsing this place.Great content both in terms of download links and uploaded picsAnd there’s just so much that you can explore and discover. So many of these forums are riddled with some of the hottest download links for both pictures and videos. And you don’t have to worry about any illegal stuff getting through since that stuff gets removed faster than it’s even posted. You’re safe on is what I’m trying to say, so keep on exploring (or sexploring heh) and find the best forum for you. There’s plenty to choose from so you’ll definitely find one that suits your needs.Me personally, I like the picture forums, cause you can check out some of the naughtiest stuff here. I don’t know what it is about amateur pics that I like so much, but it just gets me going you know. I guess it’s cause I’ve spent so much time watching fake professional porn that any dose of amateur authenticity really gets my blood pumping. I bet you feel the same way sometimes too, so I would really recommend the amateur forums on a free account gives you some amazing forums that you can accessBut, my absolute favorite part of the forum has to be the Members Only area. What’s so special about this place? Well, I’ll tell you what is but I’m just going to let you know that there’s a reason that I’m talking about it this deep into the review. This place has two forums and one is named Porn SiteRips, and we all know what we can score here. Just imagine thousands of premium videos all in one place for you to pick between and download at your discretion.And the other forum is the XXX Passwords forum, and this is just a goldmine. This is where you can exchange passwords with other members to get access to some of the sexiest premium porn sites out there. You better be ready for full-on marathons when you get access to some of these premium studios. There’s just so many to choose from and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t know about this place before you got your own subscription for a premium porn site some time ago.Well, it would seem that really has a lot to offer its members, but even guests can expect a lot of interesting content when they come to the website. If you’re one of those guests, then you can probably expect to get hooked to really fast and you’ll be making an account faster than you can say porn forum. Either way, this place is just packed with amazing content, so don’t wait any longer and check it out at!

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