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Jav Bulk! You probably already know this about me, but I like to do things big. Really big. I buy industrial barrels full of personal lubricant, and I’ve never purchased a full-size sex doll without at least a two-for-one deal. I’m a real sucker for Asian women, so when I’m jerking off to Japanese Adult Video (JAV), I like to have a fucking shit ton of it at my disposal. They apparently stopped selling anal abuse and schoolgirl violation movies at Costco, but it looks like JAVbulk has got me covered.JAVbulk.com is brand spanking new to the world of online pornography, hitting the web for just a few short months ago. They’re already getting more than a quarter of a million visits per month, though, which tells me they might have some pretty good shit in their catalog. I just got in a new shipment of silicone schoolgirl vaginas I’ve been trying to break in, and I think this site might help me with the task.Get Your Japanese Adult Video in BulkJAV sites always look a little bit different than your typical free tube, even though they’re basically the same thing but with gorgeous Japanese sluts. It’s a clean layout, with only a simple header and no visible spam with my plug-in running. The vast majority of the page is full of thumbnails giving you a taste of the Japanese perversion within.If you’re familiar with the genre, you probably know what this looks like even before loading up the joint. While most tubes thumbnails are just screengrabs of hardcore anal penetration and squirting cooters, JAV thumbnails are typically scans of the DVD cover, front and back. A handful of the thumbs here are posed shots and screencaps, but most of them show the full cover.The porn itself is Japanese as fuck, with all the perversion that entails. Asian smut is world-renowned for the quality of the women and their almost supernatural sexual abilities, but porn from The Land of the Rising Sun has a special magic of its own. These motherfuckers are kinky!Part of that magic is the ridiculous and sexy titles. If you’re into incest and cuckolding wives, check out Whispering Dirty Older Sister Minami Kojima Who Has a Bride Next to Me but Crosses Me and His Temptation Adheses. The kinky BDSM action in Hasegawa Collection 1 24 Torture Behind Closed Doors is apparent even from the title. Those who like to see women getting off so hard they shake violently will enjoy the pleasantly titled Intense 163 Times! Convulsions 4215 Times! Iki Tide 3600cc! 175cm9 Life Model Body Eross Awakening University of Large-Size Spasm Spasm Special Yuri Izumi.Breastmilk Good, Vaginas Bad, Censorship LameHalf of you JAV fanatics scrolled down to this section first, didn’t you? Well, the bad news is the same as it is on any major hentai site: despite the absolutely ludicrous level of perversion on display, most of the movies have been hit by the Japanese censorship stick.One of the newest movies on JAVbulk is a really freaky breastmilk fetish movie with a young slut getting her milky titties sucked, getting boned between them and getting a hot, sticky creampie. Sounds dirty as fucking hell, huh? In traditional Japanese Adult Video fashion, her cunt and her partner’s relatively large Asian wiener are blurred out, obscured by a mask of brown, black and tan pixels.Maybe I’m jaded from all the explicit lesbian tribbing and hardcore anal fisting I watch on the premium sites all day, but I really do prefer to see actual penetration of actual genitals when I’m over here furiously stroking my own. Fortunately, not everything on the site has been ruined for pussy fans. There’s a big link in the header to the Uncensored section of the site, which is where I’m going to head right now.Looking At Uncensored Anime TwatsOne of the first things you’ll notice in the Uncensored area is that the thumbnails are different. While most of those front-page previews were scanned DVD covers, here it’s mostly screen grabs and posed nudes of the beauties who star in these flicks. It makes sense, since official products coming out of Japan have to be censored. These uncensored flicks must have different sources, including Japanese producers who are willing to push the envelope and push out harder smut to the rest of the world.The newest uncensored flick doesn’t even have a title, just a bunch of letters and numbers that might be a release number, some internal catalog thing, or just a bunch of bullshit that the uploader banged on the keyboard with his sick. I’m certainly a lot more concerned with the preview image than the title. This one features a young Japanese slut with pigtails fucking herself with a plug-in vibrator and taking it from behind from some anonymous pansy-ass with a blurred-out face. What’s the matter, young man? Afraid people will find out you banged a beautiful woman?With my spam plug-in running, I didn’t get any pop-up bullshit when I hit the Play button, though I did have to click a couple of times. I had about 5-10 seconds of buffering before the cutie appeared on the screen. Asian broads always look young as hell, and the pigtails make her look even younger. As soon as she smiled, I saw her braces and may have fallen in love just a little bit.The built-in video player is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. Resolution is adjustable from 480p up to 1080p, but that’s the only thing you can change. You can’t adjust the audio, there are no subtitles or playback speed control. There is a convenient selection of buttons to share this teen creampie video with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or a few other options. You can even hit the LinkedIn button to share it with your future employers. I hope you’re looking for a job in the masturbating pervert industry.Video quality is kind of hit or miss, but I think that’s more of a JAV feature than a problem with JAVbulk. You have to figure, most of the movies on this website are full rips of Japanese porno DVDs. DVD is nearly dead technology at this point, used mainly by the elderly and the generally retarded. DVDs are typically 480p, which is a laughable resolution in 2019. That means a lot of these “1080p HD” movies are really just scaled up lo-fi fuck flicks.Sailor Suits, Bukkake and Other JAV ClassicsA lot of JAV sites have a Categories page that stretches on and on with obscure and precise categories like Bus Molester Uncle and Pretty Model Workplace Sexual Violation. Perhaps it’s because JAVbulk is a new Japanese porn site and still growing, but their list of Categories is a lot trimmer and easier to handle.JAVbulk’s Categories can be found in a dropdown up in the header. They’ve only got about 40 subgenres, which is even less than a lot of the mainstream general porn tubes. They’ve got the standard categories you’d expect like Anal, Lesbians and Squirting, but since it’s a JAV site they’ve obviously got a ton of uniquely Japanese perversion.Sailor Suits, Kimonos and Cosplay are a big deal here, as you’d expect. You can also find full sections of Maids, Anchorwomen and Older Sisters. They’ve got Bukkake, of course, and other Japanese staples like Kimonos. The Shotacon area will appeal to you raging queers, while the Pregnant aisle will get you all fucking hard if you like bitches with a big, round tummy and a goddamn baby inside it. Somebody’s going to be getting a good, close-up look at the old one-eyed snake. Say “Hi” to Daddy!The spam situation at JAVbulk is pretty fucking decent. With my plug-in running, I didn’t have any issue with pop-ups for boner pills or video ads for hentai games. I just got in, cranked it to a couple movies of Japanese teenagers, dirty lesbians and foot fetish fanatics, and got out. No questions asked, no spammy bullshit in my way.JAVbulk.com is just getting started, but I like what I’m seeing so far. If you’re looking to shake your dick at a free site full of Japanese Adult Video, this one is worth at least a look and probably a wank.

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