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Jav Free! If there is one thing that I really, really appreciate, it would be free pornography. It is one of the greatest things that have come out of this day and age. Since the dawn of time, sex had some sort of price most of the time, unless you were a degenerate who would dare seize what he considered to be rightfully his and force himself on a woman. Or, you could stay indoors and fiddle around with your meat rod, though that kind of thing isn't really what most of us consider to be sex. There needs to be some sort of "exchange" in the process, and the only thing you're exchanging by doing that is the different kinds of bacteria which live on your penis and (most likely) right hand.Now that we've got that settled...even though it wasn't really necessary, it is time for us to dwell deeper into some other topic. The one that we are interested in isn't way too far from what we just talked about, though. The name of the website in question, JavFree.biz tells us everything we need to know about the website. Well, not everything, to be exact, rather, it only gives us the most important pieces of information right away, while the website itself needs to be picked apart piece by piece, and that's what we're going to do right now. So, without any further ado, we shall dive right into the subject and see just what the hell is going on in here!Let's start from the topThe very first thing that we need to talk about is the name of this website...it tells us two very important things about the website itself. It tells us that this page right here is completely free, and it also tells us that what we're going to see up on this page is Japanese pornography. While the majority of you might expect low-quality East Asian pornography to be what's present on this website, this is not the case, as there are plenty of HD pornos in here, and boy oh boy, they are really worth watching. In the end, is there really a porno movie that is not worth checking?Kinda...I mean, if you're gay you surely wouldn't want to watch straight porn or anything like that. You get the idea. However, if you're given the opportunity to watch free pornography, then take it and cherish it. Things like these should not be taken for granted seeing as not many people who came before we got a chance to see something like this in their lifetimes. As I've explained it in the introduction: Sex always came with some sort of price, and not everyone was blessed with the right amount of currency. If you were born ugly, you wouldn't be getting shit. You most likely would never get to see a sexy woman naked, but such things are available to everyone these days, and this is just straight-up amazing.Not only is JavFree.biz completely free to use, but there are also pretty much no ads on the page to ruin your browsing experience, which is terrific. There are plenty of header tabs and genres of pornography on this website, too, so you're surely in for a great time if you decide to visit this page right here. You ever get a search bar at the top of the website, but you most likely won't be needing one of these...and even if you do end up trying to use it, you will find that you better know exactly what you're looking for, or you won't be running into any good pornography. So, you might as well ignore the top of the website while only paying attention to the header tabs, as these will prove to be quite useful, as we will see later on.The looksIt is worth noting that the design of this website right here is pretty great. It is very simple, yet it looks quite nice. The header tabs are cute, the thumbnails are nice, and there really is nothing that will make you feel unwelcome. However, one thing I don't like is the fact that the thumbnails here don't really give you any sort of preview of the video you might end up watching. Furthermore, you might as well place a short description underneath the movie or something like that, but these folks do not bother doing something like this, and that's somewhat disappointing, to be quite honest. However, you can never really have it all, can you? Now, we also find this page right here to have plenty of header tabs which come in handy when it comes to organizing this website right here. These are needed for many, many things, so I have to give them the props for adding something like this.It is also worth noting that this page right here has a lovely little color scheme going for it, and that's absolutely terrific. I mean, it's pretty simple for the most part, seeing as the entire page is almost white and there's nothing else going on in here, but I kinda like it. It looks simple, clean, and I like those two things. If a website tries way too hard to add to much eye candy, you know that the page is going to be a literal failure as they are most likely trying to compensate for something. These dudes right here do not have to compensate for anything, and that's a great thing. I mean, you surely wouldn't want to spend any time on a page that will only have you bored in like five minutes or so. However, you are a good-hearted man or woman, and you believe that there has got to be something good on the website you are currently browsing, but this is not the case. However, this page won't have you fooled like that, as there are plenty of amazing movies on JavFree.biz.The way the player worksNow, while there are no ads popping up on the home page, annoying the living hell out of you while filling your screen up with flashing lights and all that, there are some ads in here that will show up every time you try to play a movie. For example, when a certain video plays for the first time, you will be asked to watch one or two ads. But if you ever come to, for example, the quarter of the video, you will also be asked to watch yet another ad. See, they keep popping up all the time, but that's a fairly small price to pay for such a great browsing experience, you know? The page is tidy, the videos are HD, and they are also completely free, so you know that your time is not wasted here.You do get to play around with the volume control, and you also get to play these movies in full screen, which is terrific. However, you don't really get anything else to fiddle around with other than these little things. This isn't bad, after all. I mean, the lights off thing you get to see on a bunch of other pages is pretty cool and all that. It helps you focus on the video. However, this isn't something I would say is completely necessary, so we can do without it. There's nothing else to say about the player...but there are still some other small things on JavFree.biz that we could focus on.The header tabs The very first tab is probably the most important tab on this page. You can find a great movie just by scrolling around, and there's no doubting that. Now, you also get to see other tabs on this page, and they are actually quite useful, so let's check those out as well, shall we? The first tab right next to the home tab is the "censored" tab, and that's where all the censored movies hide. If you don't like those, then the uncensored tab which can be found right next to this one can be of great use.The "amateur" tab will also prove to be rather great, seeing as the majority of the content on this page is made by professionals. However, only people don't really do this kind of thing for a living is what you can see in the "amateur" section of this page. Now, the "categories" part of the website is where all the categories are. The names of the categories are somewhat confusing, but we know what they are all about for the most part. They are either about compilations, amateurs, certain sex positions, orgies, and so on. Oh, and there is also one tab that focuses on the actors, and yet another one which focuses on the tabs and all that good stuff.In conclusionWebsites such as JavFree.biz are nothing but a blessing, so spending some time browsing them can be a great experience, that's for sure. Tons of categories, tons of movies, and the page is very easy to navigate, too. So, what's not to like?

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