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JAV HiHi... WTF! Where they drunk, when they came up with the domain name? I’ve seen a lot of porn. And I mean a fucking lot. But one genre I always come back to is JAV. It’s porn that I can trust to always be decent. It’s like pussy, even bad pussy is still pretty fucking good. Or was that pizza? Either way. You get what I’m saying. JAV porn always has the wildest sex scenes, amazing production value, long ass scenes, and hands down the hottest pornstars. Sure, sure, I like Riley Reid, Dakota Skye, and all of those other sluts as much as the next dude, but they can’t even begin to compete with the likes of Sana Anzyu, Mei Aso, or Yui Hatano.But there are two big issues with JAV porn. Most sites stream that shit in poor quality. Seriously, what’s the deal with free sites having shit quality JAV? And the other issue is that most decent quality JAV porn you find is bound to be censored. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get off to pixelated pussies and dicks that look like Minecraft swords. It just doesn’t do it for me. I need quality, uncensored JAV porn for free. For a while there, I thought that it would be impossible to find such a site. Not anymore! I’ve got just the porn site for all you weeaboos out there.Javhihi.com is a completely free porn site with thousands of uncensored, 1080p JAV videos. That’s what I’m fucking talking about. No memberships, no subscriptions, and no bullshit. The site launched back in 2015 and has been doing pretty well since then. Right now, they bring in around 5-6 million views every month. That’s 5 million fucks who know some good porn when they see it.Simple Site Design With a Larger than Life Banner of New ReleasesThe site has a blue and white design that, well, looks pretty much exactly like I’d expect a free JAV site to look at. The design isn’t anything incredible, but they’ve got some modern features packed in here. Like the big ass banner running across the top of the site. Holy fuck it’s huge. There was a shot from one of their new videos where the model had a gaped asshole and it made me feel like I was about to get sucked into that pink vortex. Though that might not be such a bad thing. I’m sure there’s some good vore of that out there.But, yeah, the banner shows off a bunch of the new videos on the site, so it’s easy to click on one of those big ass previews to get started. Above that lovely banner, you’ll see a header with a few simple options for “Home, Videos, Categories, and Pornstars.” Each page is easy to use and none are bullshit links that take you off-site.Browse Hot Pornstars and Pick and Choose Your Favorite Fetish CategoryThe Pornstar page lists out all of the hot babes on the site with a HD picture and number of videos that they’ve done on the site. You can filter by views, rating, and most recent. All the standard shit. When you click on their sexy preview image you’ll get a full page with some stats about the model like height, weight, birthday, views, etc. You can read a short, usually typo-filled, description about the model, and you can check out all of their videos below.The Categories button isn’t its own page. You get a drop-down menu full of kinky fetish options like “BDSM, Squirting, Lingerie, Nurse, and more.” Your usual JAV categories. Nothing too wild here. To check out some videos, I’d head over to the videos tab or scroll through the newest listings on the front page. You can use the rest of the front page to check out the most viewed content during the week and all of that good shit as well, but there are also a couple of sections that take you to other JAV sites, so you’re really better off using the videos tab.On here you can see that they have nearly 4 thousand videos on the site. Now, that might not seem like a fuck ton. But when you consider that every video on here is uncensored and HD, then you might change your tone a bit. The videos page has all of the same filter options that the pornstar section had, so not much to discuss there.Large HD Previews and 1080p Videos Streams With No BufferingBut the previews. These previews are fucking great. They may not be animated, but you get a sexy HD shot from the video that is big enough to go ahead and jerk off to on its own. You also get a video time, title with the pornstars' name in it, view count, like count, and date uploaded. There’s also an HD tag, but I didn’t really see any videos that weren’t in HD.The video player page is sleek as fuck. It’s got this half dark half light theme thing going on that makes the videos easier to look at. Now, there aren’t that many ads on the site, so I won’t flame them too much for this, but the little pre-video pop-up ad I kept getting looked like virus city. One of those “install this extension to protect your privacy” type deals that are probably trying to get personal info from you.I had zero issues with the previews. This shit felt smoother than an oiled up titfuck. No buffering at all even when I toggled the quality up to 1080p. And fullscreening the video didn’t make it overly pixelated or any of that bullshit you get from worse JAV sites. I only wish you could download these amazing videos. Some of the comments on videos are asking for that back, so maybe you used to be able to. Regardless, it’s not that big of a deal. You’re already getting HD uncensored videos for nothing. Can’t complain about that.Pretty Good Mobile ExperienceYou have to deal with slightly more ads on the mobile site, but other than that the site is great. All of the formatting for mobile was done well, and all of the videos played in a snap without any buffering. All of the same menu options I mentioned are still useable, and the overall design is on point. No wonky menus or areas with awful features.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about Javhihi.com is that all of the content is uncensored! I can’t rave about that shit enough. My biggest issue with JAV on most sites is that all of the great scenes are ruined by dumb ass censorship. At Javhihi you can enjoy all of your favorite scenes without any annoying pixels getting in the way of a good fap. And I can’t mention the video quality. 1080p JAV on a free site is fucking awesome. You rarely find decent sites with that kind of quality.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsIt would be nice to be able to download some of these sexy videos. I get that it might be asking too much, but hey, I can’t help but try. Downloadable videos would make this site one of my go-to favorite for some quality, free JAV porn. I’d also like an actual category page with video counts. There are enough videos on the site that it would be a helpful page to have for sure. Alternatively, a tag page would be a good addition as well. Sure, you can click on tags to get pages with that content, but a full page would be fucking great.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Javhih.com is a great site. I can’t name many other sites that can boast uncensored 1080p JAV videos for free. Most sites like this would charge out the ass for worse content. Hell, I see censored JAV sites trying to get people hooked on monthly memberships. Isn’t that some shit? Well, you can say fuck off to all of those other sites and switch over to Javhihi.com for you JAV fix. The site design is sleek and modern. The ads aren’t nearly as bad as some other JAV sites. And the content is fucking amazing. If you love JAV porn, then you need to go jerk off to the sexy videos at Javhihi.com.

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