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I fucking love JAV girls and JAV out is doing an awesome job. They are all absolute dimes. 10 out 10 bods, great tits, plump asses, and they are all submissive to a fault. I don’t know what they’re doing in Japan to pump out these smoking hot models, but god I hope they never stop. You won’t find any fat chicks here. Japanese Adult Video or JAV for short is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. This shit is fucking wild, and I don’t say that lightly. Japan is known for being good at everything it does, and their porn is no exception.If you can get past the fact that the dick and pussy are usually censored, then you will love JAV. But don’t worry, JAV Out has got you covered with a huge selection of uncensored porn as well! No other porn brings you the wild side like JAV does. Tentacle monsters, slave play, (fake) rape, incest, schoolgirls, and even time stop porn where the guy will freeze time and go fuck everyone in the room. Living the fucking dream, right? All of that and more are common in the JAV scene, and Javout.net brings you the very best, full-length videos in the industry.What’s not to love about a tiny titted school girl making cute sounds as she gets fucked by her classmates in a bukkake scene? Nothing. That’s what. JAV consistently brings quality fuck vids to the world. It’s the best gift that they have given the world, aside from the girls themselves. If you haven’t had yourself a good fuck with a Japanese girl, then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. They are the wildest, sluttiest, kinkiest babes that you can find.Javout.net Brings the Perfect Mix of Quality and QuantityJavout brings in over 100 thousand new visitors every single day. Talk about having yellow fever! What used to be a pretty small niche is growing ever larger, and the site is doing better than ever at drawing people in. Especially in China. I guess they like their neighbors more than they’re letting on!Everything on the site is top quality. Even the amateur section is curated to only showcase the hottest, sluttiest Japanese models. You can click on their most recent videos or go over and explore the categories. While they don’t have as many categories as some of my other favorite sites, sometimes quality is better.Each category has full-length videos, and by full-length I mean most are a couple of hours long. I even found one video that was over 7 goddamn hours long. So, strap in for a nice slow burn of a fap. It’s like an endurance challenge for your dick to watch an entire video. Hell, order a fucking pizza because you might be there awhile. Luckily, if you’re impatient like me, you can skip ahead without worrying about a slow video player. You can hop hours ahead in the video and it will load almost instantly.Annoying Ads, Redundant Pages, but A+ ContentBut thankfully the videos load fast and I didn’t have a single issue with buffering. I was watching a housewife turned sex slave get creampied by all of her senpais in no time! The only thing that slowed me down was the adds. They’re not too bad like other popular sites, but they’re there and you can’t get around them. Seems Javout isn’t a fan of Adblock, and they cock-block you if you use it by preventing you from looking at the best videos! The ads that are there are usually just bottom banner ads and an ad before the video, but I would definitely not click on them. Some of the sites they take you to are pretty fucking sketchy.My first impression of the site was pretty positive. It’s got a sleek layout with a Pornhub style color scheme. The main page automatically shows off the most recent uploads, but you can change that to the most popular and most viewed up top. On the right side, you can subscribe, for something. It doesn’t really say, but I imagine they email you when new shit comes in. Below that, they have a list of the videos that are viewed most every day, but that’s pretty pointless. I don’t know how it’s different from the top viewed page, but whatever.If you have more refined tastes that what the front page offers, then you can go up top and sort by model and studio, or click over to JAVHD and check out more content on their sister site. Holy fuck do they have a lot of models. Thousands of them. But no fucking pictures! Just names! I can’t cum to a name. I guess if you already know who you’re looking for then you can sort that way, but you’re out of luck otherwise I suggest checking out Hitomi Tanaka if you’re new to JAV. She’s got the biggest tits in the industry. Trust me, you won’t regret it.The studio page is cool too, I guess. It might help you narrow down places that host certain fetishes, but the categories page has that covered already. There’s also a link up there for ThePornDude.com if you find yourself looking for even more JAV. Now that’s a feature every site should have! The last item up top is pretty fucking useless though. The “Request Movie” button doesn’t do a damn thing. I just keep clicking it and nothing happens. It’s like that crazy chick I brought back who was obsessed with flicking my nips. You can mess with them all you want but it ain’t going to do anything.Tread Carefully on MobileThe site works pretty well on mobile, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The site tries to push notifications to your device and the pop-up ads are pretty common. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather keep my viewing of Japanese BDSM off of my lock screen. They do let you enable a dark mode on the site, which is cool, but the ads really take away here. I don’t have the dexterity needed to click that tiny ‘x’ while I’ve got my hands full.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesOne of the best features of the site, aside from it having some of my favorite content, is the information you get when you click on a video. They tell you who’s in it, what studio produced it, who directed it, the date it came out, and the genres are listed out. That way there’s no unexpected traps or anal scenes if those aren’t your speed. It also shows the cover of the DVD I assume it came from and has shots from different points in the film, so you definitely know what you’re in for. Do people still buy porn DVDs? Fuck that. Might as well buy a newspaper and jerk it to the semi-hot girl from the car sale ad at that rate.Another thing this site has going for it is its search feature. A lot of JAV sites are hard to get around since the titles are in Japanese. At Javout there are nice English descriptions that help you find your favorite vid. The language can be a bit broken, but I think “An oiled up pussy grind session” transcends the language barrier just fine. It may take a moment to load, but a quick search for “lesbian” or “hardcore” brings up tons of vids to check out.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsWhere I think this site needs some help is the site design. With no preview pictures for the models, the page becomes almost useless to new visitors. Give me a nice crisp body shot before I decide! I’d love to see some action shots of these girls before I clicked on them, too. That and the fact that some of the site features seem unnecessary or just don’t work at all sucks. It’s not a deal-breaker at all. I’m still going to watch these Japanese cumsluts beg for more, but there’s room for improvement. I still wish I could see what that “request movie” button did. It’s even got a heart next to it, so it must be important!ThePornDude’s Final thoughtsOverall, I fucking love this site. Sexy models, crazy scenes, HD productions, and so much more. I couldn’t find a bad quality video on the entire site. This place is made for all of you waifu craving, Japanese loving, fucks out there. Just make sure to wear headphones because these chicks love to moan and scream. Oh, and if you’re a newcomer to the genre. Welcome to the rabbit hole. There’s no going back. Now, I’m going to sign off and get a taste of the east for myself. Head on over to Javout.net and enjoy it!

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