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What can you find at Kap Log? Pinay sex scandals? Let's see. They wear Chicago Bulls snapbacks and thick-rimmed glasses, they upload videos of them singing while playing an acoustic guitar on YouTube, and they’re one of the proudest and outspoken peoples on the planet, they’re Phillipino. A lot of Filipinos use the internet, and by now it’s virtually impossible to play a popular online game or go on social media without seeing a Phillipino person proudly declaring they’re Phillipino until it becomes annoying. But I’m not hating on them – these guys have a lot of moxie and always bring their energy no matter where they are or on which virtual platform they’re on.In addition, they have some of the hottest women on the planet – Phillipino chicks have the features of Asian women, and the curves of Latinas – the two races that make up their ethnicities. Phillipino women can go hard when it comes to the bedroom, and a lot of them aren’t afraid or ashamed to have sex for money or be filmed while doing it, which is partly the reason why there are so many videos posted on Kaplog.com – you could say that out of all Asian women, Phillipinas do it the best, and this website has a lot of content that features them having sex in every position imaginable.All The Homemade Phillipino XXX Videos You’ll Ever NeedDespite being a country with a local ISIS branch and soaring crime rates with violent crimes that make America’s ghettos look like kindergartens, not to mention being lead by a dictator whose hell-bent on killing every drug addict in the country, Phillipinos still manage to live their lives in relative peace and fuck a lot. There are so many amateur videos uploaded on this website that you could easily jerk off to a new one every night for months on end without running out of videos to fap to, because new ones are added on a daily basis.These girls definitely fuck good and they’re pretty hot too – they don’t have those trademark small boobs that most Asian girls are synonymous with, and they can go on and on when it comes to riding or getting ridden in the bedroom. It’s safe to say that when it comes to sex, Phillipino girls are definitely top contenders for being one of the most gifted races in the world.Phillipino Content – English InterfaceYou wouldn’t believe how many foreign language XXX websites there are on the internet with an interface that’s impossible to understand. Sure, you can Google translate the website, but that usually doesn’t always work out as you expect it to, and it sucks having to turn it on especially if you’re in the heat and in need of a good fap. Kap Log, however, has a fully English interface that’s easy to navigate too – so you can find your video of choice in seconds. Or can you?English Interface, Phillipino TitlesWhile the interface makes it easy to navigate the main pages of the website, the site’s content is predominantly in Phillipino, which means that unless you know how to speak the language, you’ll never be able to really know what happens in the video of your choice unless you watch it. Not that there’s a huge variation of the content here because most of it is at-home amateur sex, but it still would be nice to know if there’s a cumshot or a particular reverse cowgirl scene in the video which you may or may not prefer to bust your load to. After all, it’s only fair to know what kind of content you’re about to sacrifice a few million sperm cells for. At least you can find the videos via the categories or tags, right? Wrong…Only Six CategoriesA porn site without proper categorization is like a woman in a wheelchair - you can fuck her, but she’ll never get wet because she won’t feel a thing. There are only six categories in total on this website, which by my standards is way too low since most decent XXX sites should have at least 10-15 different categories that their fans can use to properly browse their content. There’s Pinay Porn, which is Phillipino girls having sex, Pinay Scandal, which I’m assuming includes videos involving famous Phillipino girls having sex, Asian, which is general Asian girls fucking on camera, 80’s Pinoy Movies, which are 80s XXX Phillipino movies, Rated R Full Movies, which is the same thing as 80’s Pinoy Movies except it features films from more recent decades.Last but not least, there’s Pinoy Movie Sites, a category that’s not really a category but more of a direct portal to your’s truly – theporndude.com. Ironically, this doesn’t really give you what you asked for since my website is a directory for ALL the porn sites on the internet, not just the Phillipino ones. That’s about it when it comes to the categories, the tags, however, are there, but you won’t be able to understand them unless you speak the language…Good Luck Trying to Decipher What the Tags AreTags are the inner-workings of a porno site, they’re what keeps its fans moving around the content and browsing it effectively instead of just wondering aimlessly with one hand on the mouse and the other on their dicks. The tags here cannot be understood unless you speak Phillipino, and even then they seem to be pretty limited and don’t cover many variations. There’s tags like ‘Pinay sex’, which is a whole damn category on this page, as well as tags like ‘mangpopoy’, ‘kayatsex’ & ‘katorsex’ which also seem to be XXX domains since they’re added as separate tags again except with ‘.com’ and ‘.info’ on their end.Then there are tags which appear on almost every video like ‘sarapeh’ and ‘pinaysmut’ – I’m not going to go and Google translate these tags and find out their meaning, but I will say that they seem to be very limited and it’s a damn shame that there are no English language tags on this website, I mean there’s plenty of Phillipinos who are born overseas and don’t know how to speak Phillipino very well, so the admins of this site should really think about them - Phillipinos are usually patriotic aren’t they?Pinay PicturesYes, there are pictures on this website, and not only do they feature amateur Phillipino women, but they also have a fair share of nude Phillipino models too which are shot with HD cameras. The photo galleries section can be found on the bottom of the home page, but much like the videos on this site, they’re not categorized or tagged very well, so most of the time you’ll be left to browse the thousands upon thousands of photos and photo sets until you find one that you like. The best they’ve done with organizing the photos is give each individual photo and/or photoset its own category, which is usually something vague or not understandable like ‘Hot Babe’ or ‘Trike Patrol’.Use The Search Bar Only If You Know Good PhillipinoOn English porn sites, people use the search bar to enter something they find hot so they can bust a load to. Usually, the search indexes are something like ‘two blondes threesome’, ‘deepthroat oral creampie’ or ‘shaking orgasm compilation’. Here, you’ll have to really know the language in order to use the search bar, otherwise, you might as well be stuck behind an impenetrable language barrier that repeatedly blocks your cock and denies you your satisfaction.One More Thing…Most of the videos on the ‘Rated R Movies’ category are broken – the thumbnails are completely blank and even if you press on the video’s title you’ll just be taken to a dead link. It’s a little shitty to see that what’s arguably one of the best categories on the whole site has dozens if not more missing videos, but then again these are full-length XXX features so they were most likely taken down due to copyright strikes.

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