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King Comix! Man, I swear every cartoon out there these days has the most fuckable dimepieces in it. It’s no wonder that rule 34 exists. Some of these shows border on being porn right out of the gate. I mean, do you fucks remember Totally Spies? Those babes were always wearing skin-tight suits and getting strung up in bondage dens. And it’s not even just older cartoons. The current shit is hot as fuck. Rick and Morty, The Legend of Korra, and even Pokemon have big tittied babes in them just waiting to be jerked off to. So, while I’m not big on the whole jerking off to cartoons thing myself, I don’t blame you cucks who get addicted.Let me give you betas yet another site full of rule 34 cartoon porn to jerk off to. I’d say I’m enabling you fucks and preventing you from getting real babes by giving you more shit to fap to, but let’s be real here. We both know the thought of even talking to a real girl makes you hyperventilate. Why not fap those feelings away over at This site has a fuck ton of completely free porn comics, parody rule 34 content, and so much more. It launched in September of 2019 and hasn’t really been around long enough for me to tell you how many fappers come this way every month. Instead, how about you make yourself one of the first ones and hop over to this quality site with me.Parodies and Rule 34 Content From Popular Shows and Video GamesThe site has a decent white and black theme, a good logo, and the main page is organized well. It’s not overly cluttered with annoying ads or any of that bullshit. The content is front and center. The first thing you’ll notice when you head over to Kingcomix are the big, HD previews of hot cartoon sluts flashing their tits and sucking dicks. Even a quick glance will tell you that they have the brand new shit too. They’ve got rule 34 from Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, Bowsette, Futurama, and plenty more. They even have video game r34 like Five Nights at Freddy’s if you’re the kind of furry loser who likes fapping to that crazy robo-furry shit.They’ve got a simple header up top with options for “Porn Comics, Categories, Palcomix, Interracial, Hentai Manga, and Best Porn Site.” You cucks should already know, but that last option takes you back here if you’re looking for even more comic sites to jerk your cock to. None of the other links up there that takes you off-site. Every other option takes you to different pages of the site, and they are all pretty straightforward. Though both the “Interracial” and “Hentai Manga” categories are slim pickings. You get maybe 5 or 6 comics from each of those categories. That’s fucking nothing. But I’ll give them a bit of a pass since they just started up.Not a Ton of Content, but the Site is Pretty NewLooking around, most of their categories are light on content. There are maybe 100 or so comics across the entire site. Some of you sex-starved comic addicts probably go through that many in a couple of days tops. They should really focus on pumping out some more content if they aren’t already. At least what categories they have are solid. You have a decent selection for 3D comics, Teen Titans Porn, Drawn Sex, and a few others worth checking out. If you’re not fapping to this shit 5 times a day, then you should have enough content to last you a good while.You can also access the categories by using a sidebar over on the right side of the page, and there’s a shortlist of tags that you can sort by. The search bar isn’t anything too special. You just plug shit in and hopefully find it by title. There aren’t any advanced filter options that let you sort by shit like rating, popularity, newest, most views, or any of that. There’s a button-up top for making an account, but that’s currently disabled for some reason or another. Not that it looks like you can do much with an account anyway.Hot Previews, but the Site Lacks Useful Filter OptionsThe previews are like a ditsy blonde bitch. Sure, she can get you hard as fucking diamonds by just looking at her ass, but she doesn’t have much more to offer than that. These previews don’t tell you a damn thing except the title and occasionally who the artist is. No upload date, page count, genre tags, or any of that shit. You just have to dive in and hope for the best I guess. The full comic page is a little better. Each comic has a lengthy description of what happens in the bottom. Fuck, I just scrolled through the entire thing and then you’re going to tell me what fucking happens? You also get the tags and categories down at the bottom. What the fuck is up with that?HD Comics Full of Kinky Fuck ScenesThe content itself is pretty damn good. The upload quality is very nice and most everything on here is completely uncensored and in English. You can scroll through any comic on here without needing to zoom in just to see some pussy. I wish you could more easily download this shit to fap to later. You have to save each and every individual panel. That’s just too much effort for me. I could go out and get some real pussy in the time it would take me to save every single one of these. But, hey, at least you don’t have to deal with ads or a membership to get this kinky content.Easy to Use Mobile Site With a Solid Mobile Comic ViewerFor a brand new site, the mobile experience was damn good. Every comic takes up the entire screen when you go to it, and you don’t have to fuck around with zooming in and out to read the text. I didn’t have any issues with browsing all of the categories or popping around different areas of the site while I was using the mobile site. You still get access to all of the same menus and shit. Overall, a solid mobile experience that makes taking kinky r34 content with you on the go easy. Fap wherever! Okay, maybe not wherever. But I know you horny cucks can’t control yourselves, so use this power wisely.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesI think this site has a lot of potential. Sure, the catalog is slim, but they’ve got a lot of good shit going on here. The comic viewer is quality, and the content is hot as fuck. There are barely any ads to get in your way. Plus, you don’t even need to log in or pay for a membership to get fapping to these sexy rule 34 comics. They have a great mobile and desktop experience as well. There’s a lot to like here! Hopefully, they can really bring the fucking heat as they grow.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMore content. That’s the biggest thing this site needs right now. Beef up that catalog and half of the problems I have with the site will be solved. But some other minor things could be fixed to really make the site great. Put the descriptions and tags for comics right up top instead of at the end of the comic. Add some filter options. Add some cool user features and open up registration. Put some upload dates below content so people know when to expect new comics! Do all of that and this site will be fucking amazing.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, may have its issues, but it is still a great site to go to and jerk your dick to some quality rule 34 content. I’m sure their catalog will explode with comics as they grow and bring more traffic in. So, be part of that change! After all, you don’t have to deal with any annoying ads or paywalls. Who knows how long this golden age of free content will last on this site. Get your ass over to, whip out your pencil dick, and rub yourself raw to the kinky comics they have in store for you.

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