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For the record, I have the utmost respect for the girls who fuck for a living. I mean, the lasses literally put their bodies on the line just so you can blow a load, getting their coochies absolutely destroyed by monster cocks. However, sometimes all I want is to see ordinary people screwing each other for fun and not for money. Nothing comes close to matching the raw energy and authenticity of amateur porn. Professional porn sometimes goes overboard with fakeness, you know, fake butts, inflatable boobs, whores that moan like their lives depend on it and other undesirable shit. Amateur porn may not necessarily have the highest production values, but at least everything is genuine, and you may be lucky to come across your college crush showing the world what a slut she really was and how much of a prick you were for failing to nail it down.If you are not feeling rough, plastic, and forced smut with fake ass sluts, then nothing sounds better than a site solely dedicated to user submitted porn. Here you see dudes stroking their cocks, horny amateur sluts inserting all manner of toys in their dripping meat pockets, drunk college bitches in steamy threesomes and such shit that happens behind the curtains. You know people are screwing each other behind closed doors, but being in a position to see it is a different matter unless you are a fucking voyeur who goes around peeping in other people’s windows (which might be the easiest route to getting yourself ass raped in jail you toad).Anyway, why risk peeping at other people getting nasty when you can just visit Kum.com and enjoy the best of user-submitted smut without paying a dime or putting your sorry ass in unnecessary risk? Kum.com allows users to upload all manner of nasty porn videos including amateur first time anal, sexy blondes riding cocks, nasty and cock-starved MILFs humping pillows, rabbit eyed, barely teens getting naughty and more. Read on to find out more about this hub for user uploaded fuck flicks.Amateur content, decent layoutIf you had doubts about the site’s commitment to user submitted content, they are dispelled the moment you step into the welcoming page. Instead of the very annoying age verification crap, other sites serve you with, here they give you two options; Explore and Upload. And because I had no shit to upload, I picked the explore option which brought me to the homepage. The first thing you note is a simple approach to design. It has a black background with a hint of purple and should prove a perfect destination to browse at night.However, perhaps they have taken the simplicity concept a tad too far as there are not too many options to help you explore the content. As a matter of fact, you only get a basic search feature and an option to sort the content by popular and newest. Besides that, you are on your own, which is utter bullshit. At least the site is simple enough, and you should find whatever fuck flick you want to blow a load to. Use the numbered browsing at the bottom of the page to look for more atrocities if the ones on the homepage don’t cut it for you. I only wish there were other options like categories or a tags cloud. At least they have an FAQ tab at the bottom and if you want to be the whining sissy that contacts a porn site with complaints, be my fucking guest.The rest of the homepage is filled with thumbnails showing random bitches taking boners to the core. Well, there is every reason for you to want to visit Kum.com if the thumbnails are anything to go by. The amateur sluts are really hot and are not afraid of getting nasty, and whether they are masturbating, bouncing on cocks, sucking-dicks, or just showing off their boobs and genitals, it does appear like there is plenty to help you get those juices flowing.The best of user uploaded pornTime to take a closer look at the videos at Kum.com. One thing stands out; these are real amateur flicks. The freaks uploading the clips ensure there is no professional crap sneaking around. Sometimes perfection can be monotonous, and it calls for some phone recorded fuck flick to kind of balance your masturbatory repertoire. Granted, some of the videos may be a bit grainy, but isn’t that what makes amateur porn exciting? These amateur sluts are no joke, and you should see them shaking ass, flicking their beans, giving head, having the inner walls of their velvet pussies explored by hard dongs and more. Some of them look like they were born with dicks in their fucking mouths!The best part of the videos? They are fucking free. That’s right. You can watch and jerk off to as many videos you want until you run out of sperms. There is a catch though; most of these videos are shorter than your cock, and with no option to sort them by length, you will have to hope that you find a scene long enough to befit your porn addict status. The majority of the videos I watched ran below 3 minutes and are perfectly suitable for anyone looking for a quick fap. But if you prefer a methodical approach to your fap session, you will be lucky to find lengthy fuck flicks.That said, the videos stream pretty well, and you will be able to blow a load within minutes. I watched one video where some random and obviously lucky dude was hammering someone’s wife in the doggy style position, and the video was so fucking hot. The sneaky bastard was clever enough not to include his face or the face of the unfaithful wife otherwise he’d have been courting trouble. Most of the videos look like they were recorded using camera phones although nowadays motherfuckers have access to phones with high-quality cameras.The video player is pretty basic although it allows you to go full screen. At the bottom right is an option for you to download the videos in case in future you feel the urge to quickly blow a load and don’t have time to fuck around with an awful connection. At the top of the video is an option for you to share the video to social media, aka the easiest way to lose respect. But if you have none left, go ahead and let the world know how twisted you really are.They have erotic galleries as wellIt’s not all about the vids at Kum.com. In between the video thumbnails, you will find mouthwatering photo galleries where cute amateur sluts are showing off their lady bits, thick thighs, perky boobs, nudity in the showers, and much more. I normally don’t get off still photos, but if you are looking for raw X-rated galleries, this is it. Some of the galleries have up to 60 photos.Do you have a bunch of photos or naughty videos you’d love to share with the world? Very nice. The upload process is really straightforward. All you have to do is click on the New Album tab, and you will have the simple option of dragging a file or use the browse option. The site clearly wants its archive to be flooded by user uploaded content if the simple upload process is anything to go by. Needless to say, you will need to be a registered member to upload your stash although the sign-up process only requires a username, password, and email.Things to love about Kum.comUser-uploaded smut; the entire collection is contributed by users who obviously know what tasty amateur porn is all about which is why the videos are all hot.Easy upload process; the site has made it easy for users to upload fap content, and even an internet novice should be able to upload content.Free; it’s arguably the site’s favorite feature- everything here is available for free.Possible concernsAwful organization; with no assorting options or categories/tags, the content is haphazardly thrown around with no semblance of order.How the site can improveThey could start by adding some sorting options to help users zero in on their favorite content. A categories tab could certainly go a long way. While at it, they could do well to create different tabs for videos and photos instead of the current random arrangement.ConclusionAll things considered, lovers of user-submitted, amateur pornography will be pleased with the collection at Kum.com. It is a free site where you can post your own shit if you so wish or you can just pick to be a voyeur and see what horny grownups usually are up to behind the curtains. Whichever route you pick, there is plenty of fun to be had.

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