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It’s a new age, and new technology has allowed us to venture into porn possibilities that have never been seen before. Specifically, we’re talking about VR and AR porn. Most of you have probably seen VR porn, and maybe you even tried it out yourselves with an actual VR device. But what about AR porn? Well, claims, at least in the title of the website that they have it here. Do they? And what do they actually have going on with this site? Let’s find out.The AR porn gimmick is a hoax on hereStraight off the bat, I went to the AR category and there’s only one video that’s not even in any way connected to AR so that’s straight up bullshit. But hey, we all knew that, so let’s focus on the content that really matters on this website, and that’s VR. If you came to Laid Hub then you probably came looking for some amazing VR porn that you can jerk off to. And in a way, I understand why, VR porn has a certain charm to it that you couldn’t experience before with older tech.This is the perfect place for all your VR porn needsBasically, VR is like POV porn on coke. It’s such an amazing experience that the existence of VR porn alone should be enough to convince you to buy some kind of VR device. But you don’t have to listen to me either, instead just look at how many VR sites have been popping up recently. exists because people want to see some quality VR porn for free, and that’s exactly what it delivers. You can watch as much of this type of porn as you want, without paying a single cent.With so many VR videos to choose from, you’ll be enthralled with the possibilitiesAnd how many videos are we talking about anyway? A whole metric fuckton of videos is how many videos there are. Let me give you the numbers real quick and then you tell me if this site’s worth visiting just for the sheer amount of content that they serve you. We’re talking 40000 videos here, amongst which there are over 10000 VR porn videos. And the repository is growing every day and being updated with the latest and greatest VR videos available in the entire porn industry.Now I don’t know about you, but I would never miss out on an opportunity to browse through this many videos in search of that amazing virtual reality experience. It’s just amazing to think of all the possibilities that exist with VR these days, and we’re probably approaching an age where VR is going to be the new porn standard eventually. Of course, that would mean that all those Indians start using VR so that’s definitely going to take a while. But right after that we’re going to have a completely new paradigm.Slick and modern design that’s fast and really nice to look atBut it’s not just the content that’s amazing on The design is just beautiful. In fact, it’s one of the best looking modern designs that I have seen! Sure, there are a few ads here and there but that is to be expected whenever you want to watch free porn. There is no porn site that is going to be absolutely free from ads. So definitely knows what’s up since they made their website just gorgeous and very appealing to look at.Light or dark, you’ve got the option hereFirst of all, I like that the site has a nice dark background. You guys know that I’ve always been a fan of dark backgrounds, but for those of you that like to brighten things up, worry not, since actually allows you to change that by clicking the lightbulb in the top right of the website. So, if you enjoy getting your eyes fried by the unrelenting whiteness of a bright and light interface, then simply click there and enjoy getting your eyeballs scorched.Smooth animations ensure that you get what you want with minimal waitingWhat else? Ah yes, the animations are slick and smooth, and you can always count on to be fast as hell when you’re using it. The animations obviously have a time that they need to play out, but it’s all pretty much instant. You get to enjoy all of your content as soon as you click on it and the pages load pretty quickly at that. You don’t have to wait a lot for buffering and that’s always a plus as well. Basically, apart from being so nice to look at, is really fast and functional.There’s a lot more to a website than just looks, but certainly nailed it with their modern and minimalistic approach. But let’s focus a bit more on that functionality and see how the layout helps us out to navigate the site better. You can see the main navigation bar with all the tabs at the top of the page and this is where you’ll click around in order to find that juicy content. No matter how you want to go about it, will allow you to find the perfect video for you in no time.The Movies tab has all of the content one click away from youIf you just want to see the videos straight-up without any bullshit in between, then simply go to the Movies tab and there you’ll be able to see all of the available content for you to watch and enjoy. You can also sort the videos according to a few parameters that you’d usually find on porn sites. So, all of that being said, you can definitely tell that thought twice about how easy they wanted it to be for you to find that perfect VR video.Check out the categories and choose something that fits youIn the Categories tab, you can expect to see all of the categories that are available to you, and this is the easiest way to filter through content without breaking a sweat. However, some categories simply don’t have a lot of videos inside them and some are straight up hoaxes, like the AR category for example. So, once you find the category that you’re looking for, you can check out all of the videos that are available for that category alone, or you can switch to another category if you don’t find anything interesting.Your favorite pornstars and studios are here as wellYou can also check out the content through the Pornstars that star in them in that tab, or you can check out all the Studios that are featured on and choose the videos from any one of them that you want to watch. The videos are still going to be free, so don’t worry about which studio you’re choosing. I mean, all of them are pretty good so you won’t be making a mistake no matter which one you choose, but you are free to look around and find the one that best suits your tastes.An interactive VR room where you can get a full virtual experience from start to finishThere’s even a VR Room that you can access here on This is a virtual room that you can use to have a fun and interactive experience when you’re browsing through all of your porno options. One thing is certain, and that’s that you still haven’t’ had this experience even if you tried VR porn before. Simply go into the room and start choosing your favorite porn so that you can have a full-fledged virtual experience from start to finish.At the end of the day though, has both VR and regular porn so you can choose whichever one is more enjoyable to you, but one thing that won’t change is definitely the quality of the porn that’s given to you in both of these categories. All of these videos are high quality and free, so there really isn’t a reason that you shouldn’t check this place out and enjoy all of the amazing videos that come with it. Check out today!

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