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LessonOfPassion! Porn isn’t all about watching videos and jerking off to them for years on end until you can recognize most famous pornstars at a glance – there’s much more to it than consuming overly-stimulating visual content on a daily basis and getting so addicted to it that your social life falls into shambles and you don’t know how to talk to women anymore. There are lots of different, healthier and more interactive ways to consume porn – and by interactive, I don’t mean like those ‘Life Selector’ videos which let you pick a sex scene. What I mean by interactive is playing a little game in order to actually earn your visually-stimulating sex scene and feel rewarded by it.After all, the human brain loves accomplishing challenges, and if you can accomplish simple tasks on XXX flash games then you might just avoid that overwhelming feeling of self-deprecation right after you cum which you usually feel when jerking off to regular porn. The games on ‘Lesson Of Passion’ make it a little challenging in order to earn your sex scene, which shoots up dopamine levels in your brain, resulting in a much more intense orgasm and a strong feeling of satisfaction after you let out your juices – a much better alternative than the traditional way of jerking off to porn.Get in Touch with RealityIf you’re reading this review then chances are you’re pretty heavily into porn and might need a little extra kick when it comes to what kind of content gets you aroused. If you’re someone who needs intense stuff to get horny like BDSM with verbal abuse and domination or tentacle hentai with dickgirls, then you’re definitely in need of some refreshing reality-themed porn in order to get your sex drive back to normal. Most of the games featured on ‘LessonOfPassion’ are featured in the ‘reality porn’ genre; there are all kinds of themes and taboo fetishes that are on display in these games, such as fucking your best friend’s wife, seducing your hot roommate or giving your hot real estate agent a nice fuck in order to seal the deal.You get to play as a character who lives and works in the real world and is an actual functioning member of society who just happened to get his dick sucked and fucked by a hot girl, which is probably what your biggest fantasy is anyway. If you’re in need of a sexual wake-up call then playing the games on this site might just give you the edge you need.Or Get Immersed in an Action-Packed DramaReality’s one thing, but drama and fantasy are what most people yearn for and lack in their lives. Not only does this website have a huge assortment of reality-themed games, but it also has just as much action-packed dramatic games and even fantasy games. There are a lot of different themes on this site’s works, but it’s safe to say that most people who go on this site will appreciate the more action-packed features it has because they do provide a fair bit of excitement if you actually have enough patience to get immersed into them.This is especially true if you’re a seasoned gamer (and there’s a high chance that you are since this site is dedicated to games) who knows which approach to take when it comes to playing a game and can fully appreciate everything that it has to offer, no matter if it’s a simple flash-based feature or a triple-A title. In short, if you’ve ever wanted to play the role of a daring bank robber or an edgy bounty hunter vigilante, and fuck a few hot girls in the process, then you’ll fit right in with this site’s community.Fantasy Games & Whole ParodiesLast but not least, when it comes to the themes covered by this site’s works, there’s the ever-prevalent fantasy theme which is always a big hit with gamers. Fantasy games usually see you in the role of a hero who goes around doing quests in a role-playing fashion and collecting loot and rare items until there’s nothing left for you to do. On ‘LessonOfPassion’, you pretty much have to do the same thing although this time it’s condensed in an hour tops of gameplay and within all the parameters of flash-based browser games.You’ll still be going on quests and collecting loot, but it’s just gonna be on a smaller scale – but you will get to fuck girls in the process so you can’t really complain about the worlds in the games not being immersive enough. There is one game in particular called ‘The Bitcher’, which is based on the popular RPG ‘The Witcher’ – this is a complete parody of the original but it does actually stand out as one of the better games on the site because it has a lot of details crammed into it, and you actually do get to fuck girls in the original Witcher title so it’s not that far off as far as originality goes.Three Types of GameplaysThere are three main kinds of gameplay on this site’s works which I’ve noticed are heavily repeated all throughout, especially in the reality-themed works. There’s the standard protagonist living in a world with its own day and night cycle where you can travel and talk to people until you become ‘experienced enough’ to fuck the girls you encounter. There’s also the conversational dating sim features which has you talking to different women (or men, you can also play as a woman in some works) and navigating through a somewhat-complex maze of conversation options until you either get lucky or get rejected.Then there are the sex-simulator games, which feature some components of the previously mentioned aspects of gameplay with their own added ‘sex simulators’ which have you clicking on the woman you’re fucking repeatedly until you climax. There are some more, admittedly more fun and interesting games that have better gameplay like shooting and what not, but those turned out to be extremely misleading ads which took me to another website that prompted me to become a member before I can play them, which leads me to my next topic…The Ads are Extremely MisleadingThe way this page is set up is pretty simple, and all its works are lined up in their own large respective thumbnails, but they’re extremely close to the ads, which themselves lack any classification that tells you they’re ads because they look literally like the games featured on this website. If it’s your first time visiting here then you’ll definitely press on a few of these ads by accident and be taken away to another site like ‘LopGold Blog’ and ‘RealLove3D’ (which are probably direct partners with this site). These ‘ad sites’ require a monthly payment from you if you want to play their titles, and their titles are actually more expansive and feature much more fun and dynamic gameplay as opposed to the titles on ‘LessonOfPassion’.This Website is Somewhat of a Free TrialIt’s a little funny and incredibly convenient how ‘LessonOfPassion’ is a website that features these free-to-play XXX games that feature a few different kinds of gameplay that keeps you interested for a short while until you find out that it’s benign and not that fun in the end. It even has its own "LOP Blog" (lessons of passion blog). Sure, the games are pretty solid and the 3D art is very good compared to what I’ve seen on other 3D XXX sites, but it’s safe to say that this site is really just a taste of those better 3D games that feature fun gameplay and of course, more sex scenes. It doesn’t really take a genius to see that ‘LessonOfPassion’ is a free 3D XXX game website that hosts simple titles in order to lure people into their alternate pay-to-play sites so that they can get some of that good $$$ which desperate porn addicts would definitely give.

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