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Life Porn Stories! I’m a big fan of the kind of stories you find in pornography. There’s a good chance any trip to the doctor or real estate viewing will erupt into a full-blown orgy, just like you always wish would happen in real life. The thing is, a lot of really sexy stories also occur in the real world. That’s the premise, or at least the pretense behind LifePornStories, a site full of amateur porn movies showing just how sexy reality can was registered in 2018, but the copyright at the bottom of the front page says they’ve been around since 2011. Whatever, though. I’m less concerned about little details like that, and more concerned about the pretty girls getting fucked all over the landing page. I don’t see any recognizable porn stars, but I do see a bunch of lusty broads getting excited about the cocks in their faces and filling up their twats.Like Instagram, but with Porn OnlyLifePornStories caught me right away with the thumbnails on the front page. There are close-ups of girls giving blowjobs, taking cock in the shower, or spreading their cunts wide for the camera. Hover over the image, and you get a moving preview of the video inside. The juxtaposition between the filthy hardcore and the candid scenes of women doing casual shit in public makes me hard. These are just regular hot chicks with an exhibitionist streak, not professional sluts.I watched the preview for Outdoor Blowjob. It’s a vertical video playing out like an Instagram story full of short little clips. We see this chick saying she’s going to the sex machines, spitting on a dick, walking around a neighborhood, bouncing on a cock, visiting the gas station, and getting sperm sprayed on her. Sounds like a day in the life of a slut, huh?These bitches are fucking kinky as hell, too. The action certainly ain’t limited to some public park oral sex. I see a girl gaping her pussy on the landing page, a couple of ripe young things in a threesome with a lucky dude, and girls getting fucked in the Porta-John at a music festival. I can practically smell it from here.I have to admit; I’m immediately intrigued by the format. I’m not above jerking off to Instagram stories, and I really love the enthusiastic look-at-me shenanigans the sexy girls are always pulling. I am a little bit worried that the clips will be too short to let me even whip my dick out, so I guess I better get in there and take a closer look to see how the full versions play out.Sexier Than Social MediaA membership to costs the same as pretty much any other premium site these days. A month will run you 30 USD, with cheaper rates if you’re willing to shell out for a longer period. Half a year comes out to around 100 bones, which ain’t half bad considering all the prime poon on display.I got signed up and logged in, and you know what? The main member’s page looks exactly like the front landing page. I see the same thumbnails and the same moving previews upon hover over. I clicked through to watch the three-minute movie called Gas Station Blowjob.Again, the video plays out like an Instagram story. There is a hot chick putting gas in her car, then a shot of her friends loitering outside the gas station, another of the girls buying booze and snacks, and then squealing like annoying Instagram broads in another two-second clip.We’re halfway through the story before we see a POV shot of one girl undoing a dude’s belt buckle while her drunk friends egg her on. The boner pops out in the girl pops it in her mouth. Her friends hoot, cheer, and one pulls down her pants to slap her own ass. She’s wearing a thong, clearly ready for this scene.Thong girl gets down on her knees next to the girl giving a blowjob and takes over the oral cleaning operation. The girls are giggly as hell when their mouths are full, cracking jokes as cars drive by. I kept wishing the blonde girl in the background would get in on the action, but she’s apparently just there for moral support, taking gulps of vodka from one bottle and chasing it with the soda in her other hand.A Unique Format of Insta-PornI have mixed feelings about this format. I really love the realism. The videos themselves have that raw, fun feeling you find in the best amateur porn, and the Instagram style format really helps sell it. It really does feel like watching some bitches acting slutty on social media. The only thing that really gives it away as a setup is the fact that I watched it on a premium porn site.There are some quirks, though. The sign-up page mentions 4K videos. While the video certainly looks crisp and clear enough, it’s a little vertical video without a full-screen button even if you’re watching on a computer. That makes for easy fapping on a mobile device since it’s the native format, but come on. I paid a lot of money so I could watch ultra HD porno on a bigger screen.There’s also the issue of the relatively simplistic video player. It’s supposed to look like Instagram, which means your standard set of video controls isn’t baked into this one. Instead of sliding around the timeline, you can just select among the little clips that comprise the story. There are no speed controls, so you can’t watch the cumshots in slow motion. You can’t download these to watch off-line, either.I might complain about the clip length, but shorter scenes are standard in amateur porno. In fact, with stories typically clocking in between three and six minutes, the movies on LifePornStories are longer than your typical DIY fuck movie.Raw, Real Amateur Fuck FlicksThe video format does have its quirks, but goddamn, it certainly has its upsides. Next, I savored some of those upsides while I watched a movie called Wanna Shop or Fuck? The black-haired chick riding the escalator in the thumbnail looks hot as hell and based on the smile on her face, I think I know how she’s answering that question.The four-minute story begins with that elevator sequence, opening with a beautiful shot of her ass. The cameraman and the chick have a quick snack in the food court, stroll through the mall, and then we see the two of them outside. It’s broad daylight when the girl leans up against a wall and pulls down her shorts. We’re treated to another close-up of that flawless ass before the dude starts fucking her from behind.There’s no doubt this is a genuine public sex scene. As the gonzo cameraman hammers away at that sweet young thing, he pans up over the wall, and we see a truck backing into a parking spot. I’m a sucker for amateur porno in general, but the risky public stuff really gets me going. This little nymphomaniac whore just needs that cock!The unique format here is the site’s biggest selling point and also its biggest drawback. It has a few little quirks that are going to appeal to everyone, though I honestly think they can iron these out with a few tweaks, even if it makes it less similar to Instagram. Either way, the format adds a level of rawness and realism that you don’t typically see on a porno site. That makes it some of the best amateur smut I’ve seen in a features Instagram-style stories of party girls and young nymphomaniacs having freaky, unprotected sex, often in public places. The site represents something genuinely new and fresh in the world of amateur pornography, with a realistic and incredibly sexy twist on social media exhibitionism. Fans of young, horny girls getting wild and having X-rated fun are going to love this.

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