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Want to see some fucked up shit at Live Leak? Are you the kind of person that loves car crash compilations? Do you find yourself taking over the TV and casting gore videos to it, much to everyone else’s dismay? Well, I might have the content for you. If you’re that extreme in your daily life, then I could probably hedge my bets on you being into some really fucked up porn. Don’t worry, there’s no judgment here. Just make sure you keep this shit under lock and key. Your friends probably know you’re a sicko, but you should still clear that browsing history. You don’t want to see too insane, right?Anyway, I’m talking about The site that’s home to ISIS decapitation videos, viral media, gore, fights, and all kinds of fucked up shit. And this site is pretty huge with nearly 30 million visitors every month. They have been around for quite a few years under different domains, but the content has remained the same.Which probably leads to your question “What the fuck does this site have to do with porn?” Come on, don’t be naïve. There’s a ton of porn here. No, it’s not your studio shit or even your traditional BDSM fetish porn. It’s more content about crazy things that have happened. Like people fucking on the top of the pyramids, or a video of a couple having sex in the street getting run over by a car. Cringe at that one? Then I recommend staying away from this one. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.Great Site Design, Layout, and Animated PreviewsBut let’s do the rundown as if this were your regular old porn site. How does the layout and design stack up to the rest of the more porn-centric sites? Not badly. It’s got a red backdrop with white boxes for the content. The red definitely gives in that extreme feel before you even click on a video. The front page is organized by “Must See” and then “Featured” videos. You can change that to sort by ongoing broadcasts. You can change many sort options on the front page, but you can pop around to any of the sections in the header and get to where you need to go. Oh, and make sure to disable “Safe Mode” up in the top right before you go any further if you want to see any sort of porn.Now, there’s no dedicated porn section. So, you’ll have to go in and try and find good shit to fap to, which I’d say is pretty hard to do. Live Leak isn’t really built around you jerking off to the content. It’s much more of a shock factor kind of deal. More "gore porn" than actual regular porn. That’s not a bad thing, unless you were really needing to bust a nut. Just go into this site knowing that you probably won’t be seeing much porn. For example, the featured videos are things like “India: Three Horned Cow,” “Snake Slithers into Police Station,” and “Police Fatally Shoot Utah Man.” It’s more like YouTube than it is like RedTube.Tons of Categories, but None Dedicated to PornThe categories in the header are “News & Politics, Yoursay, Liveleakers, Must See, Syria, Ukraine, Middle East, Entertainment, WTF, Russia, or More.” You’re not really going to find more porn in any of these categories compared to each other, but each page is pretty well put together. You can scroll through and check out the previews and titles to see if any catch your eye. The previews are worth mentioning here. They are animated and go through a good few seconds of the content, so you can see what you’re getting into, but they don’t show too much because the shock factor is what this site is all about. Definitely click in at your own risk.Other than being an animated preview, you get a decent bit of info here compared to other sites. You get a title, short description, date leaked, views, user who uploaded, how many votes it has, and how many comments there are. The only thing notable I thought was missing was the video length. It’d be nice to know if I was getting into something 1 minute long or 20 minutes long. You don’t get that information until you actually click on the video.Porn Videos are Few and Far BetweenIt took me a while to find some porn, and the only way I did was by searching up various terms in the search bar like “sex, porn, or public sex.” Public sex was definitely my most successful search, but I’m sure you could find some good shit if you do some more digging. But when you do find something to check out, whether that be porn or not, then I’m sure you’ll want to know about the videos. They are usually pretty short. I didn’t find many longer than five minutes, but that’s because these vids are usually captured by people on cell phones or some sort of security camera. Not really the kind of format you usually use to shoot a full-length video.You won’t really find anything HD here, for the same reasons I mentioned above. But at least the videos play quickly. You won’t find any issues with the streaming here or buffering. The site has an internal user rating system with upvotes or downvotes depending if you liked the video. The comments section is also usually buzzing with hundreds of comments. It’s closer to being a sort of social media platform with viral videos than it is to being a porn site. As good as this site is, it’s just not a great place to find even fucked up porn. Yeah, I found some shit. But the amount of effort just isn’t worth it to me at least. It’s like those dudes who hang around the friend zone for years. Even if you get laid, is it even worth it for all the money and time? Fuck, just buy a hooker if you’re that desperate.As I expected, the mobile site is really good. How could it not be for such a huge site? It’s set up well and a breeze to navigate. The videos load quickly, and you don’t have any annoying ads to deal with. Yeah, you get some banners and shit, but no pop-ups or redirects. Same with desktop. I was actually pretty surprised about that. For a site with so much shocking content on it, you usually get all sorts of porn ads. Not here. It’s clean as far as that goes, but the content itself definitely isn’t.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature of this site is probably how they have the previews set up. Getting some description along with the title is a nice touch. Same with the short-animated previews. If they had more porn than this feature would make this site a fucking slam dunk, but at least you can sort through all of their content easily. Same with the general layout of the site. All of the tabs are distinct and make sense. It’s definitely easy to spend a lot of time here watching fucked up videos.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsBut there’s a pretty big flaw here. Now, if I was just reviewing this site like any other site it would pass with flying colors, but we’re comparing this to other porn sites. It just doesn’t stack up. There’s not a lot of porn content. And the content they do have is usually short or focused on people dying rather than fucking. I like fucked up shit just as much as you probably do, but there are much, much better sites to get that kind of porn content without having to sift through all of the other stuff.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Live Leak (often misspelled as "live leaks", "livleak", "liveleka", "livelak", "livelike" and "live gore") is a great fucking site. No surprise there. They have a ton of content with a great site design. Tons of shit to shock you or make you laugh, but it might not be the kind of content you’re looking for if you're asking me for help. You won’t find a ton of porn, and the porn you do find is usually pretty lackluster. If you’re looking to jerk off to some fucked up shit, then this site is probably not for you. It’s much more focused on other kinds of content. But if you’re looking for a laugh or cringe, then you might want to stick around.

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