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Want to meet mature milfs or cougars? Who hasn’t always wanted to bang a sexy MILF? No matter how old you are—18, 25, 50, 100—you just can’t deny that there is something so irresistible about a mature, experienced woman. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing quite like a beautiful teen either, but for very different reasons. When it comes to young girls (let’s say 18 – 25), they are hot because they are wild, fun, and really exploring their sexuality for the first time. It’s their innocence and, oftentimes, their lack of experience that makes them so desirable. MILFS, on the other hand, are hot for the exact opposite reason.They are mature, experienced, and they know what they’re doing in the sheets. Chances are, you’ve probably heard the metaphor before about how women are like fine wine, they only get better with age. And there is some truth to that. But let’s face it, this isn’t the case for all women. Some obviously age much better than others. But, either way, you can’t argue with the fact that a MILF or a cougar can do things in the bedroom that a teen could never dream of. That’s the beauty of experience right there.MILFs know exactly what they want, and they know exactly how to get it. With younger women, you have to do so much work … you have to seduce them, oftentimes take them out for dinner and/or drinks, you know, go through the whole routine with them. I know that this isn’t always the case, especially with all the nifty dating apps out there now like Tinder, OkCupid, Feeld, etc. that are getting guys laid left and right, but, more often than not, you’re probably going to have to put in most of the work.This is not necessarily the case with cougars, though. Like I said before, they know what they want, and how to get it. If what they want is your dick, they are going to make that desire known to you. They’ve played all the games and are frequently over them. Not to mention, women don’t reach their sexual peaks until they are in their 30s. This is when their libidos are the highest, so they definitely want dick. And, if you’re lucky, it will be yours. That’s the thing: you don’t hunt the cougar; the cougar hunts you. How refreshing.If only there was a site where you could meet horny MILFs online, applying the successful aspects of, say, Tinder, with the undeniable hormones of a cougar in heat. Well, thanks to a site called Milfaholic, that site might actually exist. Milfaholic is a dating site that aims to put you in contact with sexy, horny MILFs in your area, hopefully making it easier than ever for you to finally bag a cougar (or, rather, for her to bag you).But the million-dollar question with any of these online hookup sites is always, does it actually work? Well, luckily, I am here to try Milfaholic out for you. And, without further ado, let’s see how the cougar hunt goes.Effective Site Design, Plenty of FeaturesFrom the moment you log into Milfaholic, it should look pretty familiar if you’ve ever used any other dating site. Up at the top of the page, you’ll find a menu bar, allowing easy navigation of the site, as well as a convenient control panel of sorts to keep track of your messages and notifications. Here, you can click on either Home, Search, Messages, Quickie (basically a Tinder-esque matching game where you can ‘swipe left’ or ‘swipe right’ on hot MILFs in your area), SMS / Text (girls who have their numbers featured for you to text them directly), Newest, Friends / Favorites, XXX Movies, and Chat.At a glance, Milfaholic seems to have everything you’d want out of a dating site … a quick chatbox, a message manager, a search function, an in-site mini Tinder matcher; even a bunch of amateur pornos to watch while you wait to connect with someone. Which leaves one last question to be answered: how well do all of these features work? Or, in laymen’s terms: will this site get you pussy?No Pay, No PlayWell, let’s take a deeper dive and find out. Clicking on Search brings you to the part of the site that will allow you to browse all the sexy MILFs within a chosen distance of you. Here, you can browse all the women on the site based on location and age range (the default is 25 – 45, but you can customize it go as young as 18 and as old as 60). Feel free to browse profiles from within 50 miles or 1,000. One downside, however, is that these are the only real options you have to pare down your searches.You cannot search by, say, size, height, ethnicity, interest, etc. So, it is a little bit limiting in that regard. Although you can’t get too specific in what kinds of things you can search for, you do have a little bit more control when it comes to how your search results appear. Organize your matches by Near Me, Online Now, Newest, Detailed, Username, Best Matches, Featured, or whether or not they have Text / SMS activated on their profile. A lot of these organizational features, however, will require you to upgrade to a paid membership in order to access them. So, unless you’re willing to dole out a monthly payment, you’ll just have to search with the relatively primitive capabilities provided in the basic membership.When it comes to messages, as I mentioned before, you can either manage your messages on a separate page on the site or access them through a convenient Chat function. The chatbox is similar to that of Facebook, providing a collapsible list of MILFs to message and a few tabs of recent messages for easy access anchored down at the bottom of the page. Here, though, we reach another monetary barrier. Without upgrading your account to a paid membership, you will not be able to message anyone. You are able to read chats as you receive them, but you are not permitted to read full messages. So, that’s kind of a bummer.Plus, since you cannot interact with members without a paid membership, there is no way to know whether or not these girls are even real users or if they are merely chatbots. But I will say this: within five minutes of registering my account (no picture or profile info filled out), I had 5 or 6 messages. So, I will leave you to interpret that however you see fit.But it’s not as if you won’t be able to partake in any of the fun on Milfaholic. Surely, they will let you enjoy their amateur porn without paying, right? Well, let’s navigate over to the XXX Movies section of the site and find out. The porn does look pretty appetizing; looks like there are some high-quality amateur videos here of hot sluts getting their brains fucked out. Click on a video and … lo and behold, you cannot watch the porn. “Upgrade your membership” the site tells you.Well, fuck. What am I supposed to do on Milfaholic then? If I can’t talk to MILFs, I can’t read their messages, and I can’t watch the porn, what am I supposed to do? Well, I guess the only thing I can do is give them my money. But I’m not about to do that … I don’t need to pay someone to get laid. You might, though, and, therefore, Milfaholic might just be the site you’ve always been waiting for if you are willing to upgrade to find out.How Bad Do You Want It?All in all, Milfaholic seems to have potential. I really hope it is legit, though, because there are a lot of scam sites out there that claim to be adult dating sites. They go through the all the trouble of coding and designing halfway decent looking site platforms, creating all the applications and functionalities of a dating site, but are only designed to get you horny and take your money.This is something I just can’t comprehend. I mean, I get it, sure, people want to make money without doing actual work, but, still … at that point, why not just make a legitimate dating site? Why not just allow real people to make profiles and get laid? You’re like 99% of the way there!I can’t say with any certainty whether or not Milfaholic (often misspelled as "milfoholic") will help you to fuck a cougar because I didn’t stick around long enough to try. I can say that the site is designed pretty well, it appears to have all of the parts in place to be a good adult dating site for cougar hunters, and there is even some porn to enjoy until you possibly negotiate a meetup with one of them. The only question that remains is, are you willing to pay Milfaholic for the opportunity to fuck a cougar?

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