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It is safe to say that Net Porn Sex is a very basic porn site with a lot of naughty crap that I am sure you will enjoy. Of course, just like any other porn site out there, this one is also not flawless, and I am here to tell you what is so good and shitty about this place. I think that if you came here looking for basic pornography, you will surely find what you are looking for.Variety of hot clips for you to check out!We all know that the reason you are here is to check out their videos, so I shall start by introducing this site’s naughty content. First of all, as long as you are into something within the normal line of pornography, I am pretty sure that you will find it here. I took my sweet time and browsed for a long time, and explore their naughty videos, so I know what the fuck I am talking about.Keep in mind that I tend to be very picky, and not every clip can make my dick hard, but then I can easily say that the shit Net Porn Sex has to offer will be enough to make anyone cum. Of course, I found both the clips that made my dick rock solid and those that were not as interesting. Now, keep in mind that this mostly depends on your personal preference.Anyway, from just one glance, you will also be able to see that there are lots of different videos here, from the kinky sections where you can watch bitches be fucked in multiple hardcore scenarios, to the vanilla videos I am sure we all already know very well.Since I browsed for quite some time, I shall mention a couple of my favorites, just in case you were wondering or you want actual proof of the naughty shit they offer. One of the videos featured a hot big tits babe from BangBros and after she undressed outdoors, she got her shaved snatched penetrated and filled with cream.You also have the petite teen chicks with small curves, who love to bang their step-daddies when mom is out of town… not to mention the other types of scenes, where sons get some hot action with their stepmoms instead. As you can already tell, you have videos from all kinds of sources here, including both professional and amateur videos.For example, I ran into clips from BangBros, FakeTaxi, Brazzers, Family Strokes, Reality Kings… if you enjoy porn as much as I do, there is a high chance that you know all of the mentioned big names. Obviously, those are not the only sites that have their naughty videos here, so make sure to properly browse before you judge.The amateur videos are not really amateur, they also come from a premium site that offers amateur pornography, if you understand what I mean. So, if you were looking for genuine amateur porn, this is not the place where you should look… I have personally reviewed plenty of good amateur sites that you can check out on my site.However, if you came here for that professional lovemaking, you are in for quite a treat. From their naughty women who love to expose themselves and do everything for the camera, to the kinky petite teens who are trying out different ways to achieve an orgasm. Again, it all depends on your personal taste.Most of the videos I checked out were of solid quality, and I have yet to find any clip that is of low quality, which was honestly a big surprise. The first thing you expect when you visit a free site are videos that are of low quality, even if their content is great. But apparently, offers both great content and good quality, which is a huge plus.Simple design, some useful and not-so-useful features.There is not much that can be said about’s design, it is very simple. Now, that is not a bad or a good thing, but you know I am a perfectionist so I do have to say that they could have done a much better job. There are some annoying ads and pop-ups that can really kill a dick’s mood, but excluding that and some other aesthetical aspects, I think that is close to being perfect.On top of the site, you have all the navigation options you need; the first tab allows you to send your wish to the admin of the site and request a video that you would want to have uploaded to this site… basically, that is a request page for all of you dirty fuckers who already know the type of crap that makes you feel good.Other than that, and the categories that I shall talk about later, they have some links that will lead you to similar websites, as well as my site where you can see a lot of porn lists with legit sites. If this place does not satisfy your dirty desires, you are more than welcome to explore all the naughty crap I have reviewed on The Porn Dude!Special section for the categories and pornstars!I was happy to see that this site has a special section for categories… but I was not that thrilled to see that the categories they have to offer are not really that useful. Basically, you will not have the actual categories, like big tits, shaved, milf and so on… you will instead have names of sites that have their naughty shit posted here.I mean, that is not that bad, if that is what you came here for, but I prefer to have actual fucking categories instead. This is why I said that unless you are into something bizarre, you will be able to enjoy your time here. If you have a specific taste that does not have a site dedicated to that certain niche, you are probably going to have to take your time and browse… a lot.On the other hand, if you came here to watch premium videos for free, then you are probably not complaining. Most of the premium sites that have their videos here are quite expressive with their name, meaning that you will know the type of the shit they have to offer just by looking at their domain name.They also have a pornstars page, where you will obviously have all the pornstars listed… now there are a couple of issues with this as well. First of all, all the chicks will only have their name listed and a number of videos written… but why the fuck is there no thumbnail of their image or something? I find it quite idiotic to just have a list of names… like any of us actually, remember their fucking names.Nobody is here to masturbate to their personality, we are here to jerk off to their BJ skills and tits, so why the fuck is there no picture beside their name? When you open their section, you will only get their videos listed, which I can appreciate, but allowing us to see the chick before we actually click on her, would have been so much fucking better.ConclusionI think that everyone is able to find a section of that will perfectly suit their taste… if you are not into something super bizarre. I mean, their content is quite basic, and since it comes from premium websites, you already have an idea of what to expect. There are many premium sites that shared their clips here, so make sure to properly explore.Another thing that is lacking, at least in my opinion, is the registration and user-*options in general.Basically, you cannot become a part of the site, so there is no way to favorite clips or create your own playlist. You can comment and all that crap, but even that you have to do without actually registering.Well, other than the lack of their categories and search options, I think that everyone will be able to enjoy the content on This is a very simple site that has some cons, but most of the shit they have to offer is worth all your time. Make sure to take your time and properly explore the naughty content they have to offer, as you are bound to find the shit that will make your dick hard.I do not think that there is anything I need to add to that. The rest is up to you because, at the end of the day, this all depends on your personal taste. So, the first thing you should do is check out their categories, and browse for naughty clips within your favorite sites.

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