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Oh my, this looks like a mess. There's a whole lot of content to be found on the homepage of Oh Yeah 1080. You get to see lots of Japanese porn movies with some western pornos as well, which isn't something you see every day. Now, why is that? What's the thematic of Oh Yeah 1080? Well, there really isn't one. Well, I'd be straight-up lying if I said that it literally didn't have any. Rather, it has more than one. It compiles western and eastern pornography into one place, and it makes sure that porn is made free for you. Porn that every mortal without cash can watch, doesn't that sound great?The design and the sections of the websiteSo, what you get to see on the home page is actually pretty god damn simple, but at least it doesn't look so ugly, but what I'd like to thank for the good aesthetics are the JAV thumbnails, more than anything. The background on the page looks pretty boring if you ask me. It's a plain white background with a grey stripe on top of it, which is as basic as it gets, which doesn't do the job for me. I am aware that I stressed multiple times that I like it when a page is nice and simple, but OhYeah1080 really goes over the top. However, they do get props for dividing the page into multiple sections, thus making it easy to use. It's pretty nice. So, let's talk about these sections first, shall we?So, the first thing you get to see as soon as you make your way inside the page as the HD videos that this page prides itself upon, and these have been placed into the "full HD videos" section. These are pretty god damn great if you ask me. I mean, everyone loves some free HD porn. However, there is obviously a downside, as nothing in life is perfect. You know what usually occurs when you run into some neat free porn, right? Yep. Lots and lots of ads. Try clicking on any little part of the page and basically what will happen is a literal stampede of advertisements. Two to three ads will almost inevitably pop up, and so to say, fuck your shit up. This happens without exception when you click anywhere within the bounds of the "Full HD Videos" section.However, you will realize that the torture you go through is indeed worth it because there are no false advertisements here. You get what you came for, but it takes some effort and patience to finally end up where you want to be. The videos will occasionally move around. Well, not the videos, but the thumbnails for the videos. You don't get a proper preview as you get it in uhh...PornHub, for example. So yeah, if you hover above the thumbnail with your cursor, a little preview won't play, which is slightly disappointing, but oh well. The thumbnails will rather roam all over the place. However, even the HD videos tend to be censored, as most of the HD videos here are Japanese videos, and we're all very familiar with the fact that the Japanese love to censor their porn for some strange reason.So, for the ones who don't like their porn censored, we have the "uncensored videos" section right underneath the "full HD videos" section, which is quite nice. These don't have typical names that western porno videos have. So, you won't see none of that "Becky gets railed by hunky stud's thick dick" bullshit. Naw, these have names such as "Heydouga 534-420666420". So, you better bookmark a video when you find one that you like, or you will never find it again, which is sad. You do get to see an English name here and there sometimes, however. Furthermore, the website provides you with some information on the videos, such as the rating the movie you're currently watching has, and the age of the video. And by age, we mean the time that has passed since the video was uploaded, not the time that has passed since it was recorded. That would be stupid, am I not right?If we keep scrolling, we will finally exit the zone of hardcore premium pornography made by big Japanese studios (and unfortunately, I can't name a single studio, even though I call myself The Porn Dude), and you finally get to see the porn for the average man that has been made by the average man. This section that we have now entered, the so-called "sacred zone" (yeah, I just gave it that name) is called the "amateur girls" section. What you're supposed to find within this zone are amateur girls who give it up for their boyfriends, but this is not necessarily what you're supposed to get in here, but rather, you still get some stuff made by studios, for some reason. I mean, what's the point? There are also plenty of videos of girls masturbating on live cameras, which is nice all of us fans of solo pornography.If you keep scrolling, you will soon enter the twilight zone (okay yeah, I have a thing for giving porno websites these cheesy names to make them seem much cooler than they actually are). This twilight zone is the "censored videos" zone. To a westerner, watching censored pornography makes literally no sense, so if you are turned away by this, I understand. The one reason as to why you should watch these is the fact that these still tend to be pretty good, even though you don't get to see any pussy and dick within them. You also get to see the views these videos have, the ratings, and the age of these videos. They still sport these weird-ass names such as "MIDI-069" and shit like that, with actual English names never really appearing, even though we used to get an English name here and there in the uncensored section, which is weird.If we keep scrolling, we find the "hidden camera/webcam" section. You'd expect to find webcam shows in here, but this is exactly what doesn't happen. Basically, you get these "creep" videos of girls pretending to be recorded by creepy men without noticing. I mean, it's hard not to notice being recorded like this, but oh well. Let's pretend that these movies are believable. There is a section that is entirely dedicated to various JAV idols, but this section seems to be quite broken. You'd expect to have names of Japanese pornstars in here, but this isn't exactly what happens in here, which doesn't really make sense. It's still a bunch of random letters and numbers with a name inserted here and there. You also get a section of videos dedicated entirely to western pornography titled "Europe."The European and Japanese porn sectionsThe Euro porn section comes with hundreds of great videos from big names such as GirlDoPorn, FakeTaxi, X-Art, Nubiles, CzechCasting, and so on. All of the videos that have been posted to OhYeah1080.co (aka OhYeah1080.com) have actually been uploaded in full-length and HD, which is great. While I personally do not care much about eastern pornography, I assume that these are pretty god damn famous and important in Japan. You get names like Heyzo and Tokyo Hot that even I have heard about, so I guess this website is truly killing it with all these amazing premium videos being uploaded for free.If you don't exactly know what you looking for but you like pale people, then...This is the place for you, then. Honestly, you get to see a lot of light-skinned Asians and Europeans in here, and I have to say that it's pretty god damn nice. You do get to see a few ebony chicks here and there as well, and that's neat. The only downside is the fact that OhYeah1080.com (often misspelled as "1080ohyeah" and "jav1080") will bombard you with ads, but hey, at least the player will load these videos real quick, so you don't have to rewind over and over. Honestly, I can see myself beating my meat to some JAV on OhYeah1080, so yeah, I'd say it's a good page.

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