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Man, Indian sluts on Jil Hub, aka OOO Desi or Kaamuu are fucking great. The girls coming out of Sri Lanka, India, and Malay have such petite figures, big asses, and perky tits. And, if you don’t mind a little hair down there, then you’re in for a good fucking time. I feel like Indian porn and Sri Lankan porn videos kind of gets put on the backburner, at least in places outside of India, and that sucks. These girls are out there doing all kinds of kinky shit that you normally wouldn’t see on regular porn sites. So, for now, we have to stick to sites that only offer great Indian porn or SL porn by itself. And I have just the one for you this time is a site chock full of great, amateur Indian porn. Jilhub is brand spanking new to the industry with the inception being right around October of 2018. And in those few short months, they have skyrocketed to 1 million views every month. Damn, that’s what I’m talking about. I’ve seen other Indian porn sites that shuffle along with maybe 100 thousand views. So, this site has to be doing some shit right. Let’s check it out and see why they’re so successful.Simple Site Design, but Way too Cluttered with AdsThe landing page is pretty simple. It’s got a pale blue backdrop with everything else being gray. It’s not a bad design, I guess, but it’s definitely not the most appealing to look at. And right away I could tell that the ads were going to be really fucking obnoxious. You have to click half a dozen times before you can even start flipping around between menus without getting redirected, and that’s without even mentioning the countless pop-ups, banners, pre-roll, and mid-roll ads that you’ll have to suffer through. Oh, and you will have to suffer through them because they don’t let you view most of the content here unless you disable your adblocker. Fuck that.Everything is laid out simply at least. It’s all organized by “Sri Lankan Video,” “Desi Paki Video,” and “Image Gallery.” Then there’s a tab where you can go ahead and upload your own amateur content. It doesn’t seem too hard. Just throw a file up there, name it, and you’re good to go. As long as you have some sexy Indian chick in there at least. There aren’t any real categories outside of that, but you can sort shit by popular or most recent if you use the left sidebar. The previews run down the right-center of the site, and the sections there are broken up into “Recent Posts, Desi Paki Porn, and Photos Gallery.”Videos Aren’t Organized in Any Meaningful WayIf you want to find more specific shit you can try and use the search bar, but good luck with that. Since a lot of this is user-uploaded you have to deal with the shitty, vague titles that they come up with here. Seriously “Sri Lankan Girl Gives Blowjob” crops up at least a dozen fucking times. It’d be better if you could follow posters or something, but you can’t even do that. Your best bet would probably be going over to the “tags” section of that left sidebar and trying to find something there.The previews give you little to nothing to go off of. You get some random thumbnail from the video, a title, and that’s fucking it. Even when you hover that’s all you get. It just shows this file icon without giving you any more information. No video time, no rating, nothing. So, that’s a bit of a bummer for sure. And the preview images aren’t great. It’s often blurry or you don’t know what’s going on.Video Quality is Pretty BadThe video player isn’t great either. It’s streamed on a separate page that is still on-site, but, once the dozen ads roll through, you’re left with really poor-quality content. We’re talking 480p at the absolute best. You can’t toggle video quality or even skip ahead on some of them. It’s a 50/50 shot that you won’t even have a time bar on the bottom. The videos are generally pretty short, too. Like 2-5 minutes usually. You can download the videos, but it’ll take you to an outside site that looks pretty sketchy. I wouldn’t risk it for the content here anyway.User Uploaded Content Makes for Some Questionable ContentAnd I’m all for rough sex and shit, but a good bit of the content here doesn’t look like its completely on the up and up with consent and all that. I can get down with some non-consensual roleplay don’t get me wrong, but some of this is pretty fucking questionable. Like one of the top videos I saw was a phone recording of the chick propped up against a tree being fucked by a bunch of different dudes, and she was not loving it.The “Desi Paki” section seemed to be a little better than the other areas of the site. The quality there isn’t HD by any means, but I found more videos that were tolerable to watch. And the content was better in my opinion. Cute Pakistani girls stripping on camera, masturbating in showers, an getting fucked in public. See, that’s the kind of shit I was looking for. I recommend checking out this section of the site for sure if you want better content.Something else worth bringing up is the “Image Gallery.” They’re working with a really loose definition of an “image gallery.” It's just more videos disguised as photos for some reason. You click on the “view photos” button and you’ll get taken to a video page. I don’t fucking get it. Occasionally it will actually be a photo, but you have to download the photos off of some separate site that I definitely would not trust. It’s like those banner ads you see on sites that have the text on bottom asking you to download photos. Same exact shit, but you can flip through entire pages of them.Decent Mobile ExperienceThe mobile site is decent for what it is. It’s just as cluttered with annoying ads as the desktop version, only it’s harder to avoid them. The menus are tucked away in drop-down menus, which is pretty nice. Videos play fine on mobile as well, though the quality is still pretty shit. I get that it’s amateurly filmed, so I wasn’t expecting much, to begin with. But seeing individual pixels really takes away from the overall experience.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about aka is the fact that they have exclusive amateur content that you won’t find on your average porn site. This shit is usually filmed on people’s phones and uploaded here, so you get this porn right from the source. There are a ton of different kinds of videos here. Masturbation, gangbangs, creampies, and just about anything else you could ever dream of seeing some Indian slut do. The site has its shitty parts, but I can’t deny that you get a lot of unique content here.ThePornDude’s SuggestionMy main suggestion for would be to work a bit more on the general site design. The ads, lack of info in previews, and weird gallery page really makes the site feel clunky and cheap. I’d say work on video quality, but that’s not really in the site owners’ control if it’s all user uploaded. But a few simple changes and addition to the layout and features on the site would make navigation so much fucking easier. If the site were easier to use, then the poor quality doesn’t matter as much. But, as is, you can’t even see how long a video is, let alone anything else about it.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, (often misspelled as "gilhub" an "") is a good site that lacks features. You get the content and that’s it. No frills or anything to help you find shit. But, hey, if you have some mad lust for Indian sluts and Indian porn, then I would recommend giving this site a look. They have a huge selection of amateur videos that you won’t get on other sites. User uploads give you a lot of unique content, but it also gives you a lot of shitty videos. If you’re willing to sort through it all, then you might just find some really good porn.

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