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In today’s internet pornography climate, there are all kinds of websites out there made for all kinds of people, from weird BDSM forums to sites dedicated to nothing but Hentai flash games. The demand of serial masturbators all over the world in the past 20 years has prompted the porno industry to come up with some truly bizarre shit in order to satisfy people with all kinds of psychological trauma, sexual frustrations, and general issues. However, there are still plenty of websites such as, which feature nothing but regular raw free full length porn videos.And when I say raw, I don’t mean something that some douchebag filmed in the back of his Honda Civic – I mean straight up, professional porno with professional actresses that all have lip injections, butt shots, boob implants and probably make a few hundred thousand dollars per year just from fucking on camera. This is the kind of porn that scientists warn the youth about because it’s so damn perfect that anyone who watches is for too much can have some serious problems getting it up when it’s time to have sex in the real world. But, since you’re reading this review you probably won’t be having real sex anytime soon, so why not jerk off to your heart’s contempt to all the wonderful videos that are featured on this website.Lots of HD Videos from Top Tier ProductionsAs soon as you enter this website you’re hit with an amazingly extensive selection of sexy thumbnails which are all linked to HD videos shot by the most well-known mass producers in the XXX industry. Any given video on the home page is bound to be filmed by familiar names such as Mofos, Twistys, Brazzers, Throated and so on, and they’re all pretty fucking long – the shortest video is around 15 minutes so you can bet both your nutsacks that you’re getting plenty of content for literally nothing on, including both plots and actual sex. This is one of the few websites I’ve reviewed which actually offer free premium porn videos which average at around 20 minutes – I repeat, this stuff is all free, and I’m willing to bet that it’s ripped from some pay-to-view site where some idiot jerkoffs are paying a monthly subscription to jack off to it.Big Names, Big TitsSince essentially all of the videos featured on this site are shot by a big XXX production that only hires professional actors, it’s only natural to assume that pretty much all the girls in this site’s content are well-known porn stars. You won’t be jerking off to any college students or filmed prostitutes here – this website is all about professional content, and you’ll get to yank your dick to some of the sexiest names in the XXX showbiz such as Abella Danger, Alexis Fawx, Destiny Dixon, Kimmy Granger and so on. Let’s face it – if you jerk off to porn on a daily or near daily basis then you probably can’t relate to amateur shit anyway because you haven’t experienced a lot of real-life sex, so what’s the harm in jerking it to some premium-tier content featuring AAA porn stars that fuck on camera like their livelihood depends on it? (and it really does because that’s literally how they make a living)Long-Form VideosIf you’re someone who likes jerking off to porn that has meaning and isn’t just a video of straight-up sex, then you’ll fit right in with this website’s fanbase because all of their videos are long and contain the whole scene from beginning to end. In addition, since most of these videos are shot by professional production companies that specialize in reality porn that has some story behind it, you can definitely look forward to some plot twists and weird storylines that always end up with a dude getting his dick sucked and fucked by an unsuspecting or overly-horny porn actress. So if you’re someone who likes to take your time when jerking off and have the patience and the attention span to sit through at 20+ minute video then you’re just the kind of person that this site was made for.All Videos are DownloadableIf you’re a serious, devoted masturbator then you know all too well that sometimes you can get caught up in the heat and won’t have any internet connection available to open your favorite fuck-flick domain – or you just don’t want to waste your mobile data watching porn because you have some semblance of dignity within yourself. This kind of thing can happen all the time, but thankfully there’s a way to get your favorite videos onto your phone, tablet or PC so that you can save them for when dark days come. Every video hosted on this website has its very own download button, which lets you save any video you come across that stands out to you.Say you run into a very hot video of a milf getting fucked by her stepson before bed, or a cute babysitter getting rammed by a 10-inch cock – you can save those videos in your own personal electronic devices and use them at your own leisure. Sure, someone might find them and wonder “why the hell does this guy store porn on his computer, doesn’t he just go online for it?”, but those idiots don’t think about the worst case scenario that could happen to a serial masturbator, so they can go fuck themselves even if they do find something on a device that belongs to you.A Solid Variety of CategoriesThis website is all about that premium, HD porno that runs the industry with its overly-paid actors and commercialized vibe, so that means that there’s plenty of popular categories available that are synonymous with high budget pornography. You’ll definitely have fun skimming through the categories here, because there’s a lot of that usual stuff like blonde/brunette, bubble butt, big tits, blow job, interracial and so on, but there’s also a lot of kinky shit going on too like glasses, feet, high heels, oil, and socks. This is definitely a pretty unique way to categorize fuck flicks because not a lot of sites would use specific things like glasses and socks for categorization, but then again there are plenty of running XXX themes on this site’s content like ‘secretary’ and ‘babysitter’, so it makes sense as to why they would have such categories. There’s also parody and cosplay categories for the more nerdy types, but that’s about as far as it goes in that department.Search By PornstarThere is a fuckton of pornstars featured on this website and you can search them all on the ‘Pornstars’ section of the navigation bar. The actresses in the videos hosted on this site all hold some sort of standard when it comes to looks – there are no ugly bitches or fat whales getting fucked on this site, they like to keep it purely professional and as attractive as possible. Teens and milfs are the main actress archetype here, and there’s plenty of ethnic babes too if you prefer your porn to have a little dash of black or yellow in it. You can sift through the pornstar of your choice through an alphabetical index, or by searching by ‘Number of Videos’, ‘Most Rated’ and ‘Most Viewed’ parameters.Overall A Solid SiteThere’s really not much to hate on this website for – it has a huge selection of long, HD videos that are all shot by big-budget production houses, a decent list of categories, solid search options for both video and pornstars and a pretty good interface for navigation. If you’d like to spend some time yanking your meat to some professional pornography that doesn’t contain any alternative weird shit like BDSM and Hentai, then you’ll likely have a lot of fun jacking it to the stuff on this website.

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