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The local comic book store really lost a good customer when they banned me from the premises. I mean, I understand why they don’t want me to take the inventory into the restroom, but I only got semen on the pages in a handful of isolated incidents. Whatever, though. Sites like PComix have hotter shit than anything put out by Marvel, DC, or Image.PComix.net is a newer porn comic site, hitting the web at the dawn of 2020. It can be hard for fresh adult sites to get traffic since they typically don’t start with much content. PComix bucks the trend by coming out strong and going hard as fuck straight from the jump: as of this review, the site already has almost 20,000 free comics for adults only.X-Rated Comic Where Anything GoesOne thing I’ve always loved about comic books is that they don’t follow the same rules as real life. Motherfuckers can fly around, punch through walls, and melt steel beams with their goddamn eyeballs. The characters include all kinds of otherworldly freaks like mutants, aliens, dog people, and dragons. Why constrain yourself to reality?Laws of physics are bullshit in comic books, as evidenced by the anti-gravity tits of all the babes from X-Men and the Teen Titans. Laws of nature are bullshit, too, as evidenced by chicks like Squirrel Girl, who’s half rodent but still looks fuckable. Incidentally, these broads look a hell of a lot sexier when they’re getting naked and getting fucked in the artfully rendered stories on this site. You may never fap to the official versions again.In case Squirrel Girl ain’t breaking those laws of nature hard enough for you, there’s plenty of yiffing going on in other PComix.net books. They’ve got a whole Furry section that stretches almost 70 pages so far. Crank it to a cheetah-girl stripper, indulge in a My Little Pony foot fetish (hoof fetish?) tale, or see a woman slowly transform into a 6-titted cow babe, suck dick and milk herself.I’m no lawyer, but it looks like the mom in XMass – MILFtoon might be breaking a few different kinds of laws as well. I found the comic on the front page of PComix and popped wood just looking at the cover. I had to take a break from writing this review because it turned out to be exactly what I was hoping for. There’s another one with a Rick and Morty theme, but the art style is way more fappable than the Simpsons-wannabe source material. (And here come the shithead fan emails! Go bother McDonald’s about their sauce instead.)Parodies, Furries, and Other PerversionI tend to gravitate toward the incest stuff, of which there is a lot here, but there’s all kinds of attention-grabbing shit all over the front page. Chances are, you’ll see something that gets you hard and drippy within seconds of landing. There are a ton of X-rated parodies of your favorite comics and characters. Even before I clicked anywhere, I saw cover art of Kim Possible getting a dick between her butt cheeks, Yoda finally getting a piece or two or three at the same time, and a thick-assed futanari parody of Avatar: The Last Airbender.Parodies and kinky original abound, and I like the variety of the art styles. It’s mostly Western-format comics, but the influence of anime and manga is felt almost everywhere. All the girls have big tits like they always have in the funny pages, but nowadays they usually have giant eyes, too. PComix does have a massive hentai collection, though weeaboo fans of doujinshi might still prefer one of the many sites dedicated to the Japanese genre.The growing collection also includes a good amount of sequential CG perversion. The Latest Updates include a few chapters in the saga of a hot, depraved teacher who fucks her students, two installments of a mommy/son taboo story, and a hucow milking story where a bitch is used for her twat and her massive funbags full of baby formula.Like most adult masturbation libraries on the web, PComix.net uses Tags to organize the collection. The Tags page breaks them down by the number of appearances their collection, so you see all the major categories first. Big Boobs (8228 comics), Blowjobs (5263), and Hentai (4804) make up the top 3. Anal, 3D, Big Cock, and Big Ass are big news here, too.I was surprised when the next-level kinky shit didn’t show up until the third page, but I guess it’s only because there’s less of it than the general terms like Slut and Hardcore. Make no mistake about it: PComix.com has categories so kinky you won’t find them on typical porn sites.There’s nearly 2,000 Forced comics, for you rape fans, around 1400 each of Shemale and Son-Mom stories, and almost 1300 furry books. You like seeing human-animal hybrids getting butt-fucked and doing golden showers, right? Crank it to a thousand dirty strips about Monsters banging beautiful women and get weird with 800 Transformation tales. Enjoy a glass of milk as you peruse the Breast Expansion comics or read the Bondage books through a gimp mask.Top Artists at Their Most DepravedMy typical porn routine often involves 4K Ultra-HD vids of lesbian group sex, teenage deflowerings, and ass-to-mouth blowjobs. You know, the vanilla stuff everyone and their mom is into. I figured when in Rome, though, and opted for something a little bit kinkier here. One of the Latest Uploads is one called Pet Club Kidnapped, and it’s tagged with BDSM, Bondage, Forced, Slave and Stockings. Of course, I knew it was going to be kinky by the cover, which depicts a slave girl being forced to piss on another slave girl’s face.The 31-page, full-color story opens innocuously enough. The first couple of pages could come out of any PG-rated superhero book, with a newscaster setting up the story of a kidnapped Austrian model. On page 3, we see some broad’s ass and some side-boob as she slips into a corset and red platform boots. It’s not any more explicit than something you’d see in DC’s Vertigo imprint.Things ramp up as she goes to a sex club where people are crawling on the floor, and others are getting their cocks polished. The art is polished and looks professional, unlike the shoddy scribbles you find on some of the shitty doujin sites. PComix seems to have a high bar for inclusion on the site, and it’s obvious they’ve got work from some of the best porn comic artists out there. Comic crankers who already know who they like can check out the extensive list on the site’s Artists page.The story has more going on than I expected. I don’t want to give away too much, but that reporter from the opening scene is investigating a potential slave trade that may or may not be going on at that fetish club.The Reader Settings contain multiple options for how the pages are presented. It doesn’t have the automatic scrolling I’ve seen on some of the more elaborate sites, but they do offer both Webtoon and Manga reviews. The latter can be broken down further into Vertical or Horizontal, and again depending on which side you want to read from. I usually like the vertical scroll, but find the options come in handy when you’re dealing with denser artwork or text.One-click downloads are available via a blue button in the sidebar of the gallery pages. The one small catch is that you have to sign up for a free account if you want the file. This is one of my only complaints about PComix, and it’s pretty mild.My other minor complaint is the spam. With my spam blocker running, I only saw two advertisements, but they were pop-unders. I fucking hate pop-unders! Give me a sidebar ad or even a pop-up any day of the week. Still, it’s hard to complain about the trade: I had to close two unwanted windows, and in exchange, I got access to 20,000 adult comics.PComix.net is one of the fastest-growing sex comic sites I’ve ever seen. I have no idea how they created such a massive archive in such a hurry, but I can’t say I’m complaining. The stash has some the filthiest, freakiest, kinkiest and most beautiful illustrated smut I’ve ever seen, and the entire library is free to browse, read, and shake your dick at.