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PornHubPremium! Is there a more prominent name in the online adult entertainment industry today? Probably not. Porn Hub is one of the few porn outlets to ever break into mainstream consciousness. It has transcended, really, the realm of mere porn sites, and has become something so much more. Not only do people frequently discuss PornHub content on all the popular social media sites, but it has also created a cult following. Just based on the comments people leave on Porn Hub videos, and now they also offer PornHub Premium.On most porn sites, you can probably do with or without video comments, but not on PornHub; they are often so hilarious that they have become a necessary feature of the site. In fact, the comments are so entertaining that there is an entire subreddit dedicated to them: r/pornhubcomments. I definitely recommend you check it out if you fuck with Reddit at all.Plus, Porn Hub (and their PornHub Premium service) is probably the only porn site to ever have content go viral. Thanks to Porn Hub amateur user, Ryan Creamer, and his ‘wholesome’ POV porn videos, Twitter and Instagram have been buzzing with Porn Hub videos and screenshots lately. If you have never heard of this guy, his videos are actually pretty fucking funny. You can expect videos with titles such as “I Give You My Jacket Because You’re Cold,” “I Hold Hands with Ebony GF as She Talks About Her Day,” “I Deliver You a Pizza and Don’t Put My Weiner In It,” and “I Disinfect the Casting Couch.”But Porn Hub isn’t all shits and giggles. It is also one of the largest porn tubes on the web, stocked full of content from not only the best topnotch premium porn studios, but some of the best amateur content as well. It is one of the most consistent porn sites I have ever seen. You can visit Porn Hub at any time of the day or night, any day of the week, and be able to find a fappable video in just a couple of minutes.It has been my personal go-to default porn site for a few years now. I just haven’t been able to find a website that makes it easier to find fuck tons of high-quality porn in no time at all. Plus, you can access it all for free; or you can upgrade to PornHub Premium to access everything this behemoth of a porn tube really has to offer.It’s Porn Hub, but Better and Without AdvertisementsChances are, if you’ve used Porn Hub in the past, you’ve probably seen advertisements for and wondered whether or not it would be worth it. Well, today, I will help you answer that question once and for all. I upgraded my Porn Hub profile so you don’t have to (well, unless you decide to after this review … and upon a quick glance, I think that might not be a horrible idea). So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what the complete, unlocked PornHub Premium experience looks like.When you first log into the website, it looks pretty similar to the classic Porn Hub layout and design that you’ll likely be very familiar with, but slightly different. Honestly, the site design pretty accurately reflects what PornHub Premium is: Porn Hub plus exclusive premium paysite content. Instead of just having the site navigation menu and search bar at the top of the page and the trending videos right below it in small thumbnails, you’ll still find the site navigation menu and search bar up top. Yet, just below it, you’ll also find a large banner presenting a slideshow of new releases. This design is very reminiscent of the typical premium porn site format.Underneath the new releases slideshow on PornHub Premium, you’ll find an additional section of the site: Popular Premium Videos, where certain exclusive premium videos are featured and appear as extra-large thumbnails. They’re in a carousel, click through and browse at your leisure. Keep scrolling down the home page to find a Trending Channels section (how you can conveniently access all the premium channels Porn Hub offers), then Hot Videos (also in a carousel).Then there are featured exclusive videos from a PornHubPremium contest that occurred recently. As of the time of this writing, it was the #VDay2019 challenge—tons of amateur Valentine’s Day themed videos to enjoy here. Keep going down and find your personal Top Picks, based on your viewing habits. The rest of the page from there will look a little more like the free Porn Hub you’re used to, but with tons of extra content and features to enjoy, such as Featured Channels, Featured Networks, and more Popular Channels.Is It Worth Your Hard Earned Money?So, that leaves us with the million-dollar question: is the premium content good enough to pay for? Well, that depends on the video. There is so much diversity in content type on PornHub Premium, that it’s tough to give a comprehensive review of all that is offered. But I think that that fact alone should be viewed in a positive light. There is so much fucking content and tons of diversity in what you can expect to find that it can’t even be boiled down. Plus, I was definitely far from disappointed in what I saw when I spent some time with my Premium membership.I guess the best way for me to characterize the website would be to say this: imagine the original Porn Hub that you know and love. Just imagine that all the short premium videos are actually full-length, uncut scenes. Now add hundreds of thousands of videos to the ones you can already view for free, and you have PornHub Premium. Is that worth your money?Diversity, Quality, and Quantity of ContentWell, that will ultimately be up to you. Still, I certainly don’t mind paying for such a comprehensive porn service like PornHub Premium that offers such an unprecedented level of diversity. Where else can you watch full-length scenes from studios like Brazzers, Reality Kings, Naughty America, Team Skeet, Mofos, and GF Leaks all in one place? Not to mention all of the great amateur, user-uploaded content that makes Porn Hub a social networking site of sexy amateurs as well.That’s another aspect of Porn Hub that often gets overlooked. But I really think it deserves a fair plug. The fact that Porn Hub is also one of the best adult social media sites on the web, with one of the most actively engaged userbases. Not only do beautiful women upload sexy naked pics and videos of themselves fucking or being fucked, but they actually engage in conversation and pop up in the comments pretty frequently.If ever there was an adult dating site that could actually lead to you getting some pussy, it is Porn Hub. And with a PornHub Premium account, you can access every video and photo in the amateur community (so long as the user hasn’t made it private).Another benefit to upgrading your Porn Hub account to PornHubPremium is the fact that all of those annoying ads that previously got in the way of your full enjoyment of Porn Hub content magically vanish. That’s right, no more pre-video advertisements that make you wait with your dick in your hand, quickly going soft, before your videos play. No more pesky popups or popunders. Just awesome porn all day long. And more of it than you’ll know what to do with.Should I Upgrade To A PornHub Premium Membership?So, you tell me, is PornHub Premium worth it? Well, you could buy multiple monthly memberships to a handful of professional studio porn sites. Or you could just streamline them all into one monthly payment and have access to an exponential number of videos and photos (as well as an adult dating site). I don’t know about you, but I would rather just subscribe to Porn Hub Premium and get all of my porn in one place, for one price, including Pornhub VR.All in all, given the fact that PornHub Premium combines everything you already know and love about Porn Hub with extra exclusive content and full-length videos from the top porn studios in the world, I really don’t think you can go wrong. By upgrading to Premium, all you’re really doing is taking your favorite go-to porn tube and making it better and bigger. In my opinion, I see no reason to zero in on a single paid porn membership, when you can get the equivalent to hundreds with PornHub Premium. Go ahead and try it out, they give you the first week free anyway, so you have nothing to lose!

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