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PornHubVR! A lot of people like to pretend the Internet is all social media and fake news, but us perverts know the truth. The entire thing is built to deliver instant access to pornography, and it never would’ve gotten as big as it is were it not for all that on-demand smut. These days, virtual reality porno is bringing VR to the mainstream more than any bullshit game about slicing fruit or digging caves. Even PornHub Premium is getting in on the game with a growing selection of immersive 3D fuck movies.I know you’re thinking. Why the fuck should I pay for Pornhub, the biggest free sex tube in the world? It’s a fair question. Pornhub gets a few billion visits a month, but their Premium paysite gets under a hundred million. Most of you cheapskates are going to keep getting it for free, but I’m telling you, there’s some good shit in there that might be worth a few pennies. In this review, I’m going to focus on Pornhub Premium’s VR movies.Why Should I Pay for a Free Sex Tube?Okay, let’s go over the basics of Pornhub Premium really quick. It’s only 10 bucks a month after a free week, making it about a third of the cost of a typical porn membership. This earns you access to over 100,000 premium videos from partners like Brazzers, Digital Playground, Backroom Casting Couch, Kink and more. You can watch it in HD and ultra HD without any fucking ads getting in the way of your masturbatory enjoyment. There are also thousands of full-length DVDs to stream on demand.And of course, a growing selection of virtual reality fuck movies in beautiful 2160p ultra HD. These movies work with any of the modern VR devices, from the antiquated Google Cardboard to the newfangled Oculus gadgets, Gear, Vive and everything in between. As long as you didn’t buy your futuristic sex helmet out of the back of some hillbilly’s truck, you should be golden. (And if you did buy your VR gizmo at the flea market, don’t worry, because you can probably still make it work with one of the lower-res smartphone downloads.)Let’s Watch Virtual Reality Porno!Virtual reality pornography is getting more popular every day, but it’s still kind of a niche genre of pornography. I didn’t see it listed on the main member’s page for Pornhub Premium, and had to dig around for it. Fortunately, it was easy enough to find. Click the Categories tab up in the header, and then click the Virtual Reality label in the sidebar. As of this writing, that brings up nearly 1600 immersive, hyper-realistic porno movies.This is already one of the biggest collections of 3D porno on the net, and the low price really sweetens the fucking deal. The only issue is that with so many pieces of content on the menu, in so many categories and from so many producers, it’s a little bit overwhelming. Fortunately, PornHub has been in business for years and has spent a ton of time and money building an excellent search engine for their library.The top of the page tells me that Virtual Reality is frequently combined with tags like Japanese, Big Tits, Teen, Anal, and Threesome. Hentai is also a popular VR search, even if the virtual reality hentai stash only has around 65 erotic 3D cartoons so far. Fans looking for some everyday sexy action like Lesbians or Asians will have hundreds of VR movies to sift through.Find the VR Porno of Your DreamsAll the movies in the VR section are downloadable, which is good news since those pixels will be right against your eyeballs. You need as many as you can. I filtered the selection down to only the 4K movies, but there are still nearly 1300 to choose from. I filtered it down a little more to only scenes longer than 10 minutes, and I still have around 1200 in the pile.Other filters listed in the sidebar include Popular with Women, Verified Amateurs and Verified Models. I can look at All the VR smut or filter to Gay Only. I looked for a Straight Only filter, but there doesn’t seem to be one. A list of the most popular subgenres of pornography are listed in the sidebar in case you’d like to combine your VR search with something like Babysitter, Feet, Interracial, Orgy or Pussy Licking.There is a filter to limit your searches to Professional or Homemade. Since this is virtual reality, your options for amateur smut are pretty limited. There are less than a couple of dozen Homemade VR movies, but I’m sure that will change as 180° cameras get cheaper. I’m really looking forward to those DIY swinger hookups and basement bondage experiments rendered in realistic virtual reality.Experience Pornstar Sex in Realistic VRAfter I set my filters, one of the clips to show up at the top of the screen was a VRALLURE scene called Come Join Me in the Kitchen! I recognize the girl up on the counter, spreading her legs with the vibrator on her clit as Brooklyn Gray. I’ve had kind of a pervert crush on the teen beauty ever since she hit the porno scene, so you’re goddamn right I was immediately ready to see the little slut right in front of me in VR.As with any movies on Pornhub or Pornhub Premium, you can stream the virtual reality stuff. That said, to get the best quality you’re going to want to hit the VR button and then choose one of the download options. My 3 GB download took about 20 minutes, so plan your wank sessions ahead.The scene opens with Brooklyn wishing me a good morning even though I woke up at 2 PM. She’s dressed for a pool party and asking if I’m ready for the day. A couple of minutes later, she’s on the floor twerking and slapping her ass, telling me she’s been at the gym getting it all nice and fat for me.I have to admit, solo scenes and stripteases are usually a little too softcore for me, but the VR element adds so fucking much to the scene. It really seems like Brooklyn is right in front of me as she pulls off her top to shake her tits in my face. The 3D effect gets stronger as she gets closer to me, and the binaural audio adds to the effect with a subtle reverb coming from around the kitchen as she spits on herself and moans.It’s a 25-minute scene, and Brooklyn has her beautifully manicured twat in my face by the eight-minute mark. Jesus fucking Christ, those VR nerds need to find a way to transmit smells via the Internet, because I really want to sniff that gorgeous cooter. Good thing I saved those used panties from the Craigslist bitch so I can wear them over my face while I watch this.Does VR Make Pornhub Premium Worth It?Goddamn, I love this chick, and I especially love her in VR. She’s got such a cute, innocent smile even when she’s telling me I’m not allowed to touch until she cums. People make a big deal about eye contact in porno scenes, but you’ve never experienced porno eye contact until you’ve done it in VR. Be careful, perverts. There’s a good chance you’ll fall head over heels for one of these virtual nymphettes.The total lack of ads on Pornhub Premium makes perusing the selection a true joy, at least if you’re a depraved pervert like I am. My one complaint is pretty fucking minor: as with any massive porn library, sometimes the tags on individual videos are somewhat lacking. I had to click the Suggest Pornstar button to add Brooklyn Gray’s name to the movie. The young goddess deserves credit, not to mention a bunch of dick, and having her name properly tagged will let other deviates find more of her material.Overall, I’m really fucking impressed with Pornhub Premium’s selection of virtual reality pornos. With nearly 1600 downloadable scenes of 3D, next-generation immersive hardcore pornography, they have one of the biggest collections and one of the lowest prices in the business. That’s without even considering the mountain of traditional 2D smut included with your membership. That’s a lot of fucking porn!Pornhub Premium is a good deal for anybody who really likes jerking off to dirty movies, and their VR selection makes it a gold mine for anyone who just bought an expensive new virtual reality toy. With 3D fuck movies in a wide variety of sexual subgenres, from a ton of different producers with all the hottest pornstars, you are in for some seriously intense masturbation sessions.

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