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Porn Streams is a website that should not be kept hidden from the public, especially men! A page filled with so much hot, steamy pornography that it will make your jaw drop straight to the floor! ITons and tons of free content which tends to be HD as well, which is something that all men crave, without a doubt.Well, at least the straight men. I won't be sugarcoating the entire thing by saying that the content of this page is good enough to make a gay man want to start jacking it to girls. The Porn Dude is an honest, honorable man. So, before my ego gets inflated like Mia Khalifa's fake titties (sorry to burst the bubble for the 3 of you who believed those were real), I should start going with the actual review. I mean, even though we're technically still in the intro, barely a hundred words in, we still have to dish out some facts...and by facts, I don't mean facts about Mia's Breasts, but rather, facts that are totally related to Porn Streams.Who am I to say that Mia Khalifa is totally unrelated to this website? Maybe there's porn of here creeping up on this page, and I just haven't noticed it yet? I wouldn't know...and that's still some off-topic yapping. I gotta cut that shit out.The very first thing I'm going to mention is the fact that this page indeed did make my jaw drop down to the floor (well, not really, I mean, I'd be in the hospital right now if this was the case, and this page would be used as a weapon of mass destruction...can you imagine your worst enemy using this page to break your jaw just by exposing it to you?), and this is all because the homepage of this website is so well-made that I really have no complaints. It's not some ground-breaking stuff, that's' for sure, but you know me by now, I like my porno pages simple and crowded with a lot of free HD pornography. Sometimes I'll even settle for amateur stuff, but I've been disappointed with the fact that there's pretty much no amateur stuff on, but that's not that bad, either.I mean, it's not something I like, but I guess most of you won't cry over watching some high-budget pornography, right? It's something people weren't able to do a decade or two ago, so you better count your blessings! Now that we're talking about blessing let's talk about the content of this's mainly content that has been gathered from Brazzers, even Bangbros, and then there are tons of other big names such as Reality Kings, and Mofos. Everyone who has masturbated at least once in their lifetime knows that these pages make the best kinds of porn. I'm not gonna go picking sides or something, but these are pages I happen to enjoy quite a lot.I mean, they are filled with girls of all races and all ages. So, if you want to see a black girl taking some white dick, you got it, if you want to see an Asian getting her back blown out by a horny hunk, you got it. There's lots of MILFs here as well, and there are tons of teens. These are the types of videos you can expect from Yummy, isn't it? I'd say it is. Now that we're slowly diving into the pool of filth that is (I'm saying this in a good way, obviously), let's check out the structure of the page, let's talk about the looks, and let's talk about the boring little details no one but the porn dude is going to worry about.A pretty, simple websiteI've already mentioned this in the introduction, but I'll say it once more since I feel like it: This page is a gorgeous page. Now "gorgeous" can be a very subjective thing, that's something that should be quite obvious to you by now, right? Do you know what The Porn Dude considers to be gorgeous? A simple page that's quite easy to navigate. Hell, I even dig the color scheme. It's pretty nice. It's not an all-white page like most of them, but the designers of have actually bothered to put in some style into their website. It's dripping. It's great. I have no complaints, really. I'd also like to point out that this page indeed does not have many ads on it. You might get bothered by an ad or two, but no more than that. Furthermore, you are free to click on pretty much any spot on the page, free of the fear of an ad popping up and opening like a trillion of tabs at once and fucking the RAM memory up, something your poor little laptop can't handle all that well. So, don't worry, you're in for a smooth browsing experience. Is going to keep you safe from the advertisement bullies. God, that line sounds so cheesy.What about the header tabs?Let's talk a bit about the various tabs on the page a little bit. A website as good as this one is expected to have a lot of header tabs where you can find all sorts of content, right? That's what The Porn Dude is used to, so is that what he's going to get in here? Indeed! However, these aren't your average tabs, since you don't find the usual shit in here. For starters, we're used to having a "categories" or "pornstars" tab on our porno websites, but is this what we get in here? Well, apparently not. There are tabs dedicated to things such as certain porno websites, and a single tab that is all about free webcams, but that's about it. Why haven't the videos on such a nice page been categorized? I wouldn't know, but that's fine. I mean, we're just going to scroll through the homepage for two to three minutes, and we're going to check out the thumbnails, and then we're just going to start wanking, so we can forgive them the sin of leaving a "categories" tab out.Next, I've also mentioned that there's a section of this website that is all about free that section any good? Well, I'd say it is, but as soon as you click on it, it will open up an entirely different tab, and it will take you to an entirely different website, so what's up with that? Aren't we supposed to stay on the same page? Well, apparently not.Then, there's a tab all about the studios that make the porn that is posted on, which is a somewhat useful tab, but then again, we don't really need it, I mean, all the studios that you can see on the page have been given their own, unique tabs, so what's the point?That would be about it when it comes to the header tabs that come here, and there's really not much to be said about the website from this point on. However, are we not going to talk about the player here? Not you, playa! The player of the website...who the hell would want to talk about you, creep?The playerA website such as this one deserves a nice little player, and this is exactly what it gets, a neat little player. First things first, does it buffer videos real quick? Yes, it does! That's a huge plus! Then, you can fullscreen you videos, you can turn the sound off with a single click, and that's pretty much it. It's not much, but it's all you need from a player, really. Ads might pop up when you click on the player though, so that's a tiny little minus. I guess I should start caring about the ads that pop up on this website at this point.A few final (often misspelled as "") is indeed a good page to go to whenever you want to beat your meat real quick, and I would indeed recommend it to a friend, and I would also recommend it to the person reading this as well. Tons of free HD videos you would only get to see on porno pages that would make you pay a hefty sum of money just for a 2-day trial, I'd say we've struck gold with a page such as How do they even manage to keep these videos up? It's unreal. Either way, we're thankful for these blessings, and we're going to use them nicely.

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