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RampantTV! One of the hardest things about social distancing is not getting any real, live poon. As ThePornDude, I certainly appreciate the living fuck out of all the hardcore sex flicks we have available to keep our hands busy during all that alone time. Still, it’s hard to beat the thrill of interacting with another living human, preferably one with a huge rack, a tight pussy, and a giving asshole. That’s exactly why I’m about to get my fap on with some of these Rampant.tv girls.Rampant.tv ain’t like your regular TV. Shit, this ain’t even like that full-frontal nudity and classy incest they’re showing on HBO. Rampant is a webcam site with some of the hottest, sluttiest live girls on the Internet. They’re getting around 4,000 visits a day right now, which tells me I should probably open a new barrel of lube before I really start browsing.Real, Live Sluts Beamed Into Your HomeRight away, you’ll notice Rampant ain’t your typical camwhore site. Even big-ass cam sites like Chaturbate tend to have beat-up old layouts that look like they haven’t been updated in a decade. Rampant’s landing page is clean, modern and sleek as fuck.There’s a logo in the header, and then 20 cam thumbnails packed tightly together. You’ll get a model’s name if you hover over her sexy body, but there’s otherwise no text cluttering up the images.I’m not sure how the front-page babes are selected, but goddamn, they’re all hotties. There’s a redhead putting on lipstick beside a dildo jutting from the wall, and a babe on her back touching herself. Some girls are just smiling topless, others posing in lingerie or nothing at all.The chicks come in all sexy flavors. Fap to live Ebony babes or white girls, blondes or brunettes, big titties or small. They all look like legit models, though, not the smorgasbord of girls next door, professional camwhores and washed-up pornstars you find on other sites.I don’t see any of the bored bitches you see on some cam sites, either, just sitting around in their bedrooms waiting for a paying customer. The thumbnails don’t move, but all the girls look like they’re having a good time while giving their viewers the same.Free Sex Shows, But For Real This TimeI clicked on a brown-haired beauty aiming her round ass at the camera and Rampant.tv dropped me into her show. The British babe was fully naked, showing off her tan lines and big jugs. I know she’s British because as soon as I tuned in, she was rambling into a handheld microphone about getting the show started.“My name is Priya, I’m ready, willing and able!” she said, trying to entice viewers into a private show. She put the mic down and sang along to her radio as she bounced lightly on her knees, letting her titties jiggle. I watched for a while as she laid on her back and squirmed around on her knees.Right away, one of the things I like about Rampant is that you get to see genuinely free, genuinely sexy cam shows. All cam sites claim free material, but on small sites, the free shows are all bored chicks who won’t show you anything. Priya’s sticking out her tongue and caressing her melons, slapping her ass and having orgasms on camera, and I haven’t paid a dime.How the fuck does that work? It’s a simple numbers thing. Remember those thousands of daily visitors? A bunch of them are watching her with me, and some of those magnanimous perverts keep throwing money in the hat and keeping her happy. She’s got one of those pink internal vibrators the camgirls love, and somebody just buzzed it again.There’s a chat window on the side where you can see people giving tips, activating the vibrator, and telling her how sexy she is. One dude told her, “I want to kick your vagina.” He then corrected himself, saying, “Sorry. I want to lick your vagina.”Priya got on her ass and started thrusting her body like she was getting fucked. I was getting really into it, and she was close to reaching her tip goal, at which point we’d see a creamy wank with the mic on. You know what? I’m going to take a break from writing for a while.Having Phone Sex While Watching Cam ShowsRampant.tv has an interesting phone-in angle that I’ve never seen on a cam site. I’d noticed Priya talking without the mic, but I couldn’t hear her. After watching her a while, she picked it back up and said, “Let me tell you how this works, guys!” Thank you, Priya, because I was wondering!Callers get to listen to the girl’s dirty talk while she performs for the camera, draining your Rampant.tv credits by the minute. Priya’s doing a 2-minute masturbation challenge for as many viewers call in, but you can also get direct one-on-one calls with the girls. If she’s busy with another caller, you get to listen until she’s free.As much as I like dirty talk, phone sex and chatting with camgirls, I don’t really want to listen to her have phone sex with another dude. I don’t really mind if people hear me, but then again, I jack off with the blinds open in broad daylight. You may not feel the same way.Want to Step Up Your Cam Game?The phone gimmick is kind of weird, especially when your computer or mobile device is perfectly capable of transmitting audio over the Internet along with the video. I wasn’t about to make any overseas calls, but I was interested in getting some credits to buzz those vibrators and get the camwhores to act out my fantasies.I’d actually been fapping to Priya’s show without even registering for the site. It was simple, free and only took a minute. Once you’re registered, credit packages run around 10 bucks for 100, with bonuses if you spent at least $50. You also get free 5 minutes of call time just for signing up.The girls set their own prices, but most of the ones I looked at are asking around 30-50 credits a minute for the private pervcam, or 15 credits for phone access. You can buzz Priya’s cooch toy for 50 credits.Those aren’t the cheapest prices I’ve seen on a cam site, but the girls on Rampant.tv are uniformly sexy as hell. Anyway, you camwhore connoisseurs already know it’s going to cost more if the girls speak English natively.There’s also a few Rampant VIP memberships available if you want to go all-out. The Gold, Silver and Diamond tiers offer access to porn sites like PassionXXX and Immoral. Some bonus credits are included, and the Diamond VIP tier will let you slide into her DMs.Hot Girls and Tons of Free VidsOne of Rampant’s biggest selling points is the quality of the babes. There are relatively few of them compared to other cam sites, with just a few dozen performing when I visited. There are countdowns for upcoming shows happening soon along the same sidebar. Instead of having any random slut sign up and see if she can hack it, they seem to have stacked the deck with top-shelf babes.They’ve also got a selection of prerecorded videos, presumably in case your favorite girl isn’t connected when you are. It’s a pretty deep collection, too, with thousands of free videos already and more being added all the time.My biggest complaint about Rampant has got to be the fact that people can listen to you have phone sex. The whole phone-in thing just seems like a gimmick to me, but I can tell it’s popular because the girls are always talking to someone I can’t hear. I do think it’d be better if they just rolled the voice chat into the site.Overall, though, I’m impressed by Rampant.tv. The site has a great design, and some of the sexiest camgirls I’ve fapped to this month. The huge viewership means there are plenty of free shows to get off to for the library masturbators and other assorted cheapskates. You don’t even have to register to watch the free stuff, so what are you waiting for?

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