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Legendary torrent site RAR BG! Do you like free stuff? What a stupid fucking question … of course you do! Who doesn’t? There is something about free shit that makes it all the better. Free food tastes better than if you paid the full price for it. Free furniture somehow looks better in your house. And free porn, well, in my opinion, that’s the only porn there is!Porn can get really fucking expensive. At least if you want the full-length, uncensored good shit. The professional premium studio shit. Sure, you can get plenty of free porn on tubes like Porn Hub, Red Tube, xHamster, or You Porn, but it hardly gets the job done half of the time. You can only get so far with an endless gauntlet of clips and excerpts of full-length scenes. Sometimes, you just need the real fucking deal … without any of the bullshit of constant scene cuts and shortened bullshit.It seems like, with these porn clips you find on the tube sites, as soon as you start really getting into a position or a spot in a scene, it cuts to another. Then you have to try to get back to the precipice of jizzing all over again! They are like 8 to 10-minute exercises in blue balls! Sometimes you have to backtrack to an earlier part of the video, even, in order to try and reclaim your orgasm. Whatever your methods, I think we can all agree that it’s pretty fucking annoying.And, frankly, I don’t think that the clips offered for free from the big-name studios on sites like Porn Hub or Red Tube are even designed to make you cum. Seeing as most of the top free porn tubes on the web are all owned by the same conglomerate corporation that also owns many of the well-known premium porn studios, why would they just give us the real deal for free when they obviously still want us to subscribe individually to their separate studio sites?They wouldn’t. Most of what you fap to on porn tubes are actually promotional videos – designed to pique your interest (read: give you blue balls) so that you will be more likely to visit the site and pay their monthly subscription fee. It’s kind of like how The New York Times and The Washington Post set up paywalls, allowing you to read only a certain number of free articles per month. It is meant to entice you into giving them your money.Well, we’re not all made of money. And even those of us who are a little better off than others do not usually factor porn into their budgets. Plus, if you’re married and your wife can view your credit card statements, there’s a good chance she isn’t going to be very happy if she sees any mysterious charges. Especially not if she could even remotely tie it back to porn somehow by the name, amount, and/or frequency of the charge. If you thought you weren’t getting laid before your wife discovers you’re paying for porn, see what happens after she does!But, luckily for us, there are other alternatives to dealing with the bullshit of free porn tubes when it comes to viewing high-quality, primo professional porn. An alternative that allows you to watch the full video without having to deal with ads, scene cuts, or shorthand versions. Some of the more technologically savvy of you reading this may already know where this is headed. Yes, I’m talking about torrenting – the great media equalizer.Cum TorrentsYou’ve probably at least heard of torrenting at some point or another. At least in the context of downloading albums, movies, tv shows, e-books, apps, and expensive software. But were you aware that you can also use torrenting sites to download some of the best porn the web has to offer, absolutely free of charge? Well, of course, you can! Do you think that a website that specializes in downloading movies is going to leave out one of the most genres of film to ever exist? Hell no, fuck head! It’s time to grab the lube and the Kleenex, and let the pirating begin!So, before you even go to a site in order to find the porn torrents that are available to download, first you’ll have to download a program to manage and power the torrents. Bit Torrent is the one I personally use. But uTorrent seems to be pretty popular as well. Either way, go download one of those first (if you haven’t already), and once you do, the process will be easy as taking a piss.There is a slew of different websites out there to choose from when it comes to searching and downloading the torrent files to Bit or uTorrent. The Pirate Bay is a pretty popular one. I don’t know if it’s still around, but Kick-Ass Torrents was a giant of the torrenting world at one point. I’m not going to list them all off for you lazy fuckers. You all know how to Google, have a ball. But today, we’ll be taking a look at a popular site called RARBG – one that I’ve never seen before firsthand, but I am very excited to check it out.Awesome Design … Thanks, Nerds!Once you arrive at RARBG’s home page, you’ll probably notice that it has a pretty nice design to it. A very clean aesthetic – nice black, white, and blue theme; clean edges; and extremely easy to use and intuitive. Honestly, most torrent sites tend to have a decent design. Mostly because it takes a real hardcore nerd to know how to start and operate a torrent site. So, the pirates behind these operations tend to know what they’re doing, especially when it comes to code.At the top of the page, you’ll find a place to log-in or register as a user (in case you want to leave comments, rate other users, or perhaps upload files of your own to share with the rest of the world). Below are several tabs for you to choose between: Torrents, Box Office, Catalog, Top 10, and News. I really like this aspect of the site, because it helps users navigate what is out and what they might be interested in seeing (thanks to the box office, top 10, and news sections). One thing that sucks, though, is that the box office page doesn’t seem to load. That’s a bummer. But you can find that info elsewhere. Besides, we’re here for porn, not Hollywood garbage, and we’re many years away from adult films ever being recognized by the box office, I’m afraid.To the left of the page, however, you’ll find some more tabs to choose from. View All, Movies, XXX, TV Shows, Games, Music, Software, Non-XXX, and Trailers are some of your options here. Let’s get down to business, shall we? Click XXX and you are brought to a page on which all of the site’s porn torrents are listed in a table.The table is broken into a few variables. You have, from left to right: category, file, date added, file size, number of seeders, number of leechers, and uploader name. For the uninitiated: seeders refer to the number of downloads available; leechers to the number of people downloading at a given time. In order to reorganize the search results, all you have to do is click on one of the section cells and it will rearrange the order in which the files appear.You can click on the cell marked “file,” for instance, in order to arrange the results in alphabetical order by file name. Or, a much more useful trick, you can click on the cell marked “S” (for seeders) in order to have the files be arranged by most seeds to least. This way you can weed out all of the files that will either not work or be hella-slow due to insufficient people hosting the porno.Newer Files Often UnavailableThe biggest issue with most torrenting sites is the fact that the seed to leech ratio is often extremely disproportionate on many files (at least when it comes to porn), meaning that a majority of the movies you want to download will just sit in your torrent client program forever, until the number of seeders exceeds the number of leechers. Is this the case with RARBG (often misspelled as "rargb")? Well, yes and no.There are certainly plenty of files with more than enough seeds to go around … I’m talking like 30 or 40 pages worth. Which is way more than many torrent sites can boast. So, that’s a definite plus. The problem with this site, however, seems to be the fact that many of the newer scenes will not be available because not enough people are seeding it. Maybe, though, it’s just a matter of time. Either way, the lesson here is, if you download a torrent, be sure to fucking seed it after it’s done. I like to give it a week. Otherwise, nobody gets free porn!

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