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Shall we check out Rush Porn? Usually, I don't get too excited over websites such as this one for a very simple reason: They are very, very basic! However, this does not always have to be a bad thing, it's just not that exciting, and that's about it...I mean, who the hell would get excited over a website filled with a ton of vanilla videos where nothing too interesting happens, right? Well..a lot of men would. In fact, most men would get off to such a thing, seeing a whole lot of dudes really do not need porn that's too special in order to catch a nut, which is quite understandable. Not everyone has to be an absolute sexual degenerate like me, right?However, seems a bit too good to be true at times, which the a degree. While the website gives you all of its content for free, with little to no ads popping up, it messes up in all kinds of ways. For starters, not only are the titles of the movies completely misleading at times, but the thumbnails are just straight-up fake at times, which can be a bit annoying. However, most of the movies here are pretty fucking great, and I won't really get pissed when something weird opens up for me, because the content here really is top-notch. What I like about Rush Porn is the fact that there's so much "premium" porn in here that you're not even supposed to see for free-floating around, and it's quite amazing how they even manage to keep these things up and going for so much time. It's not like these movies have way too many views or anything like that, or way too many ratings. This page does not seem to get too much traffic, which is a good thing for now.Some of us like it when our porn or when our music stays underground, since this way you are able to keep the "scene" pure and untainted by the requests of the lowest common denominators. We want our porn to be great. God damn it, not some mediocre bullshit!This is exactly what you will get on this website! I won't lie, I'm pretty happy with the content of the page, even though regular boring vanilla porn is not really my thing most of the time, but hey, once I get in such a mood, you'll catch me opening my laptop up and rushing over to, watching whatever the fuck I can find right there on the homepage. Truly, I've made the front page of my home, as this section is quite fresh and welcoming both to people who are familiar with the page, and those who are not, and obviously, everyone in the latter group belonged to the group mentioned before that one at some point, and they learned to love the page along the way.Other people who are not interested in this type of content straight up decided to move on and satisfy their sick urges someplace else, which is fine. Not all of us are able to deal with things like these, and that's okay...except for the part where the miss out on a whole lot of kick-ass pornography.Not something you would expect from a basic website such as this one, huh?So, I've already told you that I am happy with the porn that I can find on this page, but did I ever tell you that the porn here actually can be downloaded? Every single one of these videos can be downloaded to your laptop or your phone, which is great, honestly. Most pages don't let you download videos such as these directly to your computer or your phone or whatever the fuck you're using. I'm just so glad exists at this point.Then, you probably noticed by now that many porno websites that hand out their pornography for free tend to fill their websites with super annoying ads that ruin your entire experience, and this is something that you won't see on Well, there is an ad popping up every time you pause a video or whenever it randomly freezes or something like that, but that's not annoying. By now, you surely know what kind of ad upsets me, and these just ain't it. Plus, they need something to keep their website going, too, so it's perfectly understandable. Ads are a necessity at this point for small websites, but it's up to them whether they will make them annoying as hell or if they will make them as small and as interesting as possible. Obviously, the latter is the case at, and I'm very happy about it.The way things are arranged around hereEven though this website looks as simple as it possibly could, it still has a bunch of useful buttons laying around that help you out plenty when it comes to navigating through the page and finding the type of content that suits you. First of all, I'd like to mention all the categories on the website that chill in the left corner of the page, and then, I'd like to mention all the header tabs laying at the top of the page, helping me find the longest videos, the most viewed ones, the ones with the best ratings, and many other things.I should also mention the All Categories tab that lies in the upper right corner of You should click on that one if you want to see all the categories that are made available to you in the bottom left corner. You know what I'm talking about, right? I've already mentioned the "basic" categories that chill in the left part of the website. They are sorted out alphabetically, so you know you'll always have anal and amateur porn, and even porn that features hot Asian chicks creeping up on your left side. Damn, I make it sound as if this was a bad thing!The visualsNow, not only does the page look great...the colors and all that. I dig the color scheme, but I also like the way things are arranged in here. I like the default size of the player, I like the size of the letters on the website, and I like the fact that shows me the length of the movies, their rating, and the title of the movie right there on the spot.It's a necessity, really. If you ever have something in specific that you want to see on this page on your mind, then you should head over to the search bar that lies in the upper left corner on the page and hit the big magnifying glass button-up and see if you run into what you were looking for. I mean, your odds are pretty great, seeing as this page has a whole lot of stunning movies going on for it. Underneath the player, you'll find all the names of the categories that the video you're currently watching fits in.For example, if a brunette is taking dick or eating pussy or whatever in the movie you're watching right now, then you're likely to see the video categorized as "Brunette", and if there's a Student/Teacher fetish going on in the movie, then you'll see those two tags creeping up right underneath the player.Summing everything up and a brief mention of some very weird thingsSo, most websites will keep their straight, their bisexual and their gay content separated, but this is not the case with for some reason, seeing as one of the very first things I saw on the homepage was a girl taking dick, then right next to her, there was a hung dude taking a dick as well, which surprised me quite a bit, to be honest. It's not something you would expect from your average porno websites, really. I mean, don't they ever think about filtering these things out. I mean, I take seeing nasty stuff pretty well, as I got used to it, but what about regular dudes who literally squirm when they see two lads being too intimate each other?You gotta think about them, you know? It's a necessity. I've already mentioned the fact that some of these titles are misleading and that some of the thumbnails are straight-up fake, so I'd just like to bring that up again in order to "formally" add it to the list of weird things that happen on, because hey, if that's not weird and low-key fucked up, then I don't know what is. However, if you don't mind seeing an occasional butt-pounding between two hung dudes on your homepage in the sea of girls taking dick, then you're going to love the homepage of, a website that's going to be responsible for so many of my orgasms. They'll commit spermicide in your testicles as well, just you wait. Well, actually, don't wait, give the page a shot right now.

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