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Man, NaughtyAmerica has been on the cutting edge of porno lately. If you’ve read my reviews, you know I’ve long been a fan of the original site, and they’re really killing it with their newer VR options. They just rolled out a new interactive 3D sex show, so naturally, I had to go check that shit out ASAP! was born in 2001 and adopted their current moniker around 2004. They’ve since grown into one of the biggest premium porn networks out there, with over 30 individual sites and thousands of videos, being served to nearly 10 million monthly visitors. Hard numbers aside, any page of their website is almost guaranteed to make your dick hard with a rich selection of famous porn sluts performing their favorite tricks. Let’s hope this 3D Sex Show lives up to their typical sexy standards!NaughtyAmerica – More Than Just 3D Sex ShowsFirst of all, the Sex Show isn’t a stand-alone website or membership. You can find it linked in the header and footer of NaughtyAmerica, and a lot of the 3D models are viewable even without a membership. Yeah, library perverts, this is your lucky day. You can jack off to CG models of pornstars gyrating, riding cock and getting drilled from behind against a wall. Blowjobs are for members only, as are the models of bitches taking it from behind against a chair or on the floor like a dog.I guess that means I should sum up the entire NaughtyAmerica membership, huh? If you want the full rundown, check out my long review of the site or it’s virtual reality section. In the meantime, here are some basic facts for those of you too lazy to aim your dick at the preview page.A VIP pass will run you $30, with cheaper options for longer rates, just like on most any other premium site. Membership here includes thousands of top-shelf pornos starring girls like Abella Danger, Abigail Mac, AJ Applegate, and Alex Grey. You’re right—I just grabbed a few of the more popular ones off their first page of alphabetical sluts. Imagine what happens if you keep following it down the rabbit hole. It’s big names and their respective big jugs all the way down!That membership includes a bunch of virtual reality movies you can watch in your futuristic sex helmet. NaughtyAmerica also has some other high-tech experiments that might catch your eye. There are some AR/VR pornstar holograms you can watch dance around your living room with a special app, and now there’s this new-fangled interactive 3D Sex Show I’m about to check out.Experiments in AR, VR and 3D SexNaughtyAmerica’s previous experiment in 3D sex, not counting the VR movies, was their AR holograms. I get into those in greater detail in the VR review, but they’re not much more than a little toy to fuck around with for a few minutes. Sure, it’s cool to look through your phone and see a pornstar laying on your coffee table with her legs up in the air, but it’s kind of hard to jack off to. It’s more of a thing you bust out at the bar with a bunch of your drunk, hard-up friends striking out with the real women.“Hey,” you’ll slur, “lemme show you guys a real, a real lady. Not these bishes.” The next thing you know, your homies will be stinking up your personal space with whiskey breath and halitosis as they stare into your phone at the virtual Emily Adison or Nicole Aniston shaking her naked ass next to the fat girl who shot you down earlier.With that in mind, I loaded up the Sex Show hoping for a slightly more interactive experience. By that, I mean I was looking for something I could actually jack off to. The front page to the section has a big circus-style banner saying I can SEE HER FROM ALL SIDES! LIKE NEVER BEFORE! It’s a similar pitch to the AR sluts, but hey, new and improved, right?I looked around for an app to download, like what they have available for the holograms, but apparently the Sex Show is a stand-alone, web-based bit of 3D entertainment. I clicked the ENTER button and in I went.3D Sluts on Your Laptop or in Your Sex HelmetThough Naughty America’s sex show is web-based without a dedicated app, I did notice a VR button in the corner as soon as the show loaded up. An app would make it easier to view the show in virtual reality, as the web version runs on webVR, which can be hit or miss depending on your device. Good luck getting that to work with Google Daydream!After a few seconds watching a LOADING 3D MODEL message, I was suddenly staring at a CG woman on her hands and knees in front of me. She’s naked except for a pair of tall wedges as she swings her shapely ass back and forth. She’s in an empty VR space that goes on forever, the floor an electric plane of graph paper. The only thing I see in there besides the virtual pornstar is a Naughty America logo.I swung the mouse and the babe went swinging, too, giving me views from different angles. You know, I think this might be one of the same models they developed for the AR holograms. Instead of exposing herself on the floor of Starbucks as I write this, she’s trapped in some empty virtual nightmare reminiscent of the 1992 horror flop The Lawnmower Man.Beside the VR button, another icon gives me access to more controls. I can’t make the little slut do anything but shake that ass back and forth, but I can zoom in, zoom out, tilt her up and down and all around. I keep spinning this bitch around and she just keeps smiling and waving her thick butt. She’s saying something, and if I get the angle right, she’s looking right into my eyes, but I don’t know what she’s saying until I click the volume icon.“You like the way I shake my ass?” she asks, followed immediately by, “You like the way I shake my ass? You like the way I shake my ass? You like the way I shake my ass?” You’re in luck if that’s the exact phrase that makes you cum buckets, but most of you are going to want to leave the sound off.Naked Girls, Humping, and One 3D StudA scrollable row of 3D starlets are displayed below the Sex Show viewer. There are women in lingerie, naked broads, and a bunch of models of the same virtual buff dude in different states of undress and doing different shit with his hands.I think the solo 3D models are pulled from their AR holograms. They’ve also got a bunch of fresh new models of people fucking. These are a bit less realistic looking, but at least they’ve got graphic sex. There’s a blonde babe riding a BBC, a brunette taking that Black cock from behind, and a little chick on her knees with a mouth full of chocolate. There are also White dudes filling up the ladies from standing and kneeling positions.I loaded up one of the dudes getting sucked off in 3D. The model is passably realistic, I guess, but looks more like The Sims than the girl who was shaking her ass for me. I spun the scene around and checked it out from a few angles, but overall there wasn’t much to see. The loop is only a few seconds and non-interactive aside from changing the angle. I know there are people out there who are just fine fapping to a short loop of material, but it seems a little silly when I’m logged into a site like NaughtyAmerica. They’ve got a crazy library of exclusive, full-length HD fuck scenes.Like their AR holograms, the 3D Sex Show at NaughtyAmerica seems more like a novelty than a real masturbatory tool. I’m sure people could get off to it, but there are much better options for that on the rest of the site. NaughtyAmerica seems well aware of that, as most of the 3D models are completely free to view, no membership required. I recommend checking out the Sex Show if you’re already visiting the site, but they’ll have to add more features and just upgrade the overall experience before it’s a real draw.

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