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Sick Junk! Are you one of those few gifted people who can somehow defy all odds and exceed their physical limitations when it comes to masturbation and manages to whack off every single day for years and years on end while barely maintaining a life outside of porn consumption? Are you one of those few hardened porn warriors that’s so desensitized from watching gigabytes-worth of pornography that you aren’t even phased by the sight of a naked woman or sex in general, and need something a little more ‘out there’ to fill in the gaping void of your life that is your romantic and emotional side?If you’ve come to read my review about a porn site called ‘Sick Junk’, then chances are you fit right in the aforementioned category and are in need of some crucial feedback regarding this website in order to ‘consume it efficiently’. This website does contain bizarre porn, but the beautiful thing about it is that it’s not dedicated to just one genre – there’s not too much scat, BDSM or any other kind of taboo category that dominates this site’s content. Rather, it’s all just a finely-balanced mixture of weird, obscure, fucked-up pornography that ranges from a little out there to absolutely fucking bananas (sometimes literally). If you can’t be aroused by pornography of a lesser caliber than the stuff on this site, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.All Little Bit of everythingAs was briefly elaborated on in the previous paragraph, this website contains a little bit of everything when it comes to taboo XXX content. Some of the stuff on here can be deemed as disgusting at first glance, but a sizeable chunk of it is of the same intensity as most content that’s uploaded on popular XXX domains like PornHub and XVideos. There’s really something for every bizarre-porn lover here, and when I say that I mean that there’s the stuff that’s hard to stomach by normal functioning members of society, as well as the stuff that any person could watch without gagging or barfing, with the only taboo or bizarre aspect of it being its premise. That’s right; most of the stuff here is bizarre only by premise or context…Bizarre By Context or PremiseMost people wouldn’t expect to see a normal amateur POV anal video or a blowjob and a facial on a website with a name as extreme as ‘SickJunk’, but once they see most of the video’s titles on here they find out exactly why they’re uploaded on a site with a name like this. There are works of art on here with titles such as ‘Step Sister Tries Anal For The First Time’, ‘Dude Films His Bitch Fucking His Buddy’, ‘Sexy Milf Getting Horny on a Plane’ and ‘Mom Cries As Her Ass Gets Filled With Cum’.This content is deemed bizarre or edgy due to the sheer immorality displayed by the people who are filmed in it – the complete lack of self-respect and reckless abandon towards committing a sexual act on film is definitely something that I’d call bizarre, because let’s face it, what kind of a sick fuck gets turned on by a mom crying while getting fucked in the ass? A sick fuck that faps to videos on ‘’.And Of Course, There’s The Good Old ‘Sick Junk’No porno website called ‘SickJunk’ could get away with not having a few scat porn or BDSM videos here and there – it just defies all logic. There are all kinds of sick, fucked-up videos here which you and everyone else like you can enjoy. And when I say everyone else, I mean people like that weird work colleague of yours, your neighbor or maybe even your boss – you’d be surprised by just what kind of people actually visit these sites, because they aren’t always what you’d expect.You could be sitting next to a hot 10 on a bus during your bus ride to work and not have the slightest clue that she likes to flick her bean to videos that depict a girl shoving a beer bottle up her “dad’s” ass, or maybe a nice clip of a girl literally pissing on her own face. These two aforementioned videos and many more like them can be found right here on ‘SickJunk’, and it’s all just a few clicks away. So next time you try to get to know a person, remember my golden rule: You never really know a person until you find out what kind of porn they watch.Live Sick Cams… Or NotI was very surprised to see that there was a whole ‘Live Sick Cams’ section on this website – I thought it was almost too good to be true because I never knew that there would be any cam models out there that would perform ‘sick stuff’ in front of a live camera for cash. As soon as I clicked on it I got a little excited, but ultimately after refreshing a few times and waiting for a few minutes, I saw that there was literally nothing in this section of the page. Those ‘Live Sick Cams’ that presumably contain ‘Live Sick Models’ are either defunct, an abandoned project or yet to be started. I’m hoping it’s the third one, because ‘Live Sick Cams’ is something that’s incredibly rare in the world of online porn – trust me, I’ve seen them all.Over 100 CategoriesGood categorization can make a XXX website prosper whereas bad categorization can make sure it never sees the light of day. This site has decent categorization overall - there are no tags, but with over 100 categories you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun before you start feeling the need to mix and match categories in order to fulfill your ever-growing desire for more fucked-up porn. With that being said, the categories on this website do go above and beyond when it comes to the bizarre genre as well as sticking to the roots – there’s the usual stuff like Milf, Blowjob, Threesome, and whatnot, but there’s also some truly bizarre-sounding category names.I’m talking Torture, Rape, Grandfather, Abused, Horror, Drunk, Death, Molest, Shocking and so on. This is really a who’s who of fucked-up porn, so if you’re into this sort of stuff you should definitely check this website out because I haven’t seen categories such as these on many other similar XXX domains. In addition, each category also shows how much videos there are next to it – some have thousands, while others have less than 10, but with categories like ‘Death’ even having one video is a considerable feat for a porn website.No PicturesIt’s weird that there is no picture category on this website despite all the fucked-up pictures floating around the internet which include dead women and other shit like that. I expected this website to have some sort of image-based category, but from what I’ve seen so far all it has is videos, which I must say is a little disappointing because there are plenty of fans who are into this stuff that are fully capable of treating themselves to a nice fap while staring at a single image of a baseball bat inside a woman’s ass, or something along the lines of that.Site Can Be Kinda SlowWhen it comes to porn of this intensity and caliber, the people who usually log on to jerk off to it typically want it fast so that they can get their instant gratification as fast as possible. But there’s only one small problem: This website can be painfully slow at times. I opened up ‘SpeedTest’ and ran a few tests of my own to see if whether this site’s lagging was due to me or it, and it turns out that it was it. The servers it’s running on aren’t the most stable because lag spikes do occur when you least expect them, but it’s nothing too drastic so you should be able to pull through and ‘pull through’ some videos without an excessive amount of lag.

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