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Softcore Tube! I’m not just a porn dude, I’m The Porn Dude. As such, I’ve never been shy about the kind of absolutely vile filth I’m into. I jerk off to extreme anal fisting flicks and incestuous family airtight orgies. The scenes I usually watch are drenched in jizz blasting out of hard cocks and girlcum squirting out of those bald, wet cunts. I’m a depraved pervert, unapologetic in my appreciation for the most hardcore to the core pornography. That’s why it took me by surprise when somebody sent me a link to has been around for a few years, going in a completely different direction than just about every other free sex tube out there on the Internet. While the other guys try to outdo each other in terms of just how far they can push the envelope of wild perversion, Softcore Tube pulls it back just a little bit to something a little bit lighter. Is this your grandma’s porn? I’m not sure, but reviewing smut is what I do. Let’s take a look.Lots of Flesh on Display, but No PenetrationIt certainly looks a lot like any other porn tube. There’s a header that looks like something you’d see on the big, light-up plastic sign outside of a strip club. It’s got a clip-art naked lady and stylized cursive that probably looked modern a decade before this site launched. Whatever, though, the rest of the page is covered in free porno thumbnails.There’s a lot of flesh in those preview images. You get a moving peek of the action inside when you hover your mouse over one, and then you see even more flesh moving against other flesh. There are naked boobs and butts and gyrating bodies in pools, on beds and soiling the billiards table in a game room somewhere.I see so much flesh that it’s not immediately clear what’s missing. I don’t really notice the absence of explicit anal penetration until I realize I don’t see any exposed buttholes at all, let alone ones getting prodded by giant dicks.Speaking of dicks, I don’t see any of those either on the landing page. There are a number of couples seemingly hooked together at the crotch, but there’s no camera between anyone’s legs to show us the sticky, slippery secretions and thrusting that starts out slow and builds to a screaming, body-quaking crescendo. There’s a really fucking curious lack of blowjobs, a stag film staple you usually see in every other thumbnail.I do see a couple of preview images that seem to show a woman getting her pussy licked, though it’s a little hard to tell. A dude or another broad will have their head down there, but again, the camera is pulled back, the action indistinct. Yeah, I guess they weren’t lying. SoftcoreTube does exactly what it says on the tin. This is a tube full of softcore porn.What’s the Point of Smut If It Ain’t Hardcore?Porn’s a constantly evolving thing. The modern stuff is always technologically advanced, showing off new higher-def cameras and that futuristic VR smut. It also tends to get dirtier as time goes on and we get jaded by the old stuff. So many people must be asking, “Why softcore?” that they include a huge 4-paragraph blurb about it at the bottom of the screen.SoftcoreTube takes the position that it’s nice to “take a break from all that filth” you get with typical porn. Instead of imagining your favorite pornstar as a piece of meat, they ask you to imagine having one as a girlfriend who you wine, dine and romance before asking for the ass-to-mouth blowjob.Just kidding. ATM is obviously not on the menu here, but romance is. The site defines their light erotica thusly: “Soft porn is simply shown in a less violent or unpleasing way and where sex acts are described more delicately and non-offensive.” In other words, there’s no rough stuff, crotch shots or bodies hosed down cum.The blurb goes on to name some pornstars who do or have done the soft stuff. There are some recognizable sluts on the list like Chanel Preston, Kim Maddox and Amy Lindsay, but they tend to be older actresses and not part of the current crop of ripe, horny video beauties. You won’t find modern starlets like Abella Danger or Vanlentia Nappi, because today’s big names do hardcore.Aggressively Flogging Your Cock to Romantic LovemakingThe default view of the landing page shows the newest videos on the site first. It looks like they do massive batch uploads every week or so. They didn’t add anything today, but there are a bunch of new ones from 2 days ago. The previous cluster of non-explicit sex scenes was uploaded 5 days before that.As a pervert with a preference for the really hardcore stuff, I was curious what people were shaking their dicks at on SoftcoreTube. I reordered the page by Popular Videos and dug in. One thing I do like is that there are some lengthy scenes here. How long is your lunch break? You may have to jerk off on the clock, because some of these run over an hour.The top slot is currently occupied by a full episode of Passion Cove which ran on Cinemax back in 2000. It opens with the look and feel of Miami Vice, with some dude talking on his phone as he drives a convertible along the edge of the ocean. Credits are running and it looks every bit like a TV drama and not like any kind of porno. Softcore, indeed!The video player does give a preview of what’s in store as you slide your mouse across the timeline. I jumped ahead to the first sex scene, which featured a hot blonde kissing a brunette’s titties. The other girl reciprocates with some nipple sucking, and then they both get topless. Blondie fingers her friend, but it’s inside the panties so we don’t get to see any penetration or even any muff.Ninety seconds later it’s over and we’re back to some dudes having a boring conversation in a dining room. I skipped ahead again and watched some light shower sex. I see more boobs and some butts, and I also notice several watermarks; this is actually hosted on XVideos and uses their player, but it was “borrowed” from a couple other places first. There’s still no penetration, and when he touches her pussy he just kind of covers it with his hand like he doesn’t want us to see.Softcore Porn Videos from Multiple SourcesWith my ad-blocking plugin running, I get a big message on the side of the screen saying I should turn it off so they can keep operating the site. There’s a little smiley face, like we’re good buddies doing each other favors. I guess we are, in a way. They show me free porn and in turn I endure their spam, letting them collect a bit of revenue from the impressions. I don’t need to turn off my ad-blocker for that, though. I’ve been getting plenty of spam with my blocker working.During my visit, I got a pop-up or pop-under just about every time I clicked through to a new video. Each video features another bit of spam hovering right over the Play button, and you’ll get hit again when you click it. Most of the movies seem to be hosted on PornHub or Xvideos, so you could probably just view them at the source with less bullshit in your way.The more I look at it, the more I wonder if SoftcoreTube has done anything but comb a couple tubes for the “Softcore” tag, then repackage them with more ads. These sneaky fuckers are even using the embedded video players, so the other sites are still footing the bill for all the bandwidth.If that is all they’ve done, the least they can do is add some more tubes to their list. Their main selling point as a website is that they’ve compiled softcore material from multiple sources. I counted at least two. The more they have, the more time you’re saving by visiting their site instead of hitting up all the bigger is a bit of a spam-fest, but they are one of the only collections of exclusively softcore material on the web. They’re pulling from various sources, serving up light, non-explicit scenes of romance and lovemaking. Check it out if you’ve been wanting a break from all the hardcore butt-fucking and lesbian salad-tossing movies you’ve been watching lately.

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