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You don't need to be a genius to know what to expect at Streaming Porn. When it comes to porn sites, there are those which are completely free, and those that are premium, which charge you a fee. While both kind of sites definitely have their positives, the best ones are always the ones that combine the best of both worlds, which is exactly what Streaming Porn is trying to achieve.Amusing designAs I’ve stumbled upon this porn sites, as I opened it, I was not sure if I opened the correct page, because it looks nothing like a porn site in the first place, but like some kind of social media gallery site, as there are a bunch of images with titles on the homepage, and they are all in placed in a very strange fashion, which I find amusing.Other than that, there is a giant blue menu on the left side of the site, which is just a really strange color to find on a porn site. Speaking about the menu, while it seems quite big, it is actually very limited, as many options will simply take you to a different website completely.Two main buttons that serve pretty much the same purpose are clips and full movies, which are going to filter out, well…clips and full movies, since that is the kind of content that you can find on the site. While I do understand what they are going for with these two options, when something is referred to as clips, you usually don’t expect it to have a long run time, which some of these do, but we will talk about that later.Manyvids is basically a button that takes you to a site that is extremely similar to this one, but it uses red and white colors instead of blue, and the menus are a bit different, but I am pretty sure the content is the same, and siterips will take you to that same place.The Onlyfans is actually a tag filter, which will basically filter big batches where you can find a shit ton of videos from the same pornstar or amateur beauty, while this is kind of useful, I personally don’t consider it as an important part of the site, since you can find content that is much juicier than this on the homepage, but to each his own.Quite a lot of categoriesSomething that I appreciate on porn sites, especially the ones that give free content, are when the categories and tags are nicely done, and this site definitely does a great job. The category button is located in the same menu I previously mentioned, and as you click on the button, you will get a big list of categories to choose from.While I have seen bigger lists in the past, this one is quite decent, as it includes pretty much all important tags that people would be interest in, and if someone is looking for something specific that is why the search bar exists.Unlike most free porn sites, where search bars are not capable of combining two fucking keywords, you can actually type pretty much anything, in whatever order, and you are going to get some results. The only problem I have with the search bar, is that it is barely fucking visible, as it is not a search box, but just a little button that expands once you click it. I mean, it is great and all, but why the fuck is it small like that?Upon experimenting with search options, I have noticed that sometimes the results do behave a bit strange, as certain results are going to repeat themselves, and I don’t mean repeat after a couple of scrolls, I mean that you are going to have three exactly the same images next to or under each other, with the same title, upload date, number of comments, basically the exact same shit.At first, I thought the results are just going to repeat themselves, since you can’t really browse through pages on this site, but you can just keep scrolling forever. Now that I mentioned that, whoever came up with that idea is just fucking stupid, because if you don’t have a computer as good as mine, there is a big chance that the whole browser is going to go to shit and crash if you scroll too deep.Anyway, like I said, the posts don’t actually repeat themselves, and new posts start appearing once you get past the clones, but that one start cloning as well, so I don’t understand what is going on, it is probably some kind of stupid bug.Since this place features premium videos that you can access for free, you can actually filter the search according to paysites, which is pretty great if you already know what you are looking for. Naturally, you are not going to find all the videos that you can find on the main paysite, since the ways certain videos got here are questionable in the first place, but you will be able to find content that is actually not that old.Now, the final two buttons when it comes to the menu is the list of porn sites, and a forum, which redirects you to a different site which is a part of the same network like this one I suppose. Either way, the forum is really not worth checking out, there are barely any posts, the number of online members is barely a two-digit number, and the total amount of members is laughable.The content is greatWhile the design is overall pretty great, it does have some flaws, but when it comes to the content that you can find on the site, I don’t think I can say anything about it. There is one minor thing that I have to complain about, and that is that the site name definitely doesn’t go with the type of “service” you can find. Sure, some videos will have links to certain sites that will actually stream the videos, however, certain videos don’t offer a streaming option at all, which kinds of neglects the name of the site, but ok.As I mentioned earlier, all of the content that you can find here is premium quality, and they are divided into clips and movies. Clips are basically cuts from those same movies, and in certain cases, the clips can last up to an hour, since they are just a single scene from the movie. When it comes to the video quality, you can expect everything to be in HD, which is fucking awesome.A lot of video informationWhenever you enter a video, you will get a little bit of information about it, like the resolution, format, size, screenshots, and sometimes a description as well. Underneath every video, there is a comment section, and while these are mostly empty since people probably just download the videos and start fapping, sometimes you will find funny comments or comments that give feedback about the content, which is very nice, and it definitely goes that not all heroes wear capes.Like I said earlier, while not all videos can be streamed online, since not all of them have links to sites that host streams of those videos, all videos will have a download link. While all downloads are free, certain videos will have download links to sites where you will have some kind of limitations, which means that you might have to sign up for a membership there in order to get access to full download speed, and in some cases, to download big files at all, which is usually the case with movies.I personally don’t know why they simply didn’t add free links to begin with, since whoever owns the place doesn’t get a referral from redirecting to the third-party downloading site anyway, but oh well, the memberships there are usually quite cheap, and usually all videos share one or two sites that you can choose from. Since the sites used are actually quite popular, you might have a membership there anyway, since they are used to share other files besides porn.If you are looking for a place where you can get premium porn videos for free, or for a small subscription if you count the requirement of third-party sites, then you definitely want to check out, as it will cover you with more content than you can handle, thanks to regular updates and the variety of porn that it offers. In case you happen to want a porn video on the site that is not uploaded yet, you can also use a suggestion and request box under the menu, which is actually quite astonishing.

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