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Reddit StruggleFucking, aka r/StruggleFucking! Are you a fan of obedient girls who enjoy getting rammed hardcore? I think that everyone enjoys watching a slutty girl who simply loves rough handling, and that is why I am here to introduce a subreddit called r/StruggleFucking/. This place basically speaks for itself… the chicks are struggling while getting fucked.Now, before you go down on my ass, you should already know that the babes here are not being forced to do anything. This is all out of their own free will, so calm yourself. It is all play, and these chicks love to get roughly handled. All I am saying is that there is consent, even if some videos look a bit different. Nothing illegal is ever posted on Reddit, which is why this is one of my favorite sites.On top of that, is a free site with thousands of subreddits for everyone to enjoy, so what the fuck more would you want? Obviously, I love this place, and you are bound to enjoy it as well. And those who are interested in r/StruggleFucking/ subreddit, I am here to tell you the gist of it all. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself as much as you fucking want.Chicks love to be fucked hardcore.I think the name of the subreddit basically gives everything away. You have a place where chicks love to get handled roughly, and they enjoy hardcore sex. However, nothing will be monotone. The best part about this place is that you have a little bit of everything, depending on what the fuck you were hoping to see. And those who love struggle fucking, have come to the right place.One of the first videos I checked out showed a slut going against four dudes. She got her asshole fucked while another dude shoved his big black cock deep inside her throat. After that, she enjoyed double penetration, while being choked with another cock… they also covered her with trash, made her lick their feet, and done a lot of other shit… To be fair, that pornstar, aka Vivienne Del Río, is known to do such hardcore BDSM scenes, and she enjoys them.I must say that the majority of the fucking here was done exceptionally well, and until the very end of the session, one cannot be sure what is acting and what is not. I’ve seen plenty of videos where the chicks were just hardcore smacked and used as cum dumpsters, which always gets me riled up. Let’s be honest, though, women were created for this purpose, and seeing them do something that comes naturally, is quite a pleasure.Another video that got my attention showed a gorgeous brunette being hardcore rammed in a doggy, while the dude did not hesitate to slam his huge cock deep inside while choking her. There were many choking sequences of fucking and a lot more for you to check out. It all depends on what kind of a rape fantasy you actually have because that is what r/StruggleFucking/ is all about, more or less.There are chicks who are just getting forcefully slammed, and other sluts who are obeying their fuckers while experiencing loads of hardcore ramming and struggling to basically cope with it all, but all in a good way. I do not have to talk about these types of technicalities anymore, since I am pretty sure that this all makes sense, in one way or the other, right?Well, all I want to add is that if you want to see some of the most hardcore scenes, where the fetish of rape and all that is taken to another level, you have come to the right place. r/StruggleFucking/ is a subreddit dedicated to sick fuckers who just love to see the chicks struggle while getting rammed, and usually, the scenes will revolve around a couple of dudes banging the same cum dumpster.Mostly videos with full-length movie links!To be fair, it would be rather dumb if there were pictures instead, right? Well, r/StruggleFucking/ has a lot of porn videos to offer, but they will obviously not be full-length. One thing you need to understand is that Reddit is not a porn site, this is a user-driven site with loads of pornographic subreddits, and while there are some porn videos offered, they are all short.Basically, what r/StruggleFucking/ does is give you small trailers of great hardcore porn scenes, and you can choose whether you are interested in them or not. Often times, the comment section is very helpful, as they will provide the name of the actress and the full-length movie as well. But that does depend on the post you check out because, for some reason, the people who post the shit on r/StruggleFucking/ do not always provide links and all that.I guess what I am trying to say is that r/StruggleFucking/ has a shit ton of content, and the community here is pretty friendly. This means that most of the posts will have appropriate links, and you will even have the name of the pornstars. If you do not have the information that you need, you can always ask them yourself and post a comment instead of waiting.Register for extra privileges.Since all of the videos here are uploaded by other users who have the same kink as you, that just means that you are able to do the same. Well, registering on is simple and free, and once you are a member, you can do whatever the fuck you want, basically. You can comment on posts, like and dislike certain shit, post your own crap, and so on.Now, if you want to post your own shit, you might want to read the rules of posting. Each subreddit will have its own rules that you need to follow, otherwise, you will be banned. The rules are kind of necessary with so many subreddits out there because otherwise there would be chaos and who knows what the fuck some sickos would be posting.This way, there is balance in all things… my LoL fans will understand. The rules will usually be listed on the side of the site, and if you cannot find them there, they are either pretty fucking obvious, or they will be pinned as the first post in that certain subreddit. I mean, you can’t miss it, unless you are basically trying to ignore the rules in the first place.Good user-features.What I appreciate on r/StruggleFucking/ is the fact that the description of what this place has to offer, the rules, and all those statistics are listed on the side. It is pretty neat when you are browsing, not to mention that Reddit allows you to enjoy a darker layout as well as a light one. To be fair, this all depends on when the fuck you browse through… since I am sure that my night owls prefer the dark version of this place.Below the description of what r/StruggleFucking/ has to offer, you can see that this subreddit has over 255k members, with about 450 of them being online. The subreddit was created in 2012, and it offers frequent updates, which means that you will always have new content to enjoy, and if that is not enough, you can browse through their previous posts… there are a lot of them.Other than what I have already mentioned, it is important to say that you can chat with the Reddit community. No matter which subreddit you visit or what the fuck you want to talk about, as long as you are a member, you can send the Redditors a message. With that said, Reddit should not be treated as a site for chatting, although there are some subreddits that cater to those kinds of needs.Great hardcore/struggling pornographic suggestions.In simple words, is a free site filled with both NSFW and SFW posts, and if you want to view the naughty side of this site, you should become a member. In r/StruggleFucking/ subreddit, you will get to see loads of pornographic videos that are pretty short. They are basically suggestions of videos that will feature rape scenes that are staged.Since is a free site, you can browse as much as you fucking want, and with thousands of subreddits, you are bound to find whatever the fuck makes your dick hard. So, take your time and explore what r/StruggleFucking/ has to offer, or just fuck off to a different subreddit instead. The titles of subreddits are quite self-explanatory.

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