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A website such as Swee XT are websites you get to see quite commonly all over the internet. There is nothing too special about them that separates them from the crown, and honestly, do we really need every single website on the internet to stick out? Honestly, something like that is not very important. Every once in a while we all need a simple as fuck website crowded with a lotta porn that will help us get around quickly. By "get 'round" I mean "cum," obviously, but Y'all probably already knew that. Quite often, nothing can beat websites such as Sweext.com, as they bring the porn served to you on a goddamn plate, nice and simple.As soon as end up inside the website you will get your porn within minutes, and it is amazing, really. The home page actually suggests you a bunch of great porn, which is something I don't really see on these other websites. Even though the homepage is all about the newest porn, which doesn't necessarily have to be the greatest porn on the website, it's still some great content. I get to see a lot of big, famous names in here. Like, all of your favorite performers can be seen in here, which is quite amazing. Everyone comes to porno websites such as this one in hopes that these sites post HD full-length pornography with these people we all know and love. Why do we love them? Well, because they're sexy as fuck and they do not mind baring it all for us in front of the camera, and that's nothing something just anyone can do. Rather, it's not something we want everyone to do, either.You'll notice that tons and tons of videos are uploaded to this page, and these uploads are happening quite frequently, since you'll notice that a lot of these videos have zero views, which is something that wouldn't naturally occur on a video that has been posted a long time ago on Sweext.com, as it is quite obvious that Sweext.com gets a whole lot of traffic. Now, the page doesn't look all too fancy, but I'd like to mention that it does give me the proper information I crave form porno websites. It tells me about the girls in the videos, it shows me the number of views, and it tells me if the video is HD or not. It's that simple, and it's something every man wants to see on a porno website. It's truly heaven on Earth...but like, a very simplistic version of heaven, so we have to appreciate it for what it is.Sweext.com is split into a few sections, too. These aren't that useful for someone who doesn't know what to do with them (since this imaginary individual doesn't visit porno websites that often), but for an experienced consumer of pornography, these "non-homepage" tabs are quite useful. We'll go in-depth on these tabs a little bit later. Am I still keeping your attention? I'm aware I'm going a bit off-topic right now, so I hope this doesn't bother you too much, but there's simply so much to say about a website that is so simple. It amazes me, really.Home sweet homeThe backbone of any porno website is the homepage. What the consumer gets to see in here is what will force him to stay or to leave the website. I'd say that this page makes sure to bring the best of the best to the consumer right away, and this is a great thing. I know this got my attention, for sure, but would it work for ordinary humans? Well, The Porn Dude is indeed an ordinary human, so I guess that it would.The homepage is armed with a big search bar that lies right underneath the names of the sections of the website on the front page, which is a great addition. I mean, everyone needs a search bar on a porno website every now and then, right? It can be quite handy if you know what you're looking for, but if you're going for some random porn like most people are, you might as well completely ignore it, as it is of no use for you.The first section you get to see on the home page is the section where all the new videos are posted, and I guess it is worth checking out. Did I mention that the "new videos" section is literally the only section on the website? Yep, that's just how it is. They surely did not care a lot about creating additional sections on the homepage, but that's not a bad thing, since there's a whole lot of new content on Sweext.com, so this will be enough to keep The Porn Dude occupied, and whatever kind of pornography is enough to keep The Porn Dude occupied is enough to keep your average masturbator happy and content.Now that there's nothing else to mention about the homepage itself, I'd also have to come up with a little compliment regarding the ads on this website, and I'd love to mention that there are literally none, which is a great thing. If you find a dude who likes looking at ads, please help me get that dude's contact info somehow, as surely has an IQ below room temperature, and I don't think I've ever seen such a person. Maybe he's a dude that cums quickly after seeing naked bodies? That's got to be a horrible fate, but whatever floats his boat, I guess. I'd hate myself If I busted nuts that quick.The its and the cutsSo, the homepage of Sweext.com is opened by simply making your way inside the page for the first time, completely automatically or rather, just by clicking on the nifty home button in the top left corner of the page that will immediately bring up the homepage for you. Then, there are some tabs to the right as well, and it is indeed worth checking these out, given that you have some experience with porno websites.THere's the "videos" tab, and I guess you expected to see some categories in here, but this is far from what you'll actually get. Sure, some sort of categorization system exists, but it's so fucking useful that we might as well say that no categories exist. All of the videos on the page have been divided into three categories, starting off with the "movies" category that has all of your regular videos up in it. Then, there's the "parodies" section that has porno parodies in it and obviously, for some reason, the folks behind Sweext.com decided to come up with a "VR Porn" category within the "videos" tab, which I guess kinda makes sense, since VR really is the future...but who the fuck uses it for porn nowadays? You have to be a level 100 virgin in order to want something like this for yourself.The "categories" section should just have its name changed to "tags" section since that's basically what it is. Just click on that tab and see for yourself. There are lots and lots of pseudo-categories in here, but no real ones. There are tags that are related to big titties, some are related to big dicks, some are related to nurses and other kinds of costumes, and some are related to certain types of girls, and that's about it. Oh, and another nice thing that the website does for you is point out the number of videos with a certain tag on the website, which is quite useful if you ask me!A conclusion on this pageIn the end, a page such as this one doesn't really stand out, as there is pretty much nothing special about it, but hey, that's fine. This is one of those places that would pop up on Google when you first looked up "xxx" when you got your hands on the internet as a teenager, But you know what was special about "those" pages? It was very, very easy to find exactly the kind of pornography you wanted watch, and that's amazing. It's magical, really. However, this magic is only able to occur because Sweext.com has a very simple design. A kind of design that makes sure that you are able to find whatever the fuck you are looking for, at any time.

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